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Female, 65 years old
Behind the Redwood Curtain..., California, Western US

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It's time, once again, to make me a snowflake. - Mood:Spastic
Saturday December 21 20139:12:01 PM |
Go here, Snowflake Artist!
Make a flake, and post it here.
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My dude cracks me up - Mood:Happy
Thursday December 19 20137:14:15 PM |
His best friend, S, is a die hard conspiracy theorist. Some days the theories are logical, some days, the theories are way out...

My dude gets a text from S late, late last night, saying that "there's GOLD in cell phones. We can collect them and extract the gold and get rich!"

My dude sends back, "Having a lot of gold would be good. Bu you know what? Instead of doing the work ourselves, we could just find an inferior species and genetically modify them so that they would do the mining for us! They would think WE were GODS!!! They'd do all our bidding...."

There was no text back. So my dude sends another text to S. "Hey! I thought that was a novel idea! But sometimes I get confused... did I think that up, or was it already done to us???

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So, like... - Mood:Spastic
Monday July 29 20131:25:36 AM |
life sucks, sometimes. There just isn't any way around it.
Back in the olden days (the 80's of the nineteen hundred variety), I was in a bad traffic accident. Rear ended by a crappy driver, and it gave me a case of whiplash that kept me out of work for a year. Life sucked then, and my world got very small.

Fast forward to 2013. My cervical spine has been hurting. My hands and arms have been tingling and going numb. Went to the doc, and I went to the doc, and I went to the doc. Asked for pain meds, got nothing, over and over. FINALLY, he said, let's do a CT scan and see what's up. So I did, then went back to the doc.

He walked in and basically said, "Your neck is all KI

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Good ol` YT! Kinda like a deck of cards. - Mood:Bored
Wednesday February 27 20135:28:55 PM |
...always there when I want to plat strip poker.

Oops ... I mean, always there when I'm bored and there's nothing else to entertain me.

I've in the hospital; this is day 4. I'm not the (physically) sick one, it's the man. He had a bowel obstruction but they think it resolved itself so we should be out of here as soon as the doc gets out of surgery and does rounds. Whenever that is. Meanwhile the dude is passed out, sawing logs because they keep injecting his IV with dilaudid.

So much fun!! At least I get free drinks. Should have brought some booze so I could be high, too.

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The last 20 hours have been hell on earth. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 03 20123:27:38 AM |
4am: Get phone call, my son is at the Emergency Room, his fist went through a window.

4:20am: Walk into the ER, there is blood EVERYWHERE. On the floor, on the gurney, on my kids pants, shoes shirt. On his friend's clothes. Looked like a massacre.

4:25am: Doc said he was trying to tie off the bleeders to tell just what was going on in there. The nurse pulls back the gauze. I see a gash 3 inches long, gaping 2 inches wide before it all pools up with blood. Doc asks me to leave until the bleeders are tied off.

I must have gone pale. My son's face was pasty white.

The nurse comes back out in a few minutes and asks me back in. The doc pulls me aside, says, 'He severed the radial artery and the radial nerve, and a tendon. He needs a vascular surgeon and a hand surgeon to operate at the same time. Do you know how rare that is?"

Ah, crap.

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I think this is my first drunk journal, ever. - Mood:Naughty
Sunday April 22 20122:54:25 AM |
I just got back from sharing a bottle of 1800 with my daughter-in-law, who was having a kind of man-hate rant all night.

Meanwhile, I was in the silly zone. Love, love, love. That was my angle on everything.

Met somebody new, like, last week. So tonight I'm drunk, and decide I need to have a one-on-one with God to find out why he keeps putting younger guys in my path. This one is 8 years younger. Not too bad, I guess... but, still. WTF, God.

But, damn. He's hot. So I'm drunk and start texting him. I think I got myself in trouble. He's been trying very hard to be a good guy, then I text him, and I'm the naughty one.

I'm a bad, bad girl.

I'm so glad I don't have to report to my kids about my behavior. ROFL!

And the worst part is, I get home, and call an ex-boyfriend (who is now just a friend), and he tells me I should get drunk more often. HAHAHA!

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I got a shot of morphine to celebrate St. Patrick`s Day. - Mood:Good
Sunday March 18 20123:09:31 AM |
Really, really early this morning. Like at 2:30am. I got it after the CAT scan.

I had one hell of a headache. The worst one I've ever had. That's what prompted the E.R. doc to do a CAT scan and give me morphine.

