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Female, 13-17
Elyon`s Citidel, Colored Forest, Midwest US

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Thursday May 21 20094:53:44 PM |
NO URGH! Why do my friends insist on stealing my possesions? It's not very nice, the worst part is that they actually have to tell me that it's been stolen before I realize it's been stolen, WTF!?!?!?! Ack!..



Oh well...

it could be worse(cue rain) at least they give it back, and + I actually am a pretty rotten theif myself so...*cough* yeah...


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throwing up is just a tad unpleasent.... - Mood:Spent
Wednesday April 29 20097:28:41 PM |
yuck! Here I was thinking I was gonna have a GOOD weekend! NO! I ended up locked up in my room with Jello chunks stuck in my hair!EW!!!!!! So I'm not gonna go into much more detail, but really it was gross. I went back to school today! My friends were all shocked, apparently I looked dead or somethin... huh. I wanted to pass out a couple times but I hung in there, why is still a mystery but I did it!!! YAY! I'm soooo hungry (*brains-* nevermind) i came home begging for "real" food! (a.k.a. Oreos, Icecream,Puddin ect) and then crashed on the couch. Isaac wore a Batman T-shirt!!!! I wanted to murder him! Fortuanetly for him I still felt like Sh*t. Hmmm but I geuss it could be worse (cue rain) so I won't complain beyond this point, yup just uhhh fuzzies and smiles...*snores*.
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Plans.... yucky - Mood:Mischievous
Friday April 24 20098:25:42 PM |
Now I am not a schemer by any means but I swear I will move to Gotham and I will Steal Batmans car!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!! Mykayla and I will accomplish this some how but once again plans... ew. Hmmmm CHARLEY STOLE MY COOKIES!!!!!! ACK! I made them in facts like 10 minutes before lunch and i freaked out in lunch (I tend to do that a lot these days)!!!!!! She gave them back but she had this look on her face like "WTH?" It was pretty funny, then of coarse life in general is hilarious to start! Mykayla watched Dark Knight today! She called me at the Interrogation scene and I spazzed out on the phone when The Joker started to get beat up! (*Snarl*) Any WAY... I swear I can almost perfectly recite that entire movie now.... it's the one obsession I'm allowed to have.
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HAHAHAHAHA!!!! - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 22 20097:34:38 PM |

" Human kind cannot bear very much reality"
T.S. Elliot
Sooo true! something I keep w/ me everyday in my head. I laugh randomly in the hallways is tht so wrong? I love the weird stares I get from people when I skip to my classes, they act like they are so smart!Hmmm... sometimes I wish people in my school were a little more down to earth. Oh well! HAHAHAHA!!!! I bet people who are reading this are thinking WTH?!?!?! I don't really blame them :-p! Yes Insanity is bliss for me! I'm not sure why people don't try losing their minds once in a while, like o a saturday w/ nothing else to do! It's fun I love it!!!!!
"Well, let me tell you something, When I say grace, I mean I am talking Grace, with a capitol G, not some ambiguous theological term that preachers throw at you to impress the snot out of you. I mean GRACE. Capitol G-R-A-C-E. Liberty. Freedom"
Marsuvees Black
page 68
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I`M BACK!!!! - Mood:Ecstatic
Tuesday April 21 20095:19:57 PM |
YAYZ!!!! I finnaly am on again! It was a very long weekend and monday.
I went to a baseball game(yuck) and then I painted my dogs fence white. I got a lot of the paint on my hands and it won't F*ckin come off! Oh well!!! I'm reading Maximum Ride and thats pretty good, I'm almost finished with the first book! Charley and Jenni kept pulling my hair today! It hurts, it's not fair to take advantage of my pigtails like that!!!!!Grrrrrr.... OH! I listened to Metallica's Sanitaurium the other day, I love that song!!! Very dark though... kinda reminds me of Arkham!!!!*teehee* I also found Showdown in my room! YAYZ!

"wanna trip with me baby?"
Marsuvees Black

Best book ever! We were reading more about the Holocaust the other day... and it was just ... sunshine and roses... rainbows and Cheezits let me tell ya!

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Springtime for Hitler - Mood:Hysterical
Thursday April 16 20094:43:23 PM |
HAHAHAHA!!!! We watched a musical in English about WW2!!! SO FUNNY!!! There were cheesy german outfits, outrageous german accents (done very badly btw), and they portrayed Hitler as this flambouyant gay!!!!(No offense to anyone who may be offended by this) It was done very well, and I finally understand satire to an even further extent!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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Purple Lip gloss - Mood:Mischievous
Wednesday April 15 20097:39:09 PM |
Today I wore Purple Lip gloss today, here is what people said:

1.) OMG hey hey! you guys look she's wearing purple lipstick!!
2.) Hi Jello! Wow I love your lips!
3.)... your wearing... makeup...
5.)Does it come off?

and so on... I really should have seen this coming, I wore it before but I don't think anyone noticed. That last statement sounded just a little narcissistic, oh well! Also Puck (a friend) was gone today, so I couldn't get THE notebook back(long story).It drove me crazy(even more so).
Then someone randomly shouted out "Johnny Depp is a drunk!" Do you think I could get away w/ killing him?Other wise my day was almost boring.

