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Male, 33 years old
around NYC, New York, Eastern US

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Valentine's adivce, anyone? - Mood:Good
Saturday February 04 20067:15:34 PM |
So in about two weeks (the weekend after Valentine's Day) I'm going to Michigan to see my girlfriend ()

So today I asked her what she wanted to do for Valentine's Day. Other than the standard call, text, etc.

She said "surprise me."

The LAST thing a guy wants to hear.

So...what do you think I shoudl get her?

My first thought was stuffed animal. So I asked her what her favorite animal was. She said she doesn't have one, and that she has million of stuffed animals anyways.

The only other responses I've gotten all day from different friends have been chocolate underwear and...something *inappropriate*

So...any suggestions?

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Haa. Ace`s awkward experiences keep on comin... - Mood:Good
Sunday January 29 200611:12:44 AM |
SO I was hanging out with some friends last night and there was this girl there who was friends with some of them that I hadn't met before. She seemed nice, nothing special, but not bad or anything.

So as the nigth goes on, we go to a fondue place, mini-golf, and diner, she starts following me around more and more and insisting I put my arm around her because she's cold or something like that.

It gets annoying.

So I went and talked to my friend and told her that this girl keeps following me and doesn't get the point. Not to mention the fact that my girlfriend has come up in conversation about 129438 times. So my friend says, yea, I talked to her, and apparently she doesn't care about that.


So then I get a text from her right before I fall asleep: "Hey Im bored wanna hu?"

I didn't respond.

A minute later: "jk"

Yuh huh.


ps. I'm going to Michigan in 19 days (to see my girlfriend haha)

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Has anyone here tried out for American Idol? - Mood:Good
Friday January 27 20063:17:56 PM |
They were talking about these fantastically huge numbers of people who went and tried out and I thought of YT. So...answer.

Not you foreigners, though. AMERICAN Idol.

On a totally random note, my house is freezing. We think the building is jsut trying to gyp (sp?) us out of any heat.

I'ts very cold here. I hope it's warmer where you all are.

I have an SAT II tomorrow morning, which I'm really not excited about.

I'm going to Michigan in 21 days!!!

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Wow. 19 days without YT. a new record!! I would be prouder and happier if I hadn`t lost all my PM`s..... - Mood:Good
Saturday January 21 20067:15:09 PM |

I haven't been here in soooooo long.

I lost all my PM's. That's sad. If you're reading this, and we used to PM, and I didn't respond for forever, and it died, PM me! We'll start a new one.

(Watch no one actually do it). I'd laugh.

Umm exams were this week. That sucked. Although my dreams did become more creative due to the added stress.

I'm going to Michigan in 27 days!!!!

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Who am I kidding, I haven`t done anything really important. Meh. I guess I`ll just tell you about it anyways. Then maybe I`ll go to bed. - Mood:Good
Sunday January 01 20069:54:03 PM |
I got crazy drunk this week. It was fun. I drank with my hippie friend who I never thought I would see drunk.

We were at a party at this kid's house and we went inot his room and tried to play Dance Dance Revolution. It was hysterical.

Then we played beer pong and lost and got more drunk.

Then two days later I finally saw my girlfriend. She flew in from michigan. That was fun.

We just hung out together the whole day. I had almost forgotten what it was like to physically be with her other than just talking on the phone or texting or IMing. One of the best days of my life.

Then New Years' was at another friend's house. I drank the beer my bro didn't want wen he played beer pong. That and some champagne got me buzzed. Then I watched SNL with the rents. That was fun.

What have you all been doing while I waste my life away?

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DO any of you ever wonder where mailbot`s 4 posts were? - Mood:Good
Thursday December 22 20054:52:36 PM |
I sure do.

It was probably something way back in 2002 when he became a member.

And oldbies know anything about it? I'm curious.

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Who on YT.... - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 21 20059:40:17 PM |
....could you see ending up as an old crazy cat person?

You know, the kind of old crazy person who lives with dozens of cats and never leaves the house.

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Eww. Dentist. - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 20 20059:19:27 PM |
I went to the dentist.
She said I didn't floss enough.

And she made me feel guilty about it.

She MUST be Jewish. The goyem can't use guilt that effectively.

So...yea. I have 1 2 step stuck in my head, for no apparent reason.

How did my predictions go?

5 days.

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Now I know some of you may not believe me, but IT`S TRUE I TELLS YA!!!! - Mood:Good
Monday December 19 200511:59:57 AM |
I had a dream.
A beautiful dream.
That the COlts would lose yesterday.

And it was right.

It was a normally weird dream for me, I walked into my parents' room and saw a miniature Peyton Manning looking dejected, but still!

I am now a prophet. Ask me anything and I bet I'll be sort of right....kind of. Maybe. Some times.

6 days....

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"I felt guilty once but then she woke up" - Mood:Good
Saturday December 17 20059:07:36 PM |

I went crazy in Staples today. There's just so much to do in that store!

