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Female, 27 years old

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Interests: Music / Skating / Acting / Photography / Shopping
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Birthday:11/22/1994 (27 Years Old)
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Occupation: Im still in bloody school!
Marital Status: Single
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Religion: Atheist
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Fav. Movie: The Brothers Grimm/ Nightmare Before Christmas
Fav. TV Show: er... The Simpsons?
Fav. Book: As if I read!
Fav. Song: Stupid MF/ Ready for love by MSI
Fav. Food: Pasta? Who cares???
Fav. Car: I love my skateboard too much to care for cars!
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I sold my soul to Satan today, cheeky tw*t wants a refund!! - Mood:Sexy
Friday April 10 20095:16:57 PM |
Okay, I have a question. Q: Why are swear words considered bad/rude/out of order? At the end of the day all they are is a bunch of 4 letter words that some nutcase deceded was bad to say... Whats so awful about it?

Anyway, it's good friday and I would like to wish all of YT happy holidays!!

The following scentance is for your enjoyment and is copyrighted to 3ll13&4MY Ltd. (Jokes!!):

Sex, drugs and rock n roll; weed, speed and birth control; life's a bitch and then you die so f*** the world and lets get high!!!

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Love love, Kiss kiss, blah blah blah! - Mood:Lovestruck
Tuesday January 20 20095:38:59 PM |
Okay, so,
They r awesome!!

So anyway, life is good right now, James is fine (We are still "loved up") and Amy is okay... I think. (Not that you care...)

A funny thing happened the other day actually... We were all in town (if you live near me then you will know where I am talking about!) and for some reason this blinding wave of emotion caused us to act very immaturely and also caused us to pay for a ride on a "Tweenie Rocket" Strange huh? We then decided that it would be a good idea to try and clim up a steep slope outside Asda just by running... we all fell. We had a rather odd day...

Tom (my Ex) has announced that he loves me still and then tried to/ had the cheek to ask me for phone sex... W.anker. Oh deary me!

So apart from the abovementioned events, life's good!

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The devil ate my homework. No, really Miss! Ask my... Imaginary friend. He thinks you have serious issues... - Mood:Hysterical
Friday December 19 20083:43:25 PM |
Last day of school today!! We stayed at school untill around 10.30ish and then got kicked out. nice one! We all trecked to the park and p*ssed around for a while... Good day!

Gave all of my friends their presents and I got a lovely present from my boyfriend. Sweet!

Threw a glass of water over Tom (my Ex) today... Only because he kicked me around the tummy area (if you know what I mean) to "kill" my baby. Hes jut jelous of James (the boyfriend) and can't accept the fact that I love him and I have moved on...


We are the band!! We are The Drains. Watch this space!! We'll be in all good stores by this time next year!!

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Your sex is on fire!!! - Mood:Anxious
Sunday December 14 20082:42:36 PM |
Lol. Today was just.... lol.

So anyways, I hav fallen in luv with kings of leon... how about u?

Just wud like 2 say heyho to the following peepz: Amy (bmfl), James (boyf), kitkat (u no hu u r) and jessie (die_chavs)

Your sex is on fire!!!!

And due to my current "condition" I hav had to stop running in races, jogging, running in general etc. boo! =(

Life goes on....

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Im on holiday with my bezzie mate!!! - Mood:Ecstatic
Sunday November 16 20089:10:38 AM |
Im on holiday with Amy right now... we r having a blast to out blast all other blasts!!!
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Er, Whoooooot? - Mood:Naughty
Wednesday November 05 20084:24:57 PM |
Haha, I thought it would be funny, and it was. I laugh just thinking about it... A while ago I a little bit of fun with a guy and is older brother. And, no it wasnt sex. My best mates brother was teasing me today saying that a little incident occured in a tent in Wales, and it may have involved two boys... and I panicked... Well at the time I thought he knew everything that had happened that night... He got more and more of the truth out of me and eventually on msn later today he admitted he knew nothing and he just wanted to see me deny it... But obviously he had no idea that something actually happened... oh dear.
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I am officially a Mindless Self Indulgence addict!! - Mood:Surprised
Monday October 27 20084:55:07 PM |
I have spent the whole of the day obsessing over and missing two things; The first, My boyf, Tom who is in Crete for the week. And the second, Mindless Self Indulgence! They have this weird affect on me, I went to the cinema today and all the way through the movie, I could not stop humming Shut Me Up, Faggot, Issues or I Never Wanted To Dance... WHY??? I wished I had my iPod with me so I could hear them, All day I have been attached to the computer for as long as I could so I could hear the awesome sounds of MSI.....
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Why do people still call me Emo when I stopped last year? - Mood:Confused
Sunday October 26 200810:51:06 AM |
People always assume that I'm Emo, yes, I backcomb my hair and don't brush it through and yes, I Mindless self indulgence and My chemical romance and alternative, rock and screamo music but all of this does not mean I AM emo. It just means I'm Individual! People are subjective and often very judgemental so they sometimes WANT to make people feel ashamed even if there is nothing to actually be ashamed of, for example, Emo.
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My Mums birthday is just an excuse to have my best mate over. - Mood:Excited
Saturday October 25 20086:55:39 AM |
Its becoming a tradition. Every year my Mums birthday is the greatest day for celebrations and hanging around with best mates, for me! My Mum always lets me invite my bezzie, Amy over because its just a great laugh. And as always, on the 28th October my Best friend is coming over and the celebration will begin...
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Half Term!! Whoot! - Mood:Excited
Friday October 24 20086:55:01 AM |
Today is gonna rock! Its the first day of the half term holidays and me and my best mate are goin to the park so that we can arse around on the swings and have a life. I gotta pick my lil sis up from school cos shes been in today so we will have to work arsing around and living around her. Than makes me kinda angry cos I wanna live my life, not pick up my lil sis at 3.15! Oh well...
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Did you ever wonder why we have the function to fall in love? - Mood:Sexy
Thursday October 23 20081:53:54 PM |
It may seem, to many of you, that I am just another 13 year old girl who has "fallen in love" with a guy. You may be thinking "Here we go again!" or "Shut the hell up!" but either way, I Tom and I'm really hoping that I wont be reading this in a couple of months time, completely heart-broken. I know many of you will not care in the slightest about how I feel about him, or how he feels about me for that matter, but Tom, if you are reading this: "I LOVE YOU BAYB!!!"
There. Said it!
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My day, not that anyone cares! - Mