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Male, 42 years old
within, your mind, Western US

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Interests: Philosophy / Writing / Learning / Partying / Music
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:7/6/1980 (42 Years Old)
IM Type: AIM IM Name: ntropy sez
Occupation: revealing reality.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Other
Politics: (Decline to State)
Fav. Movie: Pi...and fear & loathing in las vegas
Fav. TV Show: Space Ghost Coast to Coast...Aeon Flux...
Fav. Book: Satan: His Psychotherapy & Cure...or `Chaos`
Fav. Song: `Shoes` by Atmosphere
Fav. Food: anything that used to walk, fly, slither or swim.
Fav. Car: `56 Jaguar XKSS, mid-60`s Stingray, Mazda RX-8
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on the other hand, here are my favorite words... - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 04 20044:25:47 AM |
okay, this is the doppleganger of the "words i do not like" thread. i'm a word fiend and here are some of my most-loved words...these words utterly and completely rock...

anthropomorphic (my all-time favorite)

oh my, i could list many more and perhaps i will...but those are some of my tiptop favorites.

feel free to list a few of your own most-loved words if you'd like...

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some words i do not like... - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 03 20045:25:06 AM |
there are many words in the world, some of which seem to me to be incredibly stupid words. i do not intend to proclaim that these words simply ARE stupid...simply that to ME, they sound stupid. i'm not even really sure why i'm posting this except...why the hell not?

here are some words that i think are stupid:










...okay, so that's all i could come up with. so sue me.

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check the new public announcement avatar... - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday January 27 20045:00:44 AM |
made it in windown paint, as usual.

just a public service announcement to benefit us all.

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my avatar sucks... - Mood:Indifferent
Monday January 19 20047:10:59 AM |
but i drew the dude in it with a mouse using windows Paint so it actually sort of rocks anyway.

and that's my word on that.

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Wednesday November 19 20033:36:34 AM |
AT LONG LAST!!! Space Ghost Coast to Coast, my favorite TV show EVER CREATED along with Aeon Flux, is now available on DVD!


here it is, volume one!

oh my. i think i just wet myself...

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the herb smoking quotes thread! - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 19 20032:42:52 AM |
yes, you read the title correctly! i was inspired to create this thanks to the comments in the thread about meth being stupid.

all you've gotta do is post the best quotes you can think of (from movies or songs) that have to do with smoking the green goodness.

i'll start it off with a classic clip from the ever-famous "Smoke Two Joints"...

"I smoke two joints in the morning,
I smoke two joints at night,
I smoke two joints in the afternoon,
It makes me feel alright.

I smoke two joints in time of peace,
And two in time of war,
I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints...


note that this thread is not meant to, uh, condone drug use. yeah. just please share your favorite quotes relating to the topic.

shoot away...

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bored? check out my sketchbook... - Mood:Indifferent
Friday October 17 20035:12:48 AM |
hey look! i made myself a website on geocities! it will be on it's own server space pretty soon so the stupid popup ads aren't there, but for now, this'll have to do.

keep in mind, nothing on the site is done to professional quality and some is several years's all just scanned in directly from my sketchbook, somewhat at random. most of them didn't take too long, just sketching things to get ideas outta my head, y'know?

anyway, here it is! check it out!

there's some samples of poetry, hiphop lyrics and other writing too, in the notepad section, if you're into that sort of thing.

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if i was a pro-choice gay christian vegetarian... - Mood:Good
Friday October 10 20034:35:15 AM |
i would be deathly afraid of this website.
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ah, my love - Mood:Indifferent
Thursday September 04 20034:39:16 AM |
ah, my love
you know your body sings to me like
ah, my love
and any other lover couldn't
ah, my love
the way you do when i fill you with
ah, my love
so lie still an i'll kill you with an
ah, my love
and when you think you're dying simply
ah, my love
pull a little on my sleeve

and i'll kiss you

before you leave.

