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Female, 35 years old
Big Bear, CA, Western US

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Occupation: snowboarder.
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Fav. TV Show: californication
Fav. Book: choke.
Fav. Song: ska & gangster rap.
Fav. Food: mexi
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Purse help! - Mood:Confused
Wednesday February 28 20074:10:17 PM |
Has anyone seen the purse/tote bags that have country names on them? they are black with the country name written over and over in white and once in red. sort of like this..

if so.. where can it be purchased?
google isn't helping me

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Art Help - Mood:Confused
Thursday February 15 20073:05:20 PM |
Does anyone know the name of the artist or the abstract painting that basically looks like a big red rectangular blob. its a dark red and it's commonly seen in mall art stores. I guess if no one knows.. i'll have to go shopping..
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18th Birthday! - Mood:Happy
Saturday August 21 20042:54:53 PM |
Today's my 18th birthday. My boyfriend, friend, and mom woke me up with a Birthday Bagal. THen i got a checkings account (yay).
Tonight we're going to Barona Casino & everyone is invited.
yay for throwing away money on your 18th birthday!
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i saw someone famous today. - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 02 200410:22:40 PM |
I work at seaworld and I saw Ice Cube. I'm not a huge fan, but it was cool because he was super nice and laid back. He had a huge body guard that was handing him $100.00 bills for an ice cream and a shamu.

it bugs me when people want autographs. he's on vacation.. what do you think?

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super mario world question - Mood:Confused
Thursday April 29 20041:31:56 PM |
I am playing Super Mario World on Super Nintendo and I completed the Special Zone levels, and the colors changed and the evil things changed (woohoo) but now I want it back to normal. anyone know how to change it back to normal mode, please tell me. Internet Cheats aren't helping!!
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I wrote the best Reflection. - Mood:Confident
Saturday April 24 200410:39:10 PM |
Today in my public speaking class I turned in my reflection of my speech based on the incident I talked about in this journal
It felt so good to finally get my feelings out there, because I really dont think I could have done it talking to the teacher in person. I was super nice yet forward in the speech, telling her that I felt extremely disrespected. I even made references to the classes' Code Of Conduct.

Thank you toStoffey for helping me out!

Hope everyone has a good night!!

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question about harassment - Mood:Good
Thursday April 22 200412:19:03 PM |
In my college public speaking class we had a regular, non-formal speech. after i finished it, the teacher said she wanted to talk to me on the side, and i knew it was about my stomach sort of showing. nevertheless one of the students (who obviously doesn't like me) thought she would share it with the rest of the class instead of the teacher just telling me. basically, this girl and several others were making rude comments about the way i was dressed. evenually i started to cry and left the class because i am always self conscious about the way i look, and i consider the shirt i was wearing to be a very nice shirt (the same shirt i wore to my seaworld interview) plus i had a white overshirt on top of it.
i'm actually really upset about this because i could believe the teacher allowed this girl to comment about the way i looked which was obvious a touchy subject because i was completely tearing up
do you think i can do something about this? i need the class 2 graduate from high school
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band of brothers - Mood:Happy
Monday April 19 200410:22:08 PM |
i just finished watching band of brothers for the second time. man, i seriously love it. and i'm also secretly in love with 4 of the soldiers. but then again they're only movie stars.
i heard they were coming out with a second one. i can't wait!!
has anyone else seen it?
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YT anniversary - Mood:Ecstatic
Saturday February 21 20042:55:02 PM |
Yesterday was my 2-year YT anniversary. (tear*)
but i'm celebrating it today!

have a good day everyone!!!

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divorce. - Mood:Ecstatic
Sunday January 25 200410:00:04 PM |
well my mom is getting a divorce [again"> and well, me mom's friend found my mom's soon to be ex on yahoo personals. now we're plotting against him and it involves copying and putting the flyers on cars. GIGGLE.
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help! - Mood:Enraged
Tuesday December 23 20037:46:36 AM |
this website:
keeps automatically setting itself to my homepage. even when i change it back to google, i close the window and it resets. i've never visited the site before and no one can figure out how to make it stop! its madness. suggestions needed! thanks.
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YT shirt question - Mood:Good
Monday December 15 20038:19:35 PM |
i've noticed that yt uses cafepress for its merchandise. i was wondering about the image quality of the shirts. so if anyone's bought a shirt or knows someone who did, please fill me in.
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A.D.D. - Mood:Confused
Tuesday December 02 20034:21:59 PM |
has anyone ever heard of
someone getting out of classwork/ homework/ or requirements for graduating because they have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D.?
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run ins with the cops - Mood:Good
Sunday September 07 200310:38:53 PM |
so the cops paid us a visit on The Island (random slab of concret on top of a dead end street) and yelled at us for drawing with marker. but the stuff was already there from our last venture to the island. The only new thing was my ispiring words to my friend who had previously wrote something about him suffering. so in the end, the cops didn't get mad because i wrote words of inspiration. and even though i freakishly had paint in the back of my truck from earlier today, he didn't tell us to paint over it. they can be really nice sometimes, its weird.
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Today is my Birthday! - Mood:Happy
Thursday August 21 20037:59:21 AM |
woohoo. today's my birthday and i'm about to go rock julian for pie. there's nothing like pie. especially on your birthday!
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hey now! - Mood:Good
Monday July 28 20035:07:10 PM |
that key's pretty sexy!

