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Female, 44 years old
Lanse, pa, Eastern US

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Interests: Dating / Drinking / Flirting / Dancing / Partying
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Birthday:7/1/1978 (44 Years Old)
IM Type: Yahoo IM Name: inayax
Occupation: State Employee
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Religion: Christian
Politics: Moderate
Fav. Movie: The Wizard of Oz or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Fav. TV Show: Max X
Fav. Book: Helter Skelter
Fav. Song: Dave Mathews Crash Into Me
Fav. Food: Not picky
Fav. Car: 1987 Buick Grand National
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Why is love so scary? - Mood:Confused
Sunday December 15 200210:53:56 AM |
Okay, no making fun of me, this is serious...heres the deal..I've been seeing this guy casually for like 2 months...we spend alot of time together..I've met his friends and they love me..his mom loves me...I KNOW he likes me for more than just sex...but I dont know if he wants a girlfriend right now or what..we've both been single again for like 8-10 months each..I'm ready for love..I'm not sure about him...we have an awesome time together everytime we are together...he sends me little emails telling me he had a wonderful time the nite before..and that he wants to see me that nite...he always tells me to have a great be careful driving...we are past the all over each other we just cuddle and watch tv...I'm confused...I love him..I'm finally admitting to myself I'm in love...but do I let him know or wait untill he lets me know how he feels? I cant stand should see how absolutely BEAUTIFUL he the morning with the sun coming in the window onto his blond
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what I want for Christmas.....purely evil I might ad - Mood:Bored
Saturday December 14 20028:34:10 PM |
For Christmas I would like for everyone to spend 15 minutes doing some serious self reflection on how bad you suck. After this time you should be in a raging fit of comes my gift...take some pix of your anguish...I want to see you cry...if you have kids..jab them with a pin and take a pic of them crying...if you have a wait..leave the animals alone...they kick rectum...but if you have a get the idea...I want misery and heartache for Christmas..bah hummer...humbug...oops...let the sniveling begin! he he
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ninja suck, lets have a big boob thread instead! - Mood:Excited
Sunday August 18 20028:05:00 PM |
No fair, def will only let ninja webcam pix on his thread....I dont want to be a ninja! Lets have a big cleavage thread instead! Bet mine will be more popular ha ha...Ok ladies of yt, get em out and show em off....someone else has to go first.....I'm shy....he stupid stolen pix, only pix of yt girls......
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If you are from pa...let me know.....just curious... - Mood:Bored
Sunday August 18 20027:56:46 PM |
I always wondered what other yt members are from let me know if you are. I'm from Central Pennsylvania myself, not that anyone cares, but I live near State College, Penn State Area. Where in pa are you?
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Show me pictures of hot men, I`m bored - Mood:Bored
Monday August 12 200211:25:58 PM |
I have the urge to ogle some yummy male flesh. I had a "date" tonight that fell through, so humor me. Show me some hot men. Preferably yt men. Let the meatmarket begin lol
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Did anyone miss me? - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 24 20021:36:26 AM |
I wasnt around tonight and I was just wondering if anyone started a thread saying, gee, I really wish t0rid would get here, I miss her. Even if no one missed me, just humor me and say you did... Or was everyone like hey, the bitch isn't here, lets all dance... *all members of yt bust a funky ass move, a few break hips and others fall from exhaustion*
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Hey, I have a fun idea! - Mood:Excited
Monday July 22 200210:24:06 PM |
I'm really bored and saw warrick with icequeen up there and def with hott, so lets all trade pix and use them for our avy's for awhile. I know I'm setting myself up for disapointment and hurt, but would anyone want to trade pics with me. Not just any avy, an actual picture of you. Guys have to be girls and girls have to be guys. Hey thogra, if you have a pic of your face, will you trade with me? I'll let you borrow my popple....
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Monday July 22 200210:11:53 PM |
This is some apology from his journal? whats up with that? I know its old, but still...
