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Male, 33 years old
Western US

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Goals (Or How I Intend to Better Myself - Mood:Good
Thursday December 13 20072:46:38 AM |
This also doubles as my New Years Resolutions, except no one ever keeps those so I call these life goals because I consider them a bit more important.

1. Stop Procrastinating and leaving homework to the last second(like the 8 page essay due today that I wrote last night)

2. Spend money more wisely( Already I stopped purchasing anything not food or bill related)

3. Give more money to charity (Link 1

4. Phase into becoming a Vegetarian (see Animal Liberation, also by Singer

5. Pay off all debt (1100 on my credit card)

6. Work out at least 45 minutes 3 days a week

7. Stop wasting valuable time (already sold Madden 08, which had previously enslaved all my free time)

That's all I can remember for now, I need this journal so I can keep track of these thoughts and not forget them. I might add more later if I forgot some.

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End World Hunger By Playing This Game - Mood:Good
Friday December 07 20072:40:36 PM |
Someone got me onto this site so I share it will all of you:

Help World Hunger

I already posted this in links but more people will read it here, and judging by the journals content, more people need it here. Basically the more people that play this vocab game, the higher stock companies take in the worth of ad revenue from the website, and all the money generated by the ads at the bottom of the game page are used as donations to help give rice to starving people all around the world.

Isn't it neat?

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New Spring Classes - Mood:Good
Thursday November 22 20072:21:27 PM |
So I usually don't write journals, oddly because halfway through writing them I realize that I'm not even interested in my own life. But this is a bit different, because I've picked out a tentative schedule for next semester.

I say that because I change it like every day, and doing a teaching licensure program can be a bitch when deciding what to take when.

So far I have:

Twentieth Century British Literature

Which I was excited to take until I found out my least favorite teacher this semester is the only one teaching it.

College Research Paper:

Bullsh*t low level class that I just found out is needed to take a required high level class

Literary Theory and Criticism

Literature from the Tudor Period:

I know I'm jumping around in literary history, so I'll probably read a summary of British lit history over winter break

Contemporary Arts Connection:

Some weird lib arts core class

Contemporary Germany:

Core class, will also help when I go over to teach there.

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Life is a Nightmare. - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 05 20073:25:02 PM |
Not to sound all emo, but my luck has totally turned around on me. On Labor Day, some huge truck just backed into my car because he couldn't see me and I've been playing phone tag all day with the insurance claim rep and still waiting for that douchebag to call me back.

And the day after that happend, yesterday, my starter broke and my car died, so I cycled my ass all around this morning setting up a tow and getting it fixed, which it won't be until later today, for 300 bucks.

I'll probably cover that with whatever I can get from the insurance company, since it's body damage it always costs a sh*tload to repair any little dent.


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Nintendo Gamecube - Mood:Good
Monday September 03 20071:15:48 PM |
So I was at the mall yesterday and this weird kid approaches me and says he wants to sell his Gamecube and games but can't because the store says you have to 18, so he wants me to do it for him.

Why not!

Here's the catch, they won't take his Gamecube because he doesn't have color cords, only the adapter, so I offer to buy it, I use adapters, and the kid is desperate, lazy, and apathetic, so I bought a working Gamecube for 20 bucks.

I also bought these games:
Viewtiful Joe 2
Eternal Darkness
Animal Crossing
Alien Hominid
Ikaruga(thanks Maddox)
Sonic Collection

I've never had a Gamecube before, kind of late but never too late, right?

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Five Hours - Mood:Good
Thursday May 31 20076:21:48 PM |
In five hours my beautiful fiance will finally move in to our house. Rock.
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My network is up. - Mood:Good
Sunday May 20 20075:14:15 AM |
Today I got internet and cable tv installed, and it's working pretty good. The internet is fast, not having any problems like some people with Comcast do, and this DVR and On Demand is so awesome, I've never had it before.

I just finished my first week at work, new job, a f*cking desk job, I just sit around and shoot the sh*t all day long, learning how to answer stupid people's stupid questions about their Financial Aid. If anyone knows human idiocy better than customer support reps, I'd like to see them.

First week living on my own in my house too, pretty nice, all the repairs got done today as well.

Also, I got engaged a couple days ago, getting married in December, the 21st.

Oh, and I wrote this for myself, no here remembers me anymore anyway, or has the mental strength to read a post this long.

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Because I`m Wynna`s Bitch - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 04 20079:52:04 PM |
She told me to make a journal, so here I am. I haven't updated about my life in months, because no one gives a crap and I hardly know anyone here anymore anyway.

