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Male, 33 years old
Silver Spring (biatch!), Maryland (dirty dirty), Eastern US

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Birthday:7/12/1989 (33 Years Old)
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Occupation: Senior @ Richard Montgomery High School
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Christian
Politics: Liberal
Fav. Movie: Collateral
Fav. TV Show: Family Guy, Grey`s Anatomy, 24
Fav. Book: One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest
Fav. Song: Tough Guy, My Money Gets Jealous
Fav. Food: Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
Fav. Car: Any black convertible
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I can't even imagine how it must feel to find out your brother's dead... - Mood:Depressed
Thursday September 08 20059:58:40 PM |
We just found out that my cousin drowned in a swimming pool today. That's pretty sad, but for me, the worst part is thinking about how his sister will take the news. My parents are trying to get her with her parents to talk about it, but I think she already knows something's wrong.

I guess I'm too sympathetic, but I can't even sleep thinking about how she's gonna feel. She's only 16, my age, and I don't think I'd be able to handle something like that. My heart really goes out to her...

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Funniest Thing You`ve Heard All Day - Mood:Good
Thursday February 17 20051:25:08 PM |
Friend 1: When I get older, I'm gonna marry a hot young 20-year-old.
Friend 2: You'd better have a lot of money, then.
Friend 1: Yeah, I plan to buy one.
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5000 posts. Yay. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 02 20056:33:44 PM |
Thank you, I'd like to thank all those useless spammy threads that I contributed to, I love you all!


My agenda for the rest of the evening:

Go to piano lessons--7:00 to 8:00
Watch American Idol--8:00 to 9:00
Do homework with breaks for YT--9:00 to 11:00

Shows you I got my priorities straight...

What are your plans for the evening?

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So there was a bomb threat at the school today... - Mood:Good
Saturday October 30 200412:08:42 AM |
We actually only got 15 minutes off school because the threat was found taped to the front door, so whoever got there at God knows what ungodly hour of the morning found it and called the police. I think it's kinda obvious it's a prank if the person is kind enough to leave a note, but I understand that they can't take any chances.

So later on, my dad treated us to Red Lobster, just because. I'm sorry to say I was dissappointed. I ordered my some Farm Raised Catfish, which wasn't so bad, but the food portions were so small. At most sit-down restaurants, you can fill yourself up and still have some left over-- for the same price. Oh and the fries were crap. Slightly above the quality of McDonalds.

Now if you want a quality sit-down, Bennigan's is where it's at.

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RE-DEFEAT BUSH 2004 - Mood:Depressed
Wednesday October 27 200410:30:19 PM |
I've got beef with Bank of America. I don't know if you've seen those "Democracy Did It" commercials, but those are complete bullsh*t.

Hello, did they not get the frikkin memo? It's frikkin election year! There's no nonpartisan, blind patriotism! It's time to take sides! Draw the line! Say something controversial, like my journal title! Stir up argument! It's Bush, Kerry, or (if you're a dumbass) Nader!

So do your part to make this election year successful and go steal somebody's campaign sign.


On a completely separate note, are any of you catching the lunar eclipse?

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My Trip to the Dentist: The Good News and the Bad News - Mood:Confused
Wednesday September 29 20042:10:32 PM |
The good news:

Needless to say, there is no good news about the dentist.

The bad news: I saw my 9th grade Spanish teacher, just as she was going into the office with her kids. When I went in, I briefly scanned the office to see where I shouldn't look, but unfortunately, we made fatal eye contact. We said hi to each other, and exchanged nervous chuckles.

Ok, that wasn't so bad, so here's the *gasp* worse news:

So, I went into the li'l x-ray room, and they put that li'l protection apron on me (altho my knees almost buckled under the extreme weight) and I got my x-ray.

So I go into the office, they lay me on the chair, and I'm comfortable, watchin' Lilo & Stitch on the TV. All of a sudden, the dentist comes up to me and says, "You have to get your wisdom teeth removed. I'll give you the names of a couple good oral surgeons." Well, I took the news pretty well. Like getting hit by a bus on the highway. I was dazed, mostly by the words "teeth removed&

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How the hell can people drink Pepsi?!?!!?!?!? - Mood:Bored
Tuesday September 28 20047:33:13 AM |
Well, I've got over 15 mins of nothin to do, since my Computer Programming teacher is absent, and everyone's just bsing. Y'know, listenin to music, downloading random sh*t. So I'm taking this time for you, so be happy, goddamit!

But seriously, how can anyone in their right mind be able to drink that vile brew of darkness they call a refreshment? I mean, Coke is bad enough, then what, they decided to see how bad they could make soda taste? It's like pineapple pizza, but that's a whole different story...

