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Female, 113 years old
Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Eastern US

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Banjaara Sukhwindar Singh
3einek shaghleh

Interests: Learning / Traveling / Forensics / Books / Video Games
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Birthday:1/17/1909 (113 Years Old)
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Occupation: Voice Over Artist / Night Auditor
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Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Muslim
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Fav. Movie: Khushi, The Breakfast Club, any Jet Li film
Fav. TV Show: TWD, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Dead Like Me
Fav. Book: Memoirs Of A Geisha
Fav. Song: Asr El Sho- Marwan Khoury
Fav. Food: Spinach
Fav. Car: Neo Fukuoka
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I've got mail!!!! It's not spam!!!! - Mood:Excited
Friday July 04 20145:23:28 AM |
The box is totally smashed to hell and back. I hope nothing is broken or missing.
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It turns out that I am a drug dealer and I love to sample prostitutes.... I never knew that about myself - Mood:Shocked
Wednesday January 15 20142:45:08 AM |
I probably shouldn't be posting this online but at this point I really don't give a sh*t.

"Dear owner and operator,

I have a passenger here who says she was stuck here last night and was advised to call to get a discounted room. She was sent to your hotel. She was charged $60 one way for a cab ride and upon arrival noticed numerous prostitutes. She went to her room only to be overwhelmed with the smell of marijuana. She went back to the manager who issued a full refund but noticed he was doing weird transactions from the window, when she went to try and get a cab only to find a prostitute coming out of it. The manager locked the door so she and another guest could not get in, it became clear the manager was making drug transactions. it was very cold as you already know. She stated she felt afraid and she has done missionary work in Haiti so she knows drugs and prostitutes.

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Okay so this dude wants to bang my sister....... - Mood:Mischievous
Sunday June 03 201210:58:11 PM |
So he's giving me a huge discount on these speakers he sells. Anyone want in on this?

$35 a pop.

He already gave me four for free so now I figured I'd pass the savings on to my fellow yters.

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Caps Lock Vs Shift key - Mood:Shocked
Wednesday April 25 20122:20:28 AM |
Okay so one of my friends was asking me if I am crazy, why? Because I use the shift key to capitalize a single letter. He told me that I should be using caps lock. I was like WTF that's for multiple letters. I really don't get the point in pressing it once to capitalize and then hitting it again to turn it off.

I am so glad he was able to show me the error of my ways.

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Okay so like, I got something in the mail - Mood:Good
Saturday December 17 20113:27:34 AM |

If this is from my SS thank you!!! if it's from one of my stalkers please add a note next time so I know which one of you it's from.

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Sex... Lies... Violence... Tears... and Dogs? - Mood:Surprised
Saturday July 16 20112:50:46 AM |
The past week I've been knee deep in some domestic sh*t. A friend and ex co worker is getting a divorce from her husband. Her reasoning was that in 25 years of marriage her dude recently had an affair. It turns out he felt bad about it and told her.

She she somehow got the other woman's number and called her to curse her out. She's been throwing things and pretty much acting like a hysterical arse. She tells everyone who will listen about how much of a bastard he is and she wants to strip him naked in court. I've been trying to convince her to stop acting like a bitch and put on her big girl pants. She has no right to treat him like this anyway.

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I`ve been gone for awhile.... - Mood:Excited
Wednesday May 18 20117:10:40 PM |
About a week and a half. I've been chilling out with Anderson Cooper and Rick Sanchez. Well... I didn't get to hang out with AC that much because my boss lady is a super fantastical c*nt who made him run for the hills. It made me really sad. C*ntface was pissed at Anderson so she smashed my cam that had all the pictures in it and that makes me even more sad!!!

Rick is still here and I guess I could re-take some pics with him but I'm kinda like meh.

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I was always a little suspicious of you... you know, being a crazy bitch and all. But know I know... I know the truth!!!! - Mood:Good
Thursday April 28 20115:35:26 PM |
I have run out of love for the USPS. I don't really know how I feel about them right about now. They raped me 6 ways to sunday.... no lube... no note... and not even a goodbye kiss.
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Have cake and will not travel!!! - Mood:Good
Friday March 25 20115:04:02 PM |

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In case I go to jail, I`ll see you guys on the flip side. It`s been nice. - Mood:Enraged
Monday March 14 20119:25:52 PM |
I just stopped a rape attempt at the hotel where I work. The problem is that NJ laws are fecked up and I don't know if I was supposed to register with the police as a martial artist. I almost went to jail 3 years ago for a paint ball gun because I didn't have a fire arms license and the gun wasn't registered. So... yeah.
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Shak brings all the boys to the yard and their like "WTF`s this sh*t?`s shak, yeah right." - Mood:Mischievous
Wednesday February 02 20113:47:09 AM |
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Feck you guys... feck you right up the bum with a drain snake!!! - Mood:Disgusted
Monday September 27 20103:26:19 PM |
Miffed should really be a mood, yeah.

