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Female, 27 years old
., California, Western US

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"OHMAIGOD I'm so sorry, I'll hit myself in the face now." - Mood:Indifferent
Thursday November 04 20109:54:03 PM |
I was hit in the face with part a skateboard earlier today, so as a result, my friend hit himself in the face. T'was amusing. Ya should've seen it, srsly.

ANYWAYS holy jeezbus wizard sauce, I haven't made a journal in ages. Eh, not like anybody cares. Would you like to know what exciting things have happened to me? Yes? No? Either way, I'm stil telling you.

I completely love the multi-media program I'm in at my high school. This year it's photography and animation, next year video production. The photography class is actually the main reason why I wanted to do this program. And we are going to have state of the art technology and whatnot, which puts me in total schoolgirl mode

That is all. How is your life?

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Pssh, titles are nonsense! - Mood:Good
Thursday March 18 201010:25:41 PM |
That or I can't think of shall remain a MYSTERY

Man, haven't made one of these in quite sometime. Nothing terribly exciting, I moved about a mile down though. Would be my luck it's a block from my former middle school, yet still a tid far from the high school.

Grrawr, only a few more months until school ends. Heh, I'm counting already.

First year of high school has been WHOA. And hot damn, they are already preparing us for college. 'Tis only four years away, which really isn't much, but still. I have made quite a few new older friends, not suprising.

Also sweetness, it's getting dark later. Sucks that an hour is lost though. Which do you prefer, that it gets dark later or earlier?

Ser 'sup?

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So, I think we need a dose of happy... - Mood:Good
Friday November 13 20095:31:50 PM |

Except I don't have anything. I've noticed most people I know have been sad....Soo, how 'bout pies. Pies are kinda good, right?

Well...yeaterday was my brother-in-laws birthday. HE IS AN OLD MAN kidding, though. He's..36 now. I heard the older you get, the more you think the ages ahead of you aren't that bad. Is that right or no? I dunno, I think 70 is old. Most people I know think 30 is old, but I think not. ...

Ergh, it's cold. Yay for my room being the warmest though! How is your life going?

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Who go dumped into a trash can?! - Mood:Good
Saturday October 24 200912:44:03 AM |
Not meeeee! Couple of people did, since it was freshman friday. The day where the upperclassmen pick on the freshman...understandable, we're very annoying. I heard the freshman football team had two sacrifices that they were going to throw and then run. D'aww. Never found out if they actually did it...

Got out early today due to a pep rally and the homecoming game at my school. Woo, but I didn't go. I spent my time getting henna tattoos from my best friend. She does the quite well, but she hardly ever makes people pay for them, yet she said she would. Shame shame, people are really interested all the time because her designs are interesting.

I had this ineapple and orange juice soda, and it really sweet. Tasted pretty good mixed with actual orange juice... ever made any weird liquid mixtures?

SO how is everybody's Friday so far?

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Oh ,hey LOOK OVER THERE - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 26 20099:49:44 PM |
Whoops, looks like it was too late for me, one of my friends ended up jumping on my back. Not really strange if you hang out with the people I usually do. They also tied my hair together with my friend. And took my hair, then told me I was a train. Not to mention they took my hair once again and tried to go in a circle around me with it. Maybe I should cut my hair soon....

BUT yes, today was my first day of high school. Woo? About 30 portables, the gym, the swimming pool, the 3 floors of the science department, the two stories of the main building. The halls are a bit confusing in the main buliding since they shape...some sort of "U". AHHH WEIRD How was you're freshman year?

ANYWAYS I'm bored and I just finished my homework. Ech, on the first day... SO, how is everybody?

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Detachable Penis!! - Mood:Good
Saturday August 22 20096:29:26 PM |
That song is stuck in my's very odd, yessir.

Today's my mother's birthday. She's turning 51 today, which is "old" considering most of the parents of my friends are in their mid to late 30s. Anyways, my mother is being stubborn. See, we're moving and she packing. ON HER BIRTHDAY. Is it me, or is there something odd with this picture?

I start high school this Wednesday. Woo for frehsman...? I'm a little nervous due to the school being HUGE and the school not giving us are actual schedule until the first day. I went the other day to get it, and they told us that the order that the classes are in isn't even the real order. And they didn't give us room number either. It's a conspiracy....they hate freshman!!!

We're not going out 'til later, so I'm spending my time here. SO, how is everybody?

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AHHHH. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 09 200912:09:48 AM |
That was random...

Anywho, my bes friend covered my right arm in henna, and it acutally looks pretty good. Cnosidering she didn't use any stencils. The oil you have to put on beforehand smells really stong. Kinda smells like Pinesol...

