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Female, 37 years old
cleveland, ohio, Midwest US

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i'm chickern. - Mood:Good
Friday November 25 20054:03:08 AM |
and i'm here. and i turned 21 four hours and eight minutes ago.
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what? chickern? yes. chickern. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 23 20058:57:22 PM |
you probably don't remember me. or know me for that matter. which is, you know.. it's cool.

saturday my roommates and i are having an alice in wonderland party. it is going to be a night of havoc and good times had by all.

most boring summer of my life. officially.

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home again, home again, jiggety-jig. - Mood:Good
Monday December 27 20046:03:46 PM |
i'm home for the week. i hate being home because it is boring and there's nothing to do. so here i am, on the intorweb.

anyway, the holidays this year were nice. i got to meet my new cousin james. and i made him cry because babies don't like me. which is kind of sad.

went to lucas' family christmas party. his family is great, but his dad made some comment about why don't i have a ring on my finger. WHOA. that was... weird.

oh and i didn't fail the class that i was sure i was going to. rock.

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no me moleste mosquito - Mood:Good
Monday November 22 20048:40:18 PM |
yeah, just popping in to say hi. checked the "who's online" thing and saw that there were still a lot of people i know here. let's see. what's new.

school. is good. i like.

i'm going to be old on thanksgiving.

i got the fundamental theorems of calculus tattooed on my wrists.

i have had a headache for about two weeks. i fear the end is nigh.


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ahem. - Mood:Good
Monday September 20 200410:38:47 AM |
hi, i'm here. update on my life:

i have no intorweb at home so i am never online. i am currently in the computer lab. cool.

slutbag sent my boyfriend to jail by telling the cops that he provided alcohol for her underage party. he's not 21. but her dad is a cop so she gets whatever she wants. which is him in jail. fricker. so... he'll be out in 26 more days.

in my math lecture i learned that infinity can be bigger than infinity. suck on that.

i broke my glasses and now i can't read. therefore you should click on this link.

my new house and roommates are amazing. i love living here. life is currently decent.

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chickern, good for the soul. - Mood:Good
Saturday July 31 200412:45:56 PM |
yeah, i don't come around often these days, but when i do, you are thankful. you're welcome.

i'm moving out in 2 weeks. into the sweeticalest house you have ever seen. i painted my room red and put up sweet sheer curtains and have my red velvet chair and pacman comforter... it is insanity. and the rest of the house is spectacularly wondrous as well. i wish i had pictures. because you would just... piss.

we will hopefully (eventually) be getting WIRELESS INT0RW3B at the house. and if we do, chickern will be back with the masta plan to put the flow back in ya ear. no really, right now it is summer and i am out doing my summer thing. but during the school year i am an internet junkie. as long as i have access. lets hope for that.

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it`s that time again. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 14 200411:51:47 AM |
time to help me create a mix. this time it's an oldies mix. this is what i have so far:

gladys knight - midnight train to georgia
marvin gaye - your precious love
five stairsteps - ooh child
mccoys - hang on sloopy
monkees - i'm a believer
stevie wonder - if you really love me


also, talk to me.

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arts/sciences? humdedum - Mood:Good
Saturday July 10 200412:09:03 PM |
can anyone tell me the difference between a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science? specifically, as far as a math major goes? help me out here.
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nerdnerdnerd - Mood:Good
Friday July 09 200411:55:23 AM |
i'm in the process of changing my major from "integrated mathematics" to "mathematics." this means i will be moving from the college of education and human development to the college of arts and sciences. in other words, i'm not going to be a math teacher, i'm just going to be a... mathematician. or something. i just figured i could get more in depth with math this way. and now i'm going to minor in physics. wee!

been working on painting the house i'm moving into in august. so far we've got the kitchen, dining room, and one bedroom painted. so very exciting.

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hi, i`m here. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 29 20045:21:55 PM |


watch schizopolis. best movie ever.

what's new?

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gimme ideas. now. - Mood:Good
Monday June 14 20045:02:08 PM |
my boyfriend just moved out of his house into his first apartment. i want to get him a housewarming gift. his apartment, cupboards, bathroom... pretty much everything is practically bare. i want to get him something practical.

ideas? readygo

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you`re so cute i want to squeeze you until your guts come out! - Mood:Good
Thursday June 10 200412:59:37 PM |
that's what i said to my kitten. the one i got yesterday. oh god i want to smother her.

she needs a name. help me out. i don't want something girly or cutesy-pookie-poo.

one of her eyes is bigger than the other. so i was thinking of naming her sloth, like from the goonies. but i would like more suggestions please.


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new tattoo - Mood:Good
Sunday May 23 200410:34:36 PM |
alright, i can't be on long because i'm working early tomorrow, but it's been a while and i thought i'd update everyone on my latest tattoo...

that's probably big. sorry
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An unauthorized request for password for your account was rejected. - Mood:Confused
Monday May 17 20044:18:12 PM |
so i just got the following email...

"An unauthorized request for password for your account was rejected.

Details of the request:
For account:

Password be sent to :

Request from IP address :
Request Date/Time : Mon, 17 May 2004 22:42:07 +0000"

what the crapola is that all about?

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home for the summer - Mood:Bored
Sunday May 09 20048:28:03 PM |
i have been home since thursday and i am already BORED OUT OF MY MIND. seriously, how did i used to live here? i don't know what to do with myself. but i think when i figure that out, it will involve me getting fat. but after this summer i'm out of my house FOR GOOD! i still can't believe that. but first i have to get through FOUR MONTHS OF SUMMER. at least i'll be working a lot.

i still haven't told my parents about my tattoos, and, consequently, have not worn skirts/shorts around here. even though it was hot today. i just haven't been able to think of a creative way to tell them. a way in which i can laugh about it and be like, "ooooh, oh well" in that "let's all just get along" way.