They have post-its, pens, staplers and so much fun stuff. And they actually sell "EASY" buttons. O_o

I bought my cousin a scarf/gloves/hat matching set. It shed on me on the way home.

My groin still hurts.

The number of the day is 8

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The number of the day is 9, ladies and gentlemen. - Mood:Good
Friday December 16 20059:59:20 PM |
Because in 9 days I will get to see my lovely and beautiful girlfriend yay.

But anyways. We played floor hockey in gym today and it was amazing. I get really aggressive. I play some nasty D.

My groin hurts.
I was doing a splti-like thing in tennis to get to a ball and I think I aggravated a muscle.

I missed my 6 month anniversary yesterday. I remember in my first journal people talked about how only 3% of people stay on this site. Do 6 months count for staying?

The reason I missed my ann'y was because my bro came home from college for a night before spending a week with his girlfriend on long island. that was fun.

oh and by the way


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You wouldn`t think Red Hot Chili Peppers and a string quartet would mesh very well together, but they do, surprisingly enough - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 13 20058:30:01 PM |
I was listening on my friend's ipod today to an instrumental version of Californiacation done by a string quartet and it was really awesome.

Although now I have the song stuck in my head.

But anyways, only 3 more days till winter break. I'm going to be a lot more social than I've been in the past over long breaks. I already have New Year's Eve plans and plans for this friday, and I'm in the midst of working on the other get-togethers.

So...yea. Good for me. I hope.

Doesn't it feel kinda weird that 2005 is almost over? It really doesn't feel close to 2006. That seems weird to me to imagine that it is almost 2006. O_o. Oh well.

How is life for all of you fine forum-seekers?

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My mom said something that I thought was really dumb today. - Mood:Good
Monday December 12 20059:08:29 PM |
She was commenting on the fact that I always sleep in the car on the way to school nowadays and she said "well maybe I should get you up 5 minutes earlier."

because THAT won't make me even more tired...


but anyways. I had to write an in class essay on emeerson today. since I would burn in hell while using my own toenails to paint michaelangelo nude throwing a discus to a butch lesbian eating coffee cake before I wrote an essay on walt whitman.

and also on a random note I have the numa numa song stuck in my head.

How be life for you, YTers?

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Ah! Well this sucks. - Mood:Good
Friday December 09 200510:04:03 AM |
I didn't know your questions could dissappear after a long time. Now half of my questions are gone and I don't remember a lot of them.

Maybe I should have read the FAQs, huh.

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Does anyone know anything about Walt Whitman??? - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 07 20059:07:24 PM |
I sure don't. We're reading Leaves Of Grass in English and I don't understand a word of it.

And then in class today my teacher made me feel really stupid when she asked me to interpret something and I said I didn't know.

So she told to "actually try this time." wtf? It's not my fault I don't understand it. She should be a good teacher and explain it to me so I actually understand it instead of humiliating me in front of everyone.


But we may get a snow day on friday. .

How's life for all of you?

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Random question - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 06 20059:43:10 PM |
Does YT want me to smell like Britney Spears?

Their ads right above the post box are often for Britney's new fragrance.

I wouldn't like to smell like a whore, thank you.

A hot whore. A really friggin hot whore

But....yea. Three hour french test today. Not fun.

How is life?

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SHAKIRA!!!! - Mood:Good
Sunday December 04 20058:12:46 PM |
I was listening to my friend's iPod last night and I saw "whenever, wherever" on it. I listened to it since I hadn't heard it in a really long time. Now it's been stuck in my head all day.

I haven't been here in 10 days. O_o I think that's a record.

I went to San Francisco over thanksgiving. It was fun. California is so much bigger than NY. It's so much bigger and more open and spacious and stuff. And there are so many hills covered in dead grass. And there are big freeways. So....yea.

How are you?

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The thrid, and last installment of the journal whore. - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 22 20059:21:37 PM |
The Gym Class Rant:

So the way things have always worked at my school is that for gym, you have a choice of doing group sports or fitness for each season. However, they decided that for my class this season, there weren't enough kids to maintain two separate classes, so they decided to combine everyone into one class that would alternate between the two.

This really pissed me off. I HATE fitness. I always choose group sports, in order to try to have some sort of fun in gym. And now they're taking this choice away. My friend and I went and complained several times to our dean and he said he'd look into it, but so far no change had occurred. They've made us do these damn tests to determine our heart rate and how many pushups we could do, and gave us these stupid forms saying how much we want to imporve and by when.

I don't have anything personally against fitness. I just don't like it. It's the fact that they're making us do it that pisses me off.
And btw, there are 20 kids.

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The next installment on ace`s jounral whore-ism - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 22 20059:16:18 PM |
So on Saturday my friend invited me to her junior formal (actually, she invited me awhile ago, but the formal itself was saturday. bleh.) And it was fun. I met lots of her friends and now they are my friends as well. We went into the city to a comedy club after the formal. That was hilarious.