The good news is I still have a brain (even if I don't use it). The bad news is I have a sinus infection and I had a migraine.

That's a new one. I've never had a migraine before. I think I'll be just fine if I never have another one in my life.

Migraine's suck. But the R.N. was a beefcake. Really! His I.D. tag said his name was Beefcake. So I got to call him Beefcake.

In other news, I love my Kindle, and free books. It took me 2 days to kill the first one. I wonder how long this new one will last?

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Another night with no #*@%}$! sleep. - Mood:Spent
Sunday March 11 20127:46:28 AM |
My son came in with a couple of his friends around 12:30am. It's the weekend, they are all over 18. It's cool.

Around 1am, somebody was pounding on my neighbor's door. It took about 5 minutes for my neighbor to answer. By that time, I'm staring out the peephole, wondering wtf is pounding. The neighbor directs the person to MY door.

I open the door. A kid is standing there, says he needs to talk to my son, so I show him the way to Luke's room.

Luke took one look at the kid and told him to GTFO. The kid said, "But..." Luke said, "OUT. NOW. Get scarce."

I'm all like, WTF?

Guess the kid was causing crap earlier in the evening, he followed the other ones here. Luke kept telling him to get scarce, but he wouldn't.

That kid was like Gorilla tape. Really sticky. He knocked again about 20 minutes later.

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`tis me birthday. - Mood:Good
Friday March 09 20123:52:09 AM |
My kids got me a Sony Bravia flat screen TV. It's awesome. My other TV was dying. I really wasn't expecting anything.

I told them I wanted a mop. I love my TV much more than a mop. lol

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I am so *not* politically correct! - Mood:Shocked
Sunday March 04 20128:48:45 PM |
My 4 year old grandgirl told me today that "Daddy is playing with the neggos."

I heard that last word as the "N" word...

So, I yelled out to my son, "Tom... are you playing with the n*ggers?"

The grandgirl hit me and said, "Nana! That's a bad word! It's BAD!"

When I went inside, I found my son watching Nascar and playing with Legos, not neggos.


So I started playing with the neggos, too. My son was creating fascinating space-age vehicles. I was making crap-art. I made a guy with a long neck. My son made a poster-child.

I am not a good influence.

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Suppose this was your mother and it was back to school night at school, and she showed up in your classroom? - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 29 20122:21:22 PM |
I think I'd die of embarassment.
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I was supposed to get a call this morning to take photos - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 22 20125:05:12 PM |
of my friend and her pup this morning, before he died.

But I never got a call. I was afraid to call her, so I just went back to bed. I woke up just now and she's still at the vet, holding her pup.

He died this morning.

R.I.P KeenEye. You know I'm a big dog person! But you squirmed your way into my heart. You were tiny, and brave, loving, tolerant, handsome and a really good dog.

I'll miss you.

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My best friend`s chi-hoo-ah-hoo-ah was rushed to the vet. - Mood:Suspicious
Tuesday February 21 201212:44:22 PM |
He woke her at 4am yesterday acting listless and felt cold. She rushed him to the Emergency Vet and they did an enema on him because she thought he ate a silica gel packet.

And he had...

So they put him on fluids and she left him there. So he should be getting better. The vet called this morning and said he was having seizures. They had to sedate him to keep him from having seizures. ;-(

So he should be pulling out of it, but he's getting worse.

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I bought those kiddie valentines with candy in them for all my balentimes. - Mood:Spastic
Wednesday February 15 201212:20:14 AM |
I got the Spongebob dip stix things, and ones with Airheads. And I bought these really yummy dark chocolate cherry swirl things by Dove.

So my kids all got something, and then I took stuff over to my oldest son's house and gave all of them stuff.

My grandson Skyler is seven. His immediate reaction was, "Wow! Thanks! Hey... Nana? Since you gave ME candy, I'm going to give some to YOU!"

Then he went over to his school backpack and dug out Valentine candy he got at school today.

I scored a dip stix thing, a candy watch, a strawberry sucker shaped like a heart and a Toy Story 2 bookmarker.

Then, when I was leaving, he gave me a kiss. A Hershey's kiss.

He's the sweetest kid. Love him! ...and not just because he gives me candy.

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Holy Mother of Flippin God! - Mood:Good
Monday February 13 20124:09:11 PM |

I just felt the earth move... my windchimes were ringing... whoa...!!!