(yay for sendin' money to help out the site)
shake it.

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What do I eat! - Mood:Confused
Monday July 28 200311:22:16 AM |
For the entire summer we had NO food in the house. I just got used to eating out or eating nothing but poptarts. All of a sudden, my parents are leaving town and they decided to go shopping. NOW we have sooo much food and I dont know what to eat first! I went from eating at every fast food place possible to having all sorts of fruit and snacks, frozen dinners, pasta, mac and cheese! Its been so long.. I dont know where to begin!
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key me soon! - Mood:Happy
Thursday July 24 200311:28:37 AM |
I just talked to my mommy about using her credit card for a yt key. ow! I'd have to pay her back of course, but no worries there!
oh man! i'm happy.
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ever wonder if there are plots being made against you? - Mood:Suspicious
Wednesday July 23 20034:34:57 PM |
still working at seaworld and whatnot, but I have NOT been assigned to work in the gift store for like 2 months. They ALWAYS put me on carts. Then. The ONE DAY they have me assigned to work in the store, the store closes for remodelling. back to the carts for me!

That's just one example. I have this theory that many plots are being made against me. Anyone feel the same way?

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ah jeez - Mood:Sad
Monday July 07 20037:19:29 PM |
my dog got put to sleep yesterday while i was at work. i just found out today.
i try not to become emotional attached to animals but sheesh, its kind of hard.
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dont stick things in your ear! - Mood:Frightened
Thursday May 08 20039:39:17 PM |
Sick and twisted. I went to Thursday school today with my friend to make up absences and there with this guy sitting in front of us and he started sticking his finger in his ear like he had wax it in or something. Obviously, he was trying really hard to get it out so he grabbed his pencil and used the eraser. We were at the hurling point right there just staring in disgust. So then he flips the pencil and starts using the lead and we were almost falling on the floor. AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, his girlfriend hands him tweezers and he starts sticking tweezers in his ear! I don’t know what was lost in there but it was sickening and I wanted to slit my wrists to rid myself from watching this morally wrong action. So then we put our hoods on and hid.
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quick no key loserish question i thought of - Mood:Good
Monday April 21 20035:09:38 PM |
besides the obvious of simply buying a key because you know im lame.. couldn't a non-key member, load a picture as they're avy and take that url and THEN put it in a post? or would that just never work? i'm not just going to do it just to do it. i'm talking about if i needed to post something in an emergency situation. ex: high fly the copter score.
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my threads option - Mood:Good
Friday April 18 20034:47:49 PM |
looool. I went into the general's forum and clicked 'My Threads' just to see what happened and this came up. I found it was mad funny that I NEVER posted that. Has that happened to anyone else?
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I was looking through some stuff... - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 15 20031:47:24 PM |
It was some of my mom's old stuff I was looking through because she dug it out of storage and there were all kinds of pictures from when she was younger, and the majority of which, she was my age. I have to say, we are identical! tall and skinny. It was the creepiest thing but very awesome at the same time.
Oh yeah, and also I found out that she really WAS married before my dad. Before she would always change the subject or just laugh when I asked. Now i've seen the proof! No need to tell her though
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scratches in the night - Mood:Ashamed
Monday March 17 20031:35:50 PM |
sadly, this happened to me last night..

At about 3:00am I awoke in a fright of something scratching at my face! out of instinct I flung myself out of my sleep onto the floor trying to get whatever it was off my face. And in the 5 seconds of being on the floor it scractched at my face again! I flipped out and then made sure it wasn't in my hair. 2 seconds after, I jump up and turn on the light and that's where I notice my hands are asleep. I was scared out of my mind, and I flipped up my blankets to make sure no rats or bugs were crawling out. I still didn't know what scared me and I was looking in the mirror for proof of scratches. I grabbed my mini flash light and looked under my bed and there was this thing I thought was a bug but was actually one of those mini my little ponies. I'm was still shaking like mad and tellin' myself there is no way i'm getting back in that bed. But I knew that I couldn't go sleep on the couch because my alarm clock couldn't wake me up for school. after

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