But then the limo was an hour late. SO we were standing outside, a bunch of kids in tuxes, suits, and prom dresses, at 3AM on a saturday night, in the middle of NYC. About 40 minutes before he actually shwoed up, he had said he was getting gas 2 blocks away. And when he took us from the formal to the club, there was some random woman in the front seat of the limo with him. Then on the way home he stopped for gas and locked us in. Then he started talking on his cellphone, and when someone asked him to please stop, he got all pissy and was saying things like "you're not the cops, you're not the FBI."

So we got back at 4:30. It was fun. But actually I forgot to mention....

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Excuse me, but I haven`t been on for a week because my damn computer broke, so tonight I`m going to be a journal whore. Deal with it. - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 22 20059:11:52 PM |
Last wednesday. My computer just completely died. It wouldn't turn on, and so my dad spent all day on the phone with Gateway to get it up and running, only to discover that the entire hard drive and anything we had ever done on it had been wiped out. And it kept freezing and shutting down ever 20 mins.

Thankfully, my friend lent an old laptop he had gotten for free (thank god for friends with connections, eh?) so I was able to do homework on that. Alas, it provided no access to the internet, so I couldn't come here until today, when our new computer arrived and we installed it. So now my computer is back. Yay.

On thursday I'm going to San Francisco for my cousin's bar mitzvah. I'm excited to finally have some time off and get out of this hellhole.

Anything interesting happen while I was gone? Any new bannings or scandals? And how have you all been?

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"Hey, Uma, how are your pancakes?" - Mood:Good
Saturday November 12 200511:39:31 AM |
My friend could say this. Because Uma Thurman is dating her dad. And so she came to our play thrusday. But I didn't know she was there. Turns out I actually walked out of the building right behind them, but I never saw her face. All I saw was a tall blonde woman...oh well.

That's the most interesting thing that happened in my life.

That I can remember. I did get drunk at the cast party last night, I don't exactly remember what happened for most of that. The only thing I know is that I didn't make out with anyone. Which is good. Because I have a

So how are you all doing today?

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Best.Day.Ever. - Mood:Good
Sunday November 06 200510:27:42 PM |
There are too many reasons to list why today was good, I'll just tell the most important parts 'cause I'm lazy.

Early this afternoon I'm talking to my gf online (we just recently got back together after a few months apart - we broke up at the end of camp because she lives in michigan and I live in new york) and we decide it would probably be best if we do an open relationship so as not to tie us down, etc etc. So that was okay.

Then I hung out with some friends all afternoon and that was fun. We went to Applebee's and my friend and I were examining the alcoholic drinks on the back of the menu pointing out which ones looked good, right when the waiter gets there. So I say loudly "I can't wait to, uh, try five years." It was funny.

One of the girls I think likes me. I was getting that vibe. One time we sort of looked at each other for a moment, then she turns away and says "You have a girlfriend."

More to come.....

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I went to school.....twice....on a saturday.... - Mood:Good
Saturday November 05 200510:00:19 PM |
First, I had to get up at 6:55 to get there at 8:30 to take that damn SAT II french with listening. Which was okay-ish. Meh. In between. So-so. Etc...

Then I got a haircut. Because I was too shaggy.

Then I went with my mum to buy a suit. Because I didn't have a suit, and apparently I need a suit for my friend's junior formal which she invited me to. So now I have a suit.

Then I had lunch.

Then I went back to school for a four hour rehearsal. We're about 95% off book...we open on thursday. We're finally getting the blocking and lighting and things all in place. It'll be fun.

Then I came home, did some homework, and came online. Fascinating, I know.

So how are y'all doing this fine evening?

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A question for all the Brits out there... - Mood:Good
Thursday October 27 20055:01:51 PM |
How do people teach the American Revoltion there?

Do people downplay it, because it's a famous and important war they've lost? Or do they not talk about it much?

I'm just kind of curious, since we're talking about the American Revolution for about the 7th time in my history education this year. And I really have nothing better to do.

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What do you think, YT? *laughs because he said you_think and then youthink* and yes I am amused by these small trifles - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 25 200510:26:10 PM |
I would like your collective opionin on some female matters...

(This all happened about 2 weeks ago)

I liked this girl. Let's call her "Anna." (NOT her real name, way to many creeps out there to say her realy name)
We were both friends with another girl, "Heather." (again, different name). They go to the same synagogue (go jews!)

This was a texting conversation between me and Heather:
Me: I think I like someone in your temple.
Her: Who?
Her: Is it me?
Me: No it's Anna lol
Her: Oh
Me: Yea
Her: That's cool I guess
Me: Yea do you know if she likes me at all?
Her: I'd think so but I don't know I asked her before and she said no but I'll ask her again. Remember there are lots of hot girls from our temple!
Me: Haha okay thanks
Her: Anytime babe anytime

Does anyone else think this shows she likes me?

Which is why I didn't completely trust her when she told me Anna didn't like me.

to be continued....

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