BUT, just so no one is curious, I am about to finish my first year at University, will be moving into a house this May and hopefully getting a job and my first car in the next month, all very exciting. And, my lady is finally moving out here right before June, to join me in the house, I'm sorry I don't have any drama to report. I love her, she loves me, we're happy, and I'm totally content with my fabulous life and future.

Mmmm, life is good.

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98 - Mood:Good
Sunday November 19 20062:20:13 AM |
That's how well I did on my Bio test this Friday, I haven't made a journal in forever and just wanted everyone to share in my joy. The 98 means I only got ONE question wrong, which actually pisses me off immensly.
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I`m so lonely(first day of classes) - Mood:Good
Monday August 28 200611:36:34 PM |
Yeah, just recently it hit me that all this college stuff isn't all up side, the downside of being completely alone and on your own just hit me really late and all at once, and now I totally miss my mommy.

But anything, today was the first day of classes, I had Bio, History, and Women's Studies. The first two were just introductions to the class, they both let out 15 minutes early, so that was sweet.

WS was interesting, there were more guys in there than expected, one was like 50 with a huge beard, and our teacher was black, so her qualifications were good. We watched this 2 hour video of like 8 groups of 9-10 women, each in a different racial catergory, talk about their lives and get all weepy n' sh*t.

I have a few readings to do, but I only have 2 classes tomorrow, starting at 11 and ending at like 4, so I'll rest a little and catch up.

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More god damn poker? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 27 20063:17:29 AM |
Absolutely, not only am I addicted but I'm begining to suspect that I may actually be good, today there was a huge tournament that originally had somewhere like 160-180 contests, nearly 4 hours later and I'm at the final top 10 table.

I actually started out great, I was chip leader at one point and won a few HUGE pots, but then I had a run of maybe 5 huge bets, lost them all, and finally went all in and was beaten by a HIGH card.

Oddly enough, it was the girls who kept kicking my ass, I didn't beat the girls once and they cleaned me out.

So I finished 7th place out of nearly 200 and got a 10 dollar gift certificate to Ihop. Which kind of sucks because first place is a PS2 with like hundred dollar accessories.

Oh well, good night.

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All in. - Mood:Good
Saturday August 26 20061:33:57 AM |
So tonight I played about 2 and a half hours of poker, Hold 'Em, maybe more. I came into a table with just a starting amount and cleaned house for most of the game, these three party boys came and played stupid because they wanted to lose, so I was more than happy to oblige.

One kid got mad at me for winning so he left and gave his chips to the kid in second place, and then I took everything THAT kid had and all the chip leaders from the other tables played one super table.

Everyone was brining chips from their first tables, I had like 300, but one kid had nearly 700 chips, not amount, but each chip, 700 of them, but they just made us all start out with 50.

So, I played ok until I tried to bluff, and my opening had a straight, so now I'm here, first to leave the table of the top 4, but 4th place ain't bad.

Tomorrow there's gonna be a huge tournament, with real prizes, can't wait.

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College - Mood:Good
Friday August 25 20067:53:25 PM |
I could have sworn I made a college thread already but I guess the mods may have deleted it, or I did accidently, whatever.

Anyway, I"m finally here, this is day two, it's been kind of awkward, and incredibly hot, our room has no A/C so the fan is doing all the work. Anyway, I don't know what to say since i'ts only exciting from a personal standpoint, nothing much has actually happend that's all that great, except we're having a huge game fest later tonight, woo.

anyway, go college.

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Wednesday August 23 20062:08:52 PM |
Today is my final day at my residence, tomorrow, at 6:45, I am moving out with all my crap.

Things to get done today:
Pack up my giant TV and everything else
Take back my cable box to cancel internet
get haircut
go shopping
watch 'Wallace and Gromit'
Chill out.

Good stuff.

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$0.00 - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 22 20067:19:42 PM |
That's how much I owe for my first semester bill, everything has been processed and paid off, and by my calculations I'll have about 1,900 left in money that isn't going to be taken out directly against the bills.

I didn't get any books today, so i'm hoping I get 3 packages today, because Thursday is the day that I move out and I would really like the books before classess start.

Oh, I got Chappelle's Lost Episodes today, they were pretty dang funny, not as good as his regular stuff though. Oh, and I got Ali G Indahouse, for later.

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Eager anticipation - Mood:Good
Monday August 21 20066:33:20 PM |
Everyday I'm eager for the mail to come, because of Netflix and, right now I'm mainly waiting for the textbooks I ordered.

Today I got 'Casino' as well, a day faster than expected, and I got my history book, 'People And A Nation'.

