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Male, 36 years old
Winchester, Europe

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Fav. Car: Aston Martin DB9
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1 Year today! - Mood:Good
Saturday September 23 20069:45:35 AM |
It was a year ago today I signed up for this site after being introduced by my girlfriend.

Thanks Melly1000 and thanks for being such a great girlfriend

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Ebay Question - Mood:Good
Monday September 18 20064:26:50 AM |
I sold am item on ebay yesterday and the buyer has sent payment via paypal but in order for me to get the payment i need to send paypal a shipment reference or tracking number.

The question is where do i get this number?

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Whats the best way..... - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 13 20063:48:57 PM |
to tell my mum, whos been away for two weeks in Greece, that i wont be able to pick her up from the airport and she will have to find another way home?
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Best Birthday Present ever!! - Mood:Good
Monday August 28 20061:20:16 PM |
So after a long wait and a struggle to book, I had my first one on one flying lesson!!

It was so amazing! I flew for about 20mins of the 30 minute lesson, and was better then ever imagined. We did 2G turns, steep climbs and rapid decents and learnt about the instruments inside.

It was the best birthday present ever, thanks Melly

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Homeworkers and frequent commuters. - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 22 20067:54:25 AM |
Just starting some research for my final year project at uni, 'Due to advancements in Information Technology, has this made home working more productive?'

This also applies to those who commute and travel frequently for business. anyone with an opinion or even better, first hand expience please post!

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I like my new gym! - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 15 200612:04:53 PM |
It opened yesterday officially by the local Council and a guest appearence by Peter Cech from chelsea!!

Its all brand new inside, with great up-to-date machines and two pools. And a climbing wall!!

So everyday i hope to get down there for at least an hour, whether gym or swimming and try to get back into shape.

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Just eaten my body weight... - Mood:Good
Thursday August 10 20064:09:33 PM |
in Chinese Food!!!

I was treated by a lovely lady to an all you can eat chinese buffett. Everything from chicken and sweetcorn soup to duck pancakes.

Was a good evening but now I cant move!! what are you up to this evening?

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STOP, thief!!! - Mood:Good
Thursday July 13 20061:19:57 PM |
so its only my second full week at work and the following happens:

There I was yesterday morning, working away when I saw a lady run after this man. The man then stopped, dropped a handbag and his basket and started walking away. I asked the lady if he had just tried stealing her bag, she said yes!! I then followed the man asking him to stop, but he quickened his pace towards the store exit. I went to security and we followed him into the car park, but he was able to get away!

They asked if i saw him on cctv would i recognise him, sure i could!!

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I got a new job! - Mood:Good
Thursday June 15 20069:45:27 AM |
I am now a employee of tesco, with the title of a personal shopper.

Orders that are placed online will be given to me where will have to collect them. To help me, I get a super amazing trolley that has a built in computer which tells me exactly where a product is in the store.

Really loving this job as is different to what i've done before, but give it two weeks and i bet i will have changed my mind!

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Porn Question - Mood:Good
Monday June 12 20065:41:57 AM |
Is it alright for either partner in a relationship to watch porn on their own?

I want comments from anyone in and out of relationships and both male and female!

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Out in the wind and the rain.... - Mood:Good
Sunday May 21 20063:38:12 PM |
on patrol of the university campus, making sure everyone is behaving themselves! Probably have some abuse shouted at me, get soaking wet and stay out in the cold until the early hours.

Sounds good doesn't it?

But on a plus note, its my birthday in two days!

Everyone have a good weekend?

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Calling all undergraduates and postgraduates!!! - Mood:Good
Monday May 15 20063:56:56 PM |
and anyone who has or is about to write a dissertation.

What did you write about or what are planning to write about?

I have a couple of ideas but I dont think they are great. So any ideas for a business undergraduate would be greatly appreciated or just tell me and YT what you worte about!

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Who is the Stig??? - Mood:Good
Monday May 08 20063:59:57 PM |
This is BBC2's best kept secret but I know who the Stig is...I AM!!!