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My social studies class.... Gawd I hate it somedays!HAHA! - Mood:Hysterical
Tuesday April 14 20095:13:52 PM |
Rawr!!!!! The cinversations that consist- I mean really-? First of all sooo boring, it's to easy! We are studying Africa and we only have to memorise like 10 countries!!!!! AND PEOPLE STILLCOMPLAIN!!!!! Plus no one really knows what they are talking about. For instance;

J???: We should support the Palestineans cause the Jews are retards.
Jello: Actually The Palestineans are being run by a (hamas)terrorist group... so we should consider what we support as a country
J???: Well maybe we should support the terrorists because then they won't bomb us
Jello:Yeah we tried that inWW2 (Italian Mafia) And that came back to bite us

Hopefully you people understand my frustration. Any who that was a couple of weeks ago, just thought I clear that up.*sigh* I can't wait until I get into honors history!

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101 things I must not do when Dealing with The Joker - Mood:Ecstatic
Monday April 13 20095:29:38 PM |
HAHAHAHA!!! I love this list *beams*... I have to find the people who wrote it and hug them!!!!
my favs are:
*(when Dealing w/ Ledger Joker)Do not get into the Jokers make-up, he willbe most unhappy w/ me

Sadly that is probably what I would do first...

*Do not bring up the sixties batman, He is does not like talking about it and Chances are neither does Batman
*Do not ask to Egg or TP Bruce Wanyes house... more then once


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HAPPY EASTER!!!!! - Mood:Excited
Sunday April 12 20091:15:30 AM |
HAHAHA!!! It's sunday!!! YAY!!!! OH!! I saw this awesome Drama at our church The other day... It was eally good... I cried. It's on somewhere... And I think... lok for the latest service! Really good!*yawn* My mom read The poem sleepyhollow wrote "what love really is"... very interesting... hmmm to be quite honest I really have nothin to write about! YAY...?
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Hmmmm It`s 1:20 am...*yawn* - Mood:Confused
Saturday April 11 20092:30:05 AM |
Good morning!!!! I'm still awake!!!! I really need to get a life but 4 now I am going to tell you about my state of being so enjoy!!! 2 days till Easter I'm Sooo excited! Today (haha) were gonna see this awesome Drama in church!(riveting I know) But it is really good!
Well I looked up this Duela character on google and found some interesting... facts... apparently she originally thought she was the Jokers daughter but later the plot takes a totally different turn and she is Two-Face's daughter, Oh no Wait Maybe Riddlers! Oh NO We are not quite sure and so this whole thing kinda twists itself into a knot! Then to top it all off She falls in love with Talon(2)! Or was it robin... I think it depends on what version you read. Once again I really need to get a life. Otherwise life is good in the Colored forest!
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HEHEHAHAHAHA!(*Joker laugh*) - Mood:Smug
Friday April 10 20098:01:52 PM |
I actually Hav not to much to write about but today I was watching The Dark Knight again and I noticed that in The one scene w/ The Joker and Rachal The Joker was threatening her w/ a potatoe peeler...? I laughed so hard!!! My mom actually ran into my room and asked what was wrong looked at the TV screen and left! Honestly I hated the stupidity of some off the chaacters in that movie! But I love The Joker...*sigh* he makes it worth it... um ANYWAY that made my day! So yeah!
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Spazzing out - Mood:Spastic
Thursday April 09 20093:55:21 PM |
My friend Jennifer... wow! She kinda ticked me off the other day... I laighed and it was funny but I mean really? Now to understand this next paragraph or so you must know I.AM.A.BLONDE! So I'm not sure why this came as a shock to her when I fell for this little joke. I had come from my geography class and this was the last period of the day for me so I was not really there mentally(when was I ever) so Jennifer decided to steal my notebook (breifly) from me. It took me ten minutes until finally Jenni says
"Jello does your stack of books seem slightly smaller?" I glanced at where my notebook should have been but it wasn't. I saw my geography book instead and started freaking out. Jenni, Charley, Polly watched in amazement as I spazed out in the middle of class till finally Jenni slid my note book in the middle of my desk. I stood there for a moment then belted out laughing.
"Spaz much?"
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HAHAHAHA!!! My first entry - Mood:Ecstatic
Tuesday April 07 20096:23:26 PM |
YAYZZZ!!!*sigh* I'm not really sure to what to write...hmmm. What happens to people in story books, like fairy tales, when the book is closed? What is happily ever after... does it really last ever after? I geuss we just have to take the authors word for it...Well that was depressing. ON A LIGHTER NOTE!!! I have no homework! YAY! All of my friends think I'm crazy (no argument there) Huh some of the teachers in our school have been trying to imitaite my laugh...for those who don't know my laugh is crazy, I tilt my head slightly and just belt out laughing... lots of fun when wearing pigtails! yesterday in 20/20(homeroom) I literally was looking 4 a place to 2 hang myself. The discusion was on FISH!Can they eat me? Do they sleep? UGHHHHH!!!!
YAY the end!
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