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Male, 42 years old
Bolton, Greater Manchester, Europe

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Skullcrusher Mountain Jonathan Coulton
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Interests: Astronomy / Science / Philosophy / Movies / Music
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Fav. Movie: Run Lola Run
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Fav. Book: Surely you`re joking, Mr Feynmann? - R. Feynmann
Fav. Song: As I sat sadly by her side - Nick Cave
Fav. Food: Freshly baked bread
Fav. Car: Desoto
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My grandfather died yesterday - Mood:Sad
Thursday May 19 201610:40:52 AM |
I want to share his story to help remember him a little. My grandparent's life.
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Life, the universe and everything - Mood:Good
Friday March 21 201410:54:54 PM |
There's a number I notice cropping up a number of times.

If you considered a year for our sun to be one orbit of our galaxy, how many years old would the sun be?

The answer is 42.

As you get faster, relativity says your mass increases, your length contracts, and time slows down. But there's only so fast you can go before you hit a limit. So how many billions of times heavier could you get? How many billions of times shorter could you get? How many billions of times slower could you make the passage of time?


Douglas Adams was onto something.

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So I`m thinking of getting a new place - Mood:Good
Sunday February 23 20144:31:55 PM |
What do you all reckon to:
this place?

Or maybe:
this one?

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That was quite a trip home... - Mood:Smug
Wednesday February 12 20146:08:45 PM |
So I had to go out to work today, to a site about a hundred miles away, and while I was out, the storm hit pretty hard.

The motorway was closed by the time I had to come back, so that just left the back roads.

Five times I was blocked by trees that had blown across the road.

Fortunately, I'd figured that might happen, so I'd packed a chainsaw in the boot.

It's very satisfying to drive up to a tree, then a few minutes later leave behind a pile of logs and go on my way.

Still took six hours for a 90 minute journey.

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Printing out the last of my Christmas presents - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 24 20138:39:32 AM |
The last of the presents

All a bit last minute, but that's pretty normal. What is Christmas without a last minute hectic rush?

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This is interesting... - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 03 20069:10:53 PM |
I mean, I already sort of knew about it, but to see it like this is kind of shocking. pictures for Tiananmen Square

Google china pictures for tiananmen Square

I'm just watching a program about the political situation in China. Suffice to say, it's not exactly fluffy...

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Any computer programmers out there? - Mood:Good
Sunday September 24 20069:39:22 AM |
This is in links, but it needs a wider audience, I feel. And I think I'm more likely to find people who can program around here.

I've been trying this:

It's an absolute fiendish programming puzzle, that gets progressively more difficult. I'm on level three out of 33 levels.

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Testing the new journal posting time delay. - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 12 20061:48:51 PM |
here goes nothing.
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Hi Illuminati! Bye Illuminati! Nice of you to stop by! - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 29 20062:28:38 PM |
Yeah, he's been banned again. I don't see a thread discussing it, but who won the sweepstake?
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Maths problems: Excercise your brain! - Mood:Good
Thursday August 24 20069:18:15 AM |
I recently got sent a page of maths problems.

Now, the challenge with this in not to get the answers they list, but to get the *actual* answers, as the answers they give are, in many cases, nowhere near correct.

Some are right, some are wrong. How many answers can you get, and how many mistakes in their answers can you find?


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"The thing about having a good imagination is that it can turn around and bite you in the ass when you least expect it" - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday August 22 20068:28:14 PM |
As Stephen King once said.

And it's very true. I've got a top notch imagination. I can imagine entire scenes as if I'm actually there, down to the way things feel, and the smell, and the texture.

Wonderful if I wanted to relax and pretend I'm wandering past a waterfall, and stroking the petals of a flower. I can pretty much feel as if I'm actually there.

But sometimes late at night, or on odd occasions, my imagination decides to f**k with me and wander off into territory it really shouldn't. Like just now as I was trying to get to sleep, and I started envisaging rather horrific scenes every time I closed my eyes. Starting odd with a shaft of wood being driven into somebodies eyeball, and progressing along a theme from there.

It's not pleasant, and when it happens, the only thing I can really do is go elsewhere and distract myself for a while. Hence, I'm here.

Anyone else ever get this, or am I just a freak?

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Putting symbols in YT - Mood:§Symbolicious§
Thursday August 10 200610:46:22 PM |
You may have noticed, when you post on YT, it puts what you've posted as a URL at the top of the page.

If you've ever looked at it, you may notice that it translates certain characters into other things, so they can appear on YT.

This messes up the character count, so thinkgs that aren't quite 1000 characters take up more and get cut off. For example, ! becomes %21 in the url. This is, as far as I'm aware, hexadecimal, where each hexadecimal digit stands for a character. (I think it's beased on hexadecimal code, but a little out of order...)