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upon saphire hinges, the nondescript orb swung cautiously open as i sunk into the shimmering void... - Mood:Indifferent
Friday August 29 20035:54:47 AM |
plagued with a thousand unsavory thoughts angrily vying for position on the corpse-strewn battlefield of my now ragged conscience, i hardly even recognized the fragile, fairy-wing sheen of it's beckoning surface. like a teardrop suspended for a moment in time, resisting all frantic attempts to penetrate it's delicate skin with even the most pointedly piercing of gazes, the coating of the orb reflected the absence of light in reverse-hued spectrums of multifarious shadow.

i and the unbelievable thing remained locked in more than solitude, swimming as we fell in the everpresent emptiness. together we were everything and the fullness of nothing that surrounded us was so trepid as to appear standing back and watching from a distance, waiting for something though i could not fathom what.

but the void was always such.

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i am danger boy - Mood:Indifferent
Wednesday July 30 200311:48:51 PM |
the world is full of pansies
paranoid cats too concerned about the world
to learn to enjoy it
they destroy it
sketchin on any/everything you could guess
did this milk expire yet?
who's that guy hiding in the alley with the knife ?

who is that guy anyway?

that's me
drinking the expired milk

because i'm gutsy like that
"how much", you ask?
f*ck you, i put a "kick-me" sign on my own back

i shoot b.b.'s at endangered birds
and eat less than half of the vegetable servings
suggested by the FDA food pyramid
are ya scared yet?

sometimes i sit right next to the TV set
or lean my head on the microwave while it's running
feel me radiating bravery
but it doesn't stop there
i wear my nice clothes even when i play

i consume three or more alchoholic drinks in one day
then take two advil just for kicks
can't touch this

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oh my god, i think i killed it... - Mood:Indifferent
Wednesday July 30 200311:07:31 AM |
i don't know exactly how this came to pass, but it would seem that it is certainly dead at last. i haven't checked the pulse yet, but it hasn't moved for thirteen hours.

i know because i've been watching it.

when last i checked the clock, i thought for a fleeting moment that only an hour had passed, until i realized that it now read AM instead of PM. have i been sitting here the whole time?

did i blink?

my eyes are burning. perhaps the evil caged in my gaze is responsible for this atrocity.

perhaps it is sleeping. but usually when things are asleep you can still see them breathing, if you observe very carefully with a keen eye. it hasn't moved for half a day.

still, my heart beats only once every minute, or so it seems, and resonates in the space between my temples. did i really kill it?

maybe it died of old age...

but if that was the case, would i still be able to feel each individual blood cell coarsing through these veins on their way to my shaking fist?

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oh-three-hundred hours, i pushed the button... - Mood:Indifferent
Monday July 28 20033:44:51 AM |
i wonder what will happen?

i had to do it. all night it had been taunting me. there were other times when it had been nearly as obnoxious, and always then i had ignored it. but not tonite. tonite it wouldn't be taken so lightly. tonite it glowed a special red, much sexier than usual among the array of undulating monochrome control devices on that monolithic metal gallery. each one pulsates with it's own unique heartbeat, like a diverse comminuty of small living creatures, each with it's own statement to make.

the red one beckoned, and then it laughed. i don't know why it always beckoned to me, but that was more acceptable. the soft, almost melodic rhythm of it's crisp fluctuation between off and lit was but a forbidden attraction until tonite, when unexpectedly, at oh-three-hundred hours it began to laugh at me. maniacally first,
then hysterically. it wouldn't stop, it screamed and tore at my mind until my mind was no more.

so...i pushed it.

and it's quiet now...

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my journal is way cooler than your journal - Mood:Smug
Friday July 25 20032:37:08 AM |
yes, that's right, you heard me. my journal is way cooler than your journal, so there.

true, i haven't even written anything in my journal yet, but that's one of the multitudinous reasons it's just so much better. would you like some more reasons why my journal is so vastly superior to yours? let's start with basics:

1. your journal is boring-
what is there to explain? i saw your journal and almost fell asleep before i even read the first entry. in fact, i did fall asleep before i read the first entry, which is why i know how boring your journal must be. and as soon as i woke up, the fact that i fell asleep had me so convinced of the dullness of your journal that i didn't even bother reading it.

2. my journal is not boring-
how do i know this? because i have not dozed off while writing it. in fact, writing this very entry right now has me so rivited that i think i will go back and read the whole thing all over again after posting it!

my journal is way cooler than yours.

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