In order to celebrate the new series of Top Gear that started last night, I got a new T-shirt that says I am the Stig, so I must be!!



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What a waste of time! - Mood:Good
Monday May 08 20064:58:18 AM |
Got up nice and early and walked to my lecture only to find it has been moved to wednesday.

Worst thing is i did know, just forgot so I am up with nothing to do until 1, so looks like i'll be on here!

Good Morning YT!

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I am up early enough to say Good Morning YT (03/05) - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 03 20063:30:45 AM |
Good Morning YT.

This is a first so be amazed!

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Melly and dkc`s take on Brighton! - Mood:Good
Monday May 01 200612:02:32 PM |
For our weekend expedition Melly and I decided we would make the most of the sun and take the 1 1/2 hour trip to Brighton from Winchester.

We got there after really having to fight for a parking space. Had lunch in the Lanes and then a walk on the pier.

Time for the pics:

Melly loooking Hawt!!

Myself tucking into a 99 which is actually £1.25!!

Brigton Pier Rides.

Melly caught in the act!

What did you get up to this weekend?

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Win Prolog!?!?!? - Mood:Good
Sunday April 30 20064:45:39 PM |
My clever and knowledgeable YTers, can I please borrow you expertise if you know anything about WinProlog?

I am trying to use the programme to develop an expert system for an Artificial Intelligence assignment.

Anyone who has used this before please get in contact, as need some urgent advice!

Everyone else how was your weekend?

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Birthday ideas - Mood:Good
Sunday April 23 20062:55:27 PM |
So I turn 20 in exactly a month and got asked today the question of what do i want for my birthday?

I really have no idea, I have some really out there ideas but nothing realistic. xbox 360, new car, sat nav, nothing that anyone would buy me.

YT males what did you get for 20th?
YT males under 20 what do you want?
YT females what have you bought guys for 20th?

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just a friday night in London!! - Mood:Good
Saturday April 22 20068:19:12 AM |
Went out for night in London last night, as so close and dont really make the most of it!

Had dinner in Planet Hollywoods and picked up a few glasses, literally!!

Then had a walk through Green park and sang Happy Birthday to queeny outside the royal palace. Someone had left the nicest bunch of roses for the queen which my fair lady wanted to take for herself!

London has so much to do, was a good night!

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There is justice in the world!! - Mood:Good
Thursday April 06 20067:13:31 AM |
I mentioned on here a week ago that my car was broken into, and I found blood with fingerprints that belonged to the bastard that broke in.

Well now for an update:

They caught the guy and hes going to court today!!

Said he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing but I dont believe a word as long as he was caught and he pays the fee to get the car fixed i'm happy!!


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YT problem - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 04 20067:11:37 AM |
The bar that tells you when you have a pm is constantly being displayed.

I have tried logging in and out of YT and opening all pms but it still wont disappear!

What else can I do?

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HTML help!! - Mood:Good
Monday April 03 20069:15:19 AM |
Calling all those who know HTML code.

I am attempting to create a website from pure HTML code for coursework and am stuck on tables.

I have created a table but want/need to change the font color inside, any ideas??

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I smell manly!! - Mood:Good
Sunday April 02 20063:10:21 PM |
After working in a busy pub for the last two nights, stinking of fags, booze and sweat it is now paying off for a holiday (which is now all booked) and hopefully a new car!!

Anyone selling a ford focus, let me know!!

Now getting ready for the sunday pub quiz, and time to win a galleon on beer, whos with me??

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Bad Habbit!! - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 28 20063:53:38 AM |
Why is it that you only see guys picking their noses while driving??

I drove Melly to work and saw 3 guys picking their noses. I drive but sure I dont pick my nose.

If you ever see me do it, smack me round the head!

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If you enter this thread, be warned!!! - Mood:Enraged
Saturday March 25 20063:16:13 PM |
I am so fu*ked off and in a really sh*tty mood.

My car for the second time now was broken into! Nothing was missing but the twats couldn't even get it started but damn sure have immobilised me, complete with a nice little hole in the drivers door!

so whoever it was thanks a fu*kin bunch, i have no car and increased expense!

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