I love Broadway musicals!!!!!!!!! Most of all Rent (Orig Cast) which I've seen at the Nederlander more times than I can remember.

I love the rain... walking in it, dancing in it.

Curling up with a hot chocolate in bed with a good book.

Shopping... whether it's window shopping or i'm actually buying stuff. I also try on things to make sure how they fit before I buy. AND if I pick something up and don't want it later I take it back to the rack I picked it up from.

Lovely smelling stuffs... candles, incense, soaps, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, oils, perfumes, colognes, creams, lotions, etc.

The Breakfast Club, When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook, Sweet November, Labyrinth, Pretty In Pink, Foreign films, Sixteen Candles, The Sweetest Thing, Dune.

Arabic Pop, Bjork, The Knife, David Bowie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, VGM, Enya, Classical.

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Why are Nigerians such fecking bum openings???? - Mood:Exhausted
Saturday September 04 20105:50:39 AM |

Why does this have to be? I am sure there are some very sweet and normal Nigerians out there but they are hiding from me. There is some type of business (hahaha I know right) convention that they are holding here.

Not only are they anal about everything but they don't want to pay for any services. Every single event with this people from day one has been a nightmare.

And I have just spent the past hour trying to check in this guy who wants me to give him the room for free since it's 5:45 in the morning. Yeah right... f that with a cherry on top.

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Things people stick in their no no places...... - Mood:Cautious
Wednesday May 05 20106:29:58 PM |

On Wednesday 5/5/10 - 6:04:03 PM Foxish wrote:
More like you were having freak nasty with a wine bottle. My aunt works in a hospital, she tells us things.

On Wednesday 5/5/10 - 6:17:56 PM Jai_Hind wrote:
exactly!!!!!! my friend's dad is an er doc... damn that guy has some awesome stories. women get tons of things stuck or broken off in there.

On Wednesday 5/5/10 - 6:19:54 PM DoYouWash wrote:
I heard that men get a lot of things stuck up their anuses, too.

Let us continue the conversation, yes?

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sometimes life and the truth are indeed stranger than fiction. - Mood:Exhausted
Friday February 27 20093:16:29 AM |
my father decided on a "come back home you are being a dumb ass" gift. which is kind of stupid when you think about it, because since i have been disowned i wouldn't be able maintain the gift anyway.

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i didn`t think i would be starting the new year off with a restraining order but hey...... things happen right? - Mood:Exhausted
Monday January 12 200912:39:48 PM |
the whole affair is a bit crazy and maybe i shouldn't even be posting this since there is a good chance she will see it, but i have to get it out of my system some how i guess. basically i guess i just want some tips on other things i can do to protect myself and the people close to me.
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the new year is almost upon us, and for that i am muchly excited!!! but i don`t understand something.... - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 31 20086:23:56 PM |
why is it that for every sweet senior citizen, there is three or more that make you want to strangle the daylights out of them.

these two elderly couples that checked in today were trying to make me go off.... i honestly believe that. there is no way they can really be that annoying. i found them amusing but my bellhops mood was going for a six.

in other news... this guy came in looking for a job and OMG!!!! he looked just like hugh jackmanish wolverine. from the hair to the clothes to the boots. he even had a red rag hanging out of his back pocket. i was already thinking about hiring him but when i saw his car i knew it was it.

he had a chevy something or other with red and blue flames along the side. show me pictures of cars so i can pick it out.

who is doing what for new years?

anything interesting happen to you today?

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i thought i was clean..... i thought it was over..... i thought wrong. - Mood:Cautious
Wednesday November 26 20085:44:57 AM |
i was doing well and everything was fine... that is until i hit a rough patch and i happen to run into one of my old dealers.

he said "hey sujay, it's been a while how have you been? you buying from someone else now or what?"

me: "nah man i'm not buying from anyone. i have been off the stuff for a good seven months now"

him: "tell you what, i got something here i know you'll love. i'll give you a special 60% off since you are my best customer."

me: "no really i'm good, thanks."

him: "what if i throw in a little something extra or two for free?"

me: "what kind of something are we talking about?"

him: "bwahahahahaha look this way"

me: *sigh*

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just one of those days, yeah. - Mood:Hopeful
Thursday November 13 20083:39:01 AM |
it started out grand.

i got 2 cases of free beer. i don't drink so i don't know what i am going to do with them.

i won $100 on a scratch off

went shopping.... got some clothes and shoes.

got free tickets to the Video Game Expo coming to Philly. this lady just hands them to me along with vip passes... wtf???

yes yes things were great until i turned on my laptop and realized dell sucks roo bawls.

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do you make love or screw to the sounds of Iced Tea being stirred? - Mood:Mischievous
Saturday June 07 20087:53:21 PM |
today has been really weird so far... well, most of my days are pretty strange but today was a different kind. i went to the mall this morning to check out some fabrics & get some ideas for an outfit i want to make for a date my cousin is going on.

this guy walks up to me & asks me for the time. i tell him, then he tries to punch me in the face. he says he is sorry. it seems that he does random crap like that but he can't control it. we discussed it further over some Chic Fil A & he turned out to be a really nice guy.

do you know or have you ever met anyone with strange tendencies?


Some people like to have music on while they do their thing.. What song do you think would be the best to have on? Would it be something soft and mellow or something fast and hardcore for you?

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it`s not G.R.E.A.T. no not really... it`s FUBAR!!! - Mood:Good
Saturday May 24 200811:11:21 PM |
i have 40something high school & college students that will be arriving from various corners of the world to stay at my hotel over the next few days. they will be working at an amusement park during the summer as part of a program designed to introduce them to all the opportunities available in America.

the whole thing sucks arse. they are all flying into Newark airport instead of Philly Int.

they have no ride to get back & forth from the park which is 13.5 miles away.

they didn't know they have to pay in advance for the room & give the $100 security deposit.

they don't know jack about what is going on & what they are supposed to be doing.

but the best part.... i just googled this program. look what is for.


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real eyes.... realize.... real lies....... - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday May 06 20089:53:32 PM |
i have a really tight relationship with my parents. ever since my mother departed for the afterworld that bond between my dad & i got oh so much stronger. we are more like bffs then anything else. we hang out, do activities together & all sorts of other stuff.

we talk about everything. but there are just some things i can talk to him about because he won't understand no matter how hard i try to explain. do you ever have to lie to your parents or S.O. because they would spaz the feck out otherwise?

also.... list 3 lies & 1 truth about yourself & the rest of us will try & guess which 1 is the truth.

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do you kill the person or the emotion? who do you break and how? - Mood:Surprised
Tuesday April 29 20086:38:07 AM |
what if you wrote something beautiful for someone. something that was a showcase display of everything you were thinking & feeling at that moment. what if you showed it to someone else for their opinion & they said they liked it. what if that person took your heartfelt words, made some changes & gave it to a person they loved?

would you be pissed beyond belief that your emotions were passed of to another? that basically you were plagiarized?


would you think nothing of it since it was also in the name of love? that being the cause, would you be more understanding? hmmmmmm

yt has been really slow lately!!! where the hell is all the regulars???

what are your plans for this coming weekend? use pictures instead of descriptions.

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have you every felt like you can see clearly while everyone else around you only sees in black & white? - Mood:Sad
Tuesday April 29 20082:59:09 AM |
it seems to me that people just get more messed up as time moves forward. why to people come online, interact with others, share with others & all that jazz if they don't give a sh*t about people on the internet. why do they waste their time & ours? why pretend? are they hypocrites or do they just need some foreplay to masturbate their ego?

why do the kids of today think it's cool to be arsehats? why do the follow what they feel to be the "in crowd" like mindless sheep instead of cutting their own path (no pun intended)? why are some people so negative but have no valid reason to be so? it's like 28 Days Later.... it's a plague, hopping from person to person corrupting them. some times i wonder if people enjoy being fecked up? i mean it's a hell of a lot easier then the alternative.

do you ever feel sorry for those around you who are like this? what have you noticed that is saddening?

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good people of yt i need your help - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 09 20085:12:25 AM |
my taskbar is messed up

help me please

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