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Answer me real quick... - Mood:Good
Sunday July 21 200211:04:36 PM |
I have really blonde hair but I'm taking it even blonder in like 15 minutes so the blue dye will take even better. Now, my question is, do you think I should chunk the blue through it, dip the ends or do half of the underside? I have a good job that would not approve of it but I'm laid off for the summer. I want to wear it all fun for summer then go back to semi normal for winter. I mean really, when your at a club and you see someone who looks freaky and fun dont' you just want to be their friend or have your pic taken with them? I want to be that person! My look does not do my personality justice. I'm coming out so you better get the party started.
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You HAVE to try this, it sounds gross but its gooooood - Mood:Indifferent
Wednesday July 17 200212:23:57 AM |
Ok, go to your fridge! I have the best drink ever, non-alchoholic sorry. Put a teaspoon of sugar in a big glass, then fill it 3/4 of the way with orange juice then the rest of the way with milk. Mix well, add a few cubes, mmmmmmmmm For some sick reason it kicks buttocks!
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Your favorite members profile page colors!!!!!!! - Mood:Spastic
Tuesday July 16 20021:48:50 PM |
I love seeing all of the creative profile pages of the key members, dont you? Which one is your favorite, I know I know, we change them as often as we change our underwear, well, when we wear undies. Whoes do you like, whos do you hate?
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TOP 10 HYPOCRITES OF YT!!!!!! - Mood:Smug
Sunday July 14 200211:57:10 PM |
Please see thread titled "ANYONE ELSE" to be clued in.
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Lets vote for cutest guy and girl of yt! - Mood:Overwhelmed
Sunday July 14 200211:21:02 PM |
Now lets all hold off on voting for me, lets "pretend" to give someone else a chance lol. I'm kidding so lets not even jump my cheeks about it ok. But for real, who do you think about in that special way? Hey, is anyone dating someone they met on yt or even nailing them?
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My hiney itches.... - Mood:Embarrassed
Sunday July 14 200210:20:25 PM |
I am sooooo unbelievably bored. Someone entertain me please!!!!!
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Can anyone help cheer me up? - Mood:Depressed
Saturday July 13 200210:13:41 PM |
I dont want to go into details and depress everyone, but is there anyone who is feeling crappy and lonely tonite too who might want to chat? Not about our problems, but maybe something fun, something to make all of us smile. Its saturday nite and I'm home alone, that should tell you how crappy I'm feeling.....anyone? I'm going to the chat, hopefully I'll have some company....
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Thursday July 11 200211:18:30 PM |
Hey, lets all go to the chat, it will be funner there.
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Thursday July 11 200211:16:36 PM |
THEY DELETED MY JOURNAL! WTF thogra, thistle, everyone, come back we were having fun? I'm upset!!!
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You know what, I`m miseable. - Mood:Disgusted
Monday July 08 20027:50:40 PM |
My friend Cheryl is insane. Every time she meets a guy she drives me crazy obsessing over him. She then drives him away by being a weiny sucking leach. She would sooooo have a great man in her life if she wasn't insane. She calls me constantly and tells me the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over! She just called and cut off my connection just to tell me stuff about her current peice that she obviously made up. It is sickening. I am just so full of disgust right now that I need to brutally asault a watermelon with a hammer right now! Any one have any suggestions for EXTREME stress releif?
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as i was saying..... - Mood:Good
Sunday July 07 20028:39:12 PM |
he called the very next morning and we talked for over an hour!!!! He asked me out for saturday but it was my moms bday and we were going to dinner so he said he wants to hang out at the club on friday again but he would love to see me before then. THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. He is hott too. Not to everyone, only tattoo fans would appreciate him. He is super nice, really funny and decent, but his look. OMG, his look is pure evil. I like him for the shock value I think. He's like 6'2, built really nice, works out. Completly smooth shaved head, black mustache and goatee, earrings, and tons of tats. His whole scalp is tattooed!!!!!! He is a shocker! But he is really nice. Doesnt seem the tatoo type. But thats something we have in common. I'll keep you posted on where it goes....