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"Let me go ax my mom." - Mood:Good
Friday February 10 201212:52:20 PM |
When Sara was two, and I was pregnant with Luke, we lived up in the mountains in a cabin. There were three cabins close by.

The boys that lived next door would get off the school bus and always stop at my cabin and show me all their school work before they went home. Probaby because I had a two year old and I always had snacks around.

So, they'd stop and show me their artwork they did at school that day. I think they were 6 and 7 years old. I'd be making Sara a snack and I'd say, 'Do you boys want something to snack on?' When they'd nod their heads, I'd tell them to go ask their mom if it was okay.

A week or two after school started, they'd stop by and I'd ask them if they'd like a snack and the oldest boy started saying, "I'm gonna go ax my mom!"

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I`m a journal ho. But it`s a new day, so it`s a new journal. - Mood:Good
Friday February 03 20124:36:16 PM |
I am at my son's house, babysitting my grandgirl. She's 4 years old, so it's an easy-peasy time.

So I folded their laundry, loaded the dishwasher, swept the floor, and cleaned dog crap off the Lala's boot.

Her real name is Victoria, but you know how nicknames are...

Anyway, it's a busy day. When I'm done here I am going home and cleaning my place.

Fun times!

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We (my friend and I) went to the marsh today and walked - Mood:Good
Friday February 03 20123:25:54 AM |
(read hiked) on the trails, through mud and cattails and blackberry bushes for three hours so I could try to take photos of birds.

I liked it! But I'm weird that way. Now I'm kinda muscle sore, but nothing a good soak in the tub won't cure.

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I am so emotionally fragile right now. - Mood:Spastic
Friday January 27 20128:08:09 PM |
Since I got the message from Hiro saying he is thinking about moving back to the US, I've been on an emotional roller coaster.

I haven't slept much. Every time I go to sleep I end up having the same dream - I'm pulling Jamie out of the river again. She felt so light... I know it's because my adrenaline was pumping, but it *felt* like her soul was gone and she was just an empty shell.

Then the dream melts into feelings that it was all my fault, that I wasn't a good enough mother, even after finding out she had a faulty electrical current in her little heart...

The next scene in my dream, I'm in San Francisco, in and out of the PICU. My husband and I would take turns so one of us was with Jamie and the other would be with the other two. I call my oldest boy, who was living in Mt. Shasta at the time.

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This is my daughter`s kidney recipient. - Mood:Good
Thursday January 26 20125:27:51 PM |

He lives in Japan. He was sick with a kidney disease from the time he was 6 years old, and had been on the transplant list for 4.5 years when he went in for transplant surgery in 2000.

It's kind of strange, when I think that Jamie was 4.5 years old to the day, on the day she died.

He just sent me a message on FB, saying that he misses the USA and is thinking of moving back here. He said he has good friends in Japan, but he has many more friends here in the US.

He said, "I remember that I could felt warm feeling when I lived US."

He's a sweetie. It would be awesome if I could meet him in person! That's been a dream of mine for quite a few years.

And why is he being a goof-ball, pointing to the sign? Because his name is Hiro, of course. lol

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Looky what my daughter brought me! - Mood:Smug
Wednesday January 25 20129:46:40 PM |

So yummy!
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I found God! - Mood:Spastic
Tuesday January 24 20121:58:01 PM |
*wishing I could upload my photo here*
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It`s a little after 7am, and I`ve been up since 4:30. - Mood:Good
Sunday January 22 201210:15:34 AM |
I can't believe how much time I can waste on StumbleUpon.
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Archery. You know, bows and arrows like the natives use. - Mood:Good
Monday January 02 201210:41:51 PM |
My friend T bought a crossbow and set up a target on a couple straw bales in his yard.

I told him I'm going to buy a bow and we can have pretend tournaments. I took archery lessons asa kidand won a couple of tournaments.

Then I found out what boys were really about, and forgot all about bows and arrows.

So now I'm going to have to relearn. I think it will be fun. Besides, when the end of the world as we know it happens at the end of this year, I'll be set.

Anybody else into archery?

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Breakfast. - Mood:Spastic
Saturday December 31 20113:57:58 PM |
I know it's afternoon, but I'm a lazy bum. Just made breakfast... so yummy!

Here's what I had:

Ground nuts: cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds
Cinnamon and Inositol. I usually use stevia but I didn't have any.
Banana and wheat grass and light coconut milk.

(dang it... can't post a pic)

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