I just ate this weird combonation of feta cheese, rasberry sauce, vinagrette, and cucumber. It actually not that bad...what's the weirdest food combo you've made?

Hmm, just noticed I have two years on this site..Woo?

SO, how is everybody?

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I can`t think of a title....Wait! Nah, nevermind. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 29 20099:36:46 PM |
This summer has been so boring. I guess it's sort of a good thing, since I start cleaning like crazy. Hmm, yet another sterotype about mexicans. I really don't get them. First we're lazy, then we clean all the time? Pick frickin' one or the other! Anyways, I guess I had cleaned eveything that needed to be cleaned. The apartment I live in now SPARKLES. Well, kinda, sorta, not really...

ALSO my mother is going to read a story of hers that was published in a book tomorrow. Where is it being held? A sex shop. What is the book about? Hookers...and callgirls...and rentboys. Hmm, looks like my mother was quite...intresting back when she was younger.

Soooo, how is everybody?

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I got grabbed in a bad way.. - Mood:Good
Friday October 31 20087:14:40 PM |
For candy. I hand out bags and bags of candy for almost every important holiday. Luckily, this year, since the candy was in a purse, not many notcied...though at lot ofpeople noticed the high heels I was wearing. I;ve never worn any for a long time, so my feet hurt..ah well.

I'm currently eating the leftovers. Yay Hersheys!

Oh, and Happy Haloween. What are you doing for today?

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Today is a sad day... - Mood:Bored
Friday September 12 200810:16:15 PM |
Well, not for me, but I feel really bad for my best friend. Her dog died So today I'm helping her mourn.

Yes, she's over at my house. Right this minute. Being crazy..but she has a perfectly good reason to be that way. She might stay over...

So, how are you all?

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Well, that was fun... - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 02 20086:00:35 PM |
Yup, it's my birthday. I plan to go to dinner with my mother and sister, with a couple other friends, even though it a school night.

Someone gave me a cute little Dumbo

Anyways, how are you people?

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I`m sure it`s gonna be fantastic! - Mood:Bored
Wednesday August 27 200810:19:13 PM |
Oh yes, it's that of the year. I go back to school tommorrow. I have to wonder if any new faces have arrived, because quite frankly I'm tired of seeing some of the same faces since 1st grade.

Who knows, maybe they'll give me stuff for me birthday next week. Yup, thats right, day after Labor Day.

So, what's new with you today YT?

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Gee, thanks mother... - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 29 20088:05:51 PM |
I'm not sure what my mother was thinking when she gave me these stripper boots, I swear she was probaly high. She wanted me to go to wear these to school when I go back.

Just because she got preggo at a young age, doesn't mean she can give them to me so I can too. I'm keeping them in the back of my closet forever.

Anyways, how are you doing?

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Don`t you just hate it? - Mood:Good
Sunday May 18 20082:50:15 AM |
Don't you just hate when your friends start pickin on you non-stop?I just got three-way harrased by my freinds.They kept on with the "you're such a fu-kin' giant".I swaer i'm gonna beat all their asses on monday.
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Yay! - Mood:Happy
Tuesday March 25 20085:28:30 PM |
I just finished readin the whole twilght series again.I LuB it!I cant wait 4 da movie.It'll probally just ruin it 4 me though.
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Wats Up? - Mood:Happy
Wednesday February 27 20089:29:28 PM |
Waz up wit dat tooby dooby wit a bouzy bong blitz,wit a fly tip.Is it good wit dac heese on da side.Lol
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My mom! - Mood:Bored
Wednesday October 03 20077:21:46 PM |
My mom took all my money,again.I got so mad at her.I told her,"How am I suppose to buy lunch?", Then she's like,"Borrow money from your friends,I need this for gas."She lied.Later on she bought a pack of ciggerettes.I just wanted to strangle her!!!
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My birthday - Mood:Good
Monday September 03 20074:34:39 PM |
Well,yesterday was my birthday:).I turned 14,nothing new though.I got couple of presents,they were okay.One thing that bothered me is that my mom brought her boyfriend,all she could look at was him.Oh well,ther better off 2gether,I can do more stuff by myself.There a perfect couple.
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School starts - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 28 20074:29:46 PM |
Well,school starts 2morrow.Oh joy,homework and more idiots.Also having my mom yell at me 4 a ridiculous reason,which I expect since she's mentally crazy(well,bipolar).
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I`m in my home,again. - Mood:Good
Monday August 20 20077:50:38 PM |
I FINALLY went somewhere, yesterday,with my dad.My mom had hre own stuff to do, like be with her boyfriend.In case ur stupid, my mom and dad are divorced.
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