Goddammit I'm bored...

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Pineapples are the MOST underrated fruit. Ever. - Mood:Exhausted
Wednesday August 11 20041:58:05 PM |
And I'm not talkin about that canned, syrupy sh*t either. This is raw, straight from the store, pineapple.

Anyway, I might actually go on vacation this summer, cuz my dad's going to New Jersey anyway. Cept it's gonna suck, as usual, since that means my dad is gonna be a part of it...

Mmm...pineapple *drool*

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I feel like dancin` today (part 2) - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 28 20046:28:43 PM |
Jeez, I come back from a relaxing shower to find my annoying li'l brother, in my room, using my computer to go on that useless neopets site, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I'm just f*ckin flabbergasted! Sh*ttin stupified! Anyway, I got my groove on in the shower (NO PICS, just to put that out there). I think that bike ride did wonders! I could take Lance Armstrong right now!

Yes, I know that's a complete lie.

Yes, this did call for another journal entry.

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I feel like dancin` today. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 28 20046:02:19 PM |
I blame it on BET. And Houston can really dance. I don't think any of you know what I'm talkin about. But wow, I just realized I haven't made a Journal for like 3 months. Anyway, my day's been fine, amixture of sh*tty and tolerable, as usual. O yeah, I went bike riding for the first time in months, and I feel pretty good. Woohoo, one point in the war 'gainst obesity!

Vote Kerry oh-fo, you know you wanna.

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Ha, I`m almost famous! - Mood:Happy
Wednesday April 28 20047:50:38 PM |
I'm so proud of my uncle!

He works for the World Bank and was promoted as Vice President of Africa! It's a tough job though, as he's dealing with 47 countries, most of which are impoverished and politically unstable.

I just pray that he'll be able to do a good job and get enough sleep

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Blah... - Mood:Lonely
Wednesday April 07 20049:04:50 PM |
Both of my brothers have gone south for a few days, and I'm stuck here by myself. Anyone know a good, funny website I can go to?
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It feels like my birthday! - Mood:Ecstatic
Monday April 05 200411:22:54 PM |
Okay, I'm a loser, but I've just reached 100 posts!

Now, where are the presents!

And I'm wondering if I broke any kind of record...I thought it would take me a couple months to get here, but it was only 2 and a half weeks! (i'm speshul)

Plz don't eat me for my random ranting, it's just what I do...

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This happened a while ago, but... - Mood:Good
Monday April 05 200410:57:05 PM |
I remember last summer when I was at a hotel in Ocean City, wandering around with my brother, and we came across one of those party/conference room thingies, and some Chinese people were having a party.

My brother turns to me and says "wouldn't it be so black if we just went in there, took some food, and left?"

It took me a while to stop laughing...but we didn't go in.

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Sh*t, I almost forgot... - Mood:Exhausted
Friday April 02 20049:11:27 PM |

Today felt like the last day of school. To bad I hafta go back on the 13th

But it's all gravy. I'll try to enjoy my break while I can. My friend's havin a Final Four party on Monday, and another friend is comin over for a sleepover. I's gon' be a PAR-TAY!

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Have you ever tried... - Mood:Ecstatic
Friday April 02 20041:30:42 PM |
Suck Jello (the pudding) out of a straw! I just tried it, and it was soooooooo cool. Think about it: the world would be such a better place if there were more geniuses like me...okay okay, I'll stop
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A Long Bus Ride - Mood:Excited
Tuesday March 30 20044:41:19 PM |
Okay, I wuz riding the bus and there wuz this crazy assed lady on the bus! I can't even begin to describe her! Well, she sat next to me and immediately engaged me in a conversation.

Somehow, she started talking about her school and how she went to a Negro school for a few years, then a Caucasian school for the next 10 years.

"So most of my friends were caucasian," she tells me. "Except they weren't really my friends. They were make-believe friends, they just pretended to be my friends"

I stared at her politely and let her continue. "But my father and my grandfather could see through my eyes. They could hypnotize me and make me do things." All of a sudden, she just fell asleep. Ten seconds later, she wakes up and starts talking about how she doesn't trust clocks anymore. "God gave some people these supernatural powers to change the time, so I don't trust clocks anymore."

Weirdo...Can you think of a time where somthing like tha

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Web Comics - Mood:Overwhelmed
Saturday March 27 20042:26:07 PM |
I'm sittin here tryin' to do homework, and a thought just popped up! What kinda web comics do sum of you guys go to on ur free time? I prefer VG Cats
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