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Ok, this stuff never happens to me.. - Mood:Surprised
Sunday July 07 20028:35:34 PM |
Ok, heres the deal. Me and my friend Cheryl went to a club we have been frequenting this past friday. Well, every week I see this guy who is unreal. I about pee my pants everytime I see him. He is like sooo good looking that I go retarded and cannot even speak. Well, he was there. Get this poo, he asked me to dance. I was pretty hammered so I was feeling pretty confident and ofcouse I danced, ALOT. He danced only with me that nite. It was fun. Well, when I wasn't dancing with him men were all over me. I thought there was an easy sign on my back or something. That never happens to me, I was a total man magnet that nite. Didnt have to buy a single drink they were all bought by men. I mean, yea a guy or two hits on me, but that nite was unreal. Well, it gets better. The guy I have been aching for walked me to my car at the end of the nite, gave me a really nice kiss goodnite and asked for my number. So yea, I gave it to him and I really didnt think he would call but get this he called the
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Its my birthday - Mood:Hopeful
Monday July 01 200211:34:36 AM |
Well, its my birthday, here I am online, sad huh? I was really surprised when I logged on and had a private message. It was from putterer telling me happy birthday. A complete stranger telling me happy birthday. That was sweet, it made me smile. He even added a little animated bday smiley face. You know, my damn ex wants me back soooooo bad, do you think he called me today to tell me happy birthday? HELL NO. He gave me a card and my gift yesterday. Any other year I never got a card even. Wait, when we first met, like the first few years I got great gifts and cards and stuff. Not that I'm a gift whore, it was really the thought that counts. But this year, he wants me soooo bad. He is begging me to come back to him don't you think he would maybe try to do something special for me? I got a really gaggy card, loving nonsense that I could never get from him even though thats what I craved. Too little too late right? Oh, and you know what the gift was? Stickers. Stickers. I am 24 years old.
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Ho hum, oh no i`m gonna get condemed for saying ho. - Mood:Bored
Monday June 24 20029:22:23 PM |
I'm bored. Really really bored. My friend Cheryl came over tonite and we took some pix of her. She is a plus size model. I'm making a webpage to display some of her pix. She has done some local modeling for companies, we both got paid to attend a party once. It was for a plus size clothing company, they wanted attractive thick girls to be there to mingle. It was different. But anyway. I'm rambling. What was I saying. Oh yea, I took some pix of her and then we went for a few drinks. Then came home and here I am. Back here at yt. I haven't been around much for a week. I went on vacation. I took my friends laptop with me and I took off all by my self and went to Ocean City Md. My family has a place there and it was available for a few days so I went. It was nice to get away. I'm bored, entertain me.
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CUZIN_CLETUS - Mood:Shocked
Monday June 24 200212:17:52 AM |
Has anyone ever had the misfortune of talking with this "person" He is the single most offensive insensitive hurtful "person" I have ever met. If you have had a bad experience with "him" feel free to vent here with me.
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UH HEL-FREAKIN-LO - Mood:Enraged
Sunday June 23 200210:58:50 PM |
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My EX called me this morning... - Mood:Mischievous
Friday May 31 20022:35:42 PM |
Can you believe he had the jimmies to call me? He wanted me to come to his place tonite. He told me that I'm always welcome there, its still my home. Yea right. I didn't even feel welcome there when I lived there. But anyway. Its the usual Friday nite here. See, I have 2 friends who are in the same boat as me. Once is going through a divorce right now and the other was recently kicked out by her boyfriend of two years. SO, we all just go out together. They have been single again alot longer than me so they are all into the bar scene really big again. I mean, thats fine. But they can't just have a few drinks, they have to get really wasted. I'm just no into the bar thing as big as them. They go 3 nites a week, 1 is enough for me. But, thats the price to pay for being single I guess. :( Anyway. What does everyone have planned for tonite?
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