I have a few more books coming, and plus an Amazon order.

2 and a half more days.

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No sleep? Fine by me! - Mood:Good
Monday August 21 20067:53:35 AM |
Not insomnia mind you, just my own stupidity in staying up later and later all summer so I could play more video games, watch more movies, or just mess around.

I bought cheap ass VHS' today, The Lost Boys, The Searchers, and the two Terminator films.

I just finished T2, and it's nearly 6 here, I don't think I'll be sleeping really.

I'm hoping I get a bunch of deliveries in the mail today, I fast tracked all my college textbooks, but what I won't be getting is another movie cause damn netflix is "throttling" me, I think.

I found a cheap thing to do, after my 2 week trial runs out i'm gonna do Blockbuster's 2 week free trial, and then get 'Intelliflix'.

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Shirts - Mood:Good
Sunday August 20 20067:51:36 PM |
You know, everyone kind of makes fun of me because I only wear collared, button up shirts, usually over a simple white undershirt, I'm just not a t-shirt kind of guy. But through numerous ridicule I've deiceded maybe I should buy from graphic tees, and here's what I want so far:

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Money. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 17 200611:37:25 AM |
So, I just finished buying my textbooks for college, sort of, because two classes haven't even posted the textbooks for the course, oh well.

I have spent 140 dollars on 4 books, but the good news is that if I had used the campus Barnes and Noble, it would have cost 260 dollars. More good news, the University is giving me financial aid assuming that the cost of books is 1,100 dollars, so saving to me!

Oh, and my bill for first semester is around 6,300 dollars, not too bad actually.

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Life is awesome. - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 15 20063:02:02 AM |
You know, I'm sick of the people on this site constantly bitching and living their lives in a state of self imposed misery, I bet ya'll have it pretty good, and atleast no one raped you in the back of an alley today, right?

Anyway, I love life, and things just keep getting better. I made a thread about it earlier in Generals, but after worrying about spending 5 grand in college loans, I got a sudden scholarship that might actually *make* money if I spend wisely.

Not only that, but with my Universities health insurance I might get my DEVIATED SEPTUM FIXED!!

Mom has it too, I don't know if it can be passed down but it's a condition where cartilage blocks a nasal passage making it impossible to breathe from one nostril, finally I will smell the world like a whole human being.

Oh, and my lady rocks, isn't life great?

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Which poster is cooler? - Mood:Good
Monday August 14 20066:38:58 PM |
My friends birthday is in August, I don't exactly know when but I'm getting him a present, I know his favorite movie is 'Boondock Saints' and I want to get him one of these posters

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Movie queqe - Mood:Good
Sunday August 13 20066:13:24 PM |
Let's have some fun here, if you Netflix or just a list of movies 'too see', this thread might interesting.

My current list:

The Sword of Doom
Bob Le Flambeur
Down by Law
The Work of Director Spike Jonze
Chappelle Show: The Lost Episodes
Branded to Kill
Ali Gi Indahouse
Born into Brothels
Harlan County, USA
Mad Hot Ballroom
Waco: The Rules of Engagement
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
The Metador
The Producers
On The Waterfront
Gods and Monsters
Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Nuetral
sex, lies, and videotape
High and Low
Samurai Rebellion

Yeah, I like variety.

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Netflix - Mood:Good
Friday August 11 200612:29:06 AM |
So yeah, I gave in and tried a free trial. I wanted the 9.99 rate, and the plan under that rate is 1 movie a month, unlimited number of movies. I'm thinking of changing the plan to the 5 movies though, and just switching back to the cheap one after the free trial runs out, can you do that?
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I`m such a tacky bastard. - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 08 20061:09:56 PM |
You know, I'm the type of guy who loves a bargain so much that he will buy stuff just because it's cheap when he doesn't need it. Today I went to Goodwill for the first time and I think I've been waiting for it all my life.

I bought myself a suit jacket, it was green and had stripes, and I also bought myself a vest to go along with my other suit. I also bought a shirt, some shoes, and a new pair of white pants.

Here's where it get's bad though, I bought myself a plastic knick knack that's a hobo drinking near a lightpost with a hobo weiner dog at his feet, what possible use is there for that?

Oh, and I bought my woman a snowglobe, I"m such an awesome guy.

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Christmas! - Mood:Good
Monday August 07 200610:38:05 PM |
Well, not quite, but I did get presents today, 50 bucks from my granny and my parents bought me some nice eletronics, a printer/copier/scanner in one.

And a beard trimmer, woo hoo.

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