This is a little list of those characters. It allows you to post certain characters you couldn't do otherwise by popping them into place in the Url. Not easy, but it's a handy way to get a load of funky new characters.

This should be a reference, but you can post things here to try them out too, if you want.

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Codebreakers thread. - Mood:Good
Monday August 07 20066:04:50 PM |
A thread for solving and breaking codes.

Decipher the hidden message, and then post your own encoded messages...


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Your favorite joke. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 02 20066:41:31 PM |
Just one, if you can think of it.

I ask, because I think I may have just seen mine. At least, off the top of my head, I can't think of a single proper stand-alone *joke* that can beat it.

Favorite number one jokes. Go!

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:-) - Mood:Pictographic
Wednesday August 02 200611:28:14 AM |


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I`m rediscovering my old graphical calculator - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 01 20066:58:54 PM |
It's great!

I'd not had the little watch batteries to power it for years, but I figured that was silly, seeing as how I'd paid for it, and I do so much maths using much crappier calculators.

So I've taken it out again, and I'm discovering I never knew half (or even a quarter) of the functions of it.

The instruction book is a full centimetre thick, just in english.

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I forgot how great stomp were. - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 01 200612:43:39 PM |
And then I saw this and it reminded me.


I'd love to go see them someday.

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An idea from Pi... - Mood:Good
Friday July 14 20061:52:58 PM |
Everyone, bump your old journals, then we can clear some of this crap off the main page, at least.
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I`m majorly cranky right now, for some reason - Mood:Cranktastic
Saturday July 08 200610:48:25 PM |
So come on in and I'll insult you.

Hell, I might as well put my crankiness to some use.

Be warned, if you post in this thread, you will, most likely be insulted. Consider this fair warning. If you do not want to be insulted, do not post in this thread.

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So, hypothetically, if one were sane, and cared about animals, what would you do? - Mood:Sane
Friday June 30 20067:38:35 PM |
My suggestions for the best things you can do if you're not a rabid tree-hugging hippie, and not the type to firebomb research establishments, and if you maybe even think PETA are a bunch of tossers, but you still have empathy for the other guys with a central nervous system, don't really like letting them have a bit of a s**t time for no reason whatsoever.

So, the top things I'd suggest to help out animals, if you feel like it.

If you don't feel like it, fine, I'm not going to ram it down your throat. This is to inform, not preach.

1/ Shift your eating habits.
You don't have to go veggie. Maybe you like meat.
You could try a vegetarian option once in a while, just to see what it's like. Some of it's actually quite nice.
I quite like quorn in dishes with sauces, as I find it soaks it up better than chicken, and makes the dish nicer.

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If you were to set up an internet discussion forum... - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 28 20062:37:36 PM |
How would you go about it?

What sort of rules would you have? What sort of forums would you have? What would you allow or dissallow?

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Let`s all just talk in song lyrics for the day. - Mood:Good
Monday June 26 20066:29:51 AM |
No, not just in this thread. everywhere.

Starting... Now.
C'mon everybody.

Let's get it started.

...and have a nice day.

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And as much as I stretched it, it still had the same number of holes... - Mood:Good
Saturday June 24 200611:56:13 PM |
Ok, so I was trying to think of a way of fitting the fact that I'm stuck doing my topology coursework into a suitable innuendo-ish journal title.
They say a trouble shared is a trouble halved, so if ten people read this, my problem should almost vanish. Right?

Maybe I really do need to work on my maths skills...

Anyway, I display for you the sort of questions I have to answer for these things.
These are, by far, the easier two (of the four) that I have to do...

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What films can you rewatch endlessly? - Mood:Good
Friday June 09 20065:48:58 PM |
What films can you watch over and over (if any) without them ever getting tiresome?

I was just thinking about this after someone said this of 'Young Frankenstein', which I entirely agree with, as well as many of the old Mel Brooks films. The Rocky Horror Picure Show also falls into this category.

Whilst many other undeniably great films just don't stand up to repeated viewings.

What films can you and do you watch over and over again?

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Most definitely *not* a message from IAmSophistry. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 01 20061:11:39 PM |
Or: why do we hate classical music?

I was mulling this over today, and while I like *some* classical music, it's not generally what I naturally go for. If it was really so great, one would think that it would be far more popular in general.

I think the reason it's not is simply this. Music, as with any artistic medium, is meant to stir an emotion in the listener (Britney please note, disgust does not count) and there's very few better ways to do this than moving lyrics, sung well, by the person who wrote them.

Yes, some classical music has good lyrics, but in general, it's not an area where it can claim superiority, or easily relate to a modern listener.

For me, music at its best takes the best elements of poetry, mucis, and performance, and when someone is singing something meaningful from thier heart, it's a very direct emotional connection that is hard to beat.

What are your views on classical music, love it or hate it, and why?

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