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for your sake, i hope heaven and hell are really there. - Mood:Good
Friday May 07 200411:23:46 PM |
today was the first official day of summer vacation for me. i slept in until two, worked on unpacking, and went and hung out with my guys, which was fun as per usual.

i've been feeling extra normal (if that makes sense) the past two days. i think talking to the counselor really helped, plus i think i'm finally adjusting to the birth control. only for real this time.

unfortunately i start working 5 days a week for the rest of the summer beginning monday. and while my job rocks and i'll make tons of money, it makes me miss REAL summer vacations as a kid when all i had to do was sit on my ass and watch cartoons. man i wish i had appreciated those days more.

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please, bury me with it. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 06 200412:32:28 PM |
just finished my last exam. and i did pretty bad. but i don't even care anymore. because i'm done and i did well on everything else. and now i'm going home in a couple hours and home is going to SUCK because i will be there for four months and my parents will be like, you are not an adult. and ugh.

i'm super hungry.

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one more day - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 05 20044:00:04 PM |
took my calculus exam today. i actually think it went pretty well.

i only have one more exam, discrete math. i reallyreally need a good grade on it. i'm actually pretty confident i have all A's and B's, and this relies on this last exam. i need an 85% to get a B in the class. and i really can't afford any C's, because i think my parents will make me move back home next semester if that happens. WHICH JUST CAN'T HAPPEN BECAUSE I JUST SIGNED THE LEASE TO A HOUSE THAT I REALLY WANT TO LIVE IN.

i will be so relieved when exam week is over.

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Wednesday May 05 20046:46:18 AM |



there is SOMETHING in this building HAMMERING AWAY INCESSANTLY and definitely woke me up at 7:30. two hours before i needed to be awake. and it woke up most of the first floor. and the second floor. and nobody knows what it is. it kind of sounds like a BIG frickING WOODPECKER right outside the building. or something gone terribly awry with the plumbing. WHATEVER IT IS OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T KNOW THAT IT'S MOTHERfrickING EXAAAAAAM WEEEEEEEEK

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we were shooting at a mountain of dirt. well nothing was broken, nothing was hurt, but i probably really should have been at work. - Mood:Good
Monday May 03 200410:32:26 PM |
saw the counselor today. i'm glad i did, but it was kinda rough. the first thing she said was "why don't you just tell me in general how you've been feeling." and i started crying. haha. um, yeah.

but wow, those people really know how to ask the right questions. she got me talking about things that i didn't even realize were wrong and i even learned some things about myself.

like i'm a pushover.
and i need to work on my communication with lucas.

i really really need to talk to him and just tell him how i've been feeling. i don't know why it's so hard for me. but it IS. i wish it weren't.

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second journal for the day, and normally i wouldn`t even be awake for another 2 hours. - Mood:Good
Monday May 03 20046:42:54 AM |
finished my first exam. it went fine. not worried. one down, three to go. blahblah.

my appointment with the counselor is in an hour. i'm unusually nervous. like... really really nervous. i'm not sure why. i don't think i want to talk about my problems. agh. don't want to.

i hate being nervous. it's one of the worst feelings ever. it makes me want to barf.

i think that's why i sleep so much when i have a lot of anxiety. because i'd rather escape my problems than face them. it's rather unhealthy, really.


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Monday May 03 20044:50:27 AM |
7am?! what a horrible, horrible time of day.

unfortunately i have an 8:30 exam.

fortunately that's the earliest exam i have this week, followed by 10:45 and, finally, two 1:45's.

it's so early, i feel like i'm going to throw up. and i'm not even close to kidding.

i'm not a morning person.

i'm also going to see the counselor today. i'm really nervous about it.

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i`m just going to write. it might be random, and it might be long. - Mood:Good
Sunday May 02 20044:24:24 PM |
but maybe not. i haven't decided. i do have to pee though.

there is NO good food at the dining center tonight. i just had chicken noodle soup. it had one piece of chicken. i think it was maybe the size of a dime. there weren't really very many noodles either. they should have called it chicken noodle broth.

every time i type chicken i want to type chickern.

my friend marg wrote me a letter. she's actually my ex-best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world whom i haven't spoken to since the fourth of july. she said she misses me. i'm not sure what to write back. i think maybe we could be friends again. but i'm not sure. i guess it's worth a try, huh. yeah but i don't know what to write.

lucas told me he "think[s"> about us in the future a lot more lately." i'm not sure what that means, but i think it's a good thing? man he sure means a lot to me.

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staying in on a saturday night - Mood:Good
Saturday May 01 20048:30:52 PM |
what else is new?

i just found out my calculus final is 40 questions, multiple choice. holy crap i am so peeved. that means: 1) no partial credit, and 2) i can only miss eight questions and still get a B. eight might sound like a lot, but when the answer is either right or wrong... i dunno. i'm scared now.

i crashed at maggie's last night and was involved in a four-way spoon. it was intense.

lucas sent me a martin sexton poster in the mail. i love him. and lucas too

i just want finals to be over with.

i ate too many teddy grahams.

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i.... dunno. - Mood:Anxious
Thursday April 29 200410:21:04 AM |
after having both my best friend and boyfriend on separate occasions suggest i see a counselor, i decided maybe it was a good idea. so i just called and i have an appointment for monday morning. i don't know why, but i was really nervous to call and make the appointment. not nervous... i don't know. i just didn't want to. but i did.

i don't know if they'll be able to help. i don't know what's wrong.

anyway, today it's super super nice outside. that's something to be happy about.

i can't believe i'm done with calculus. that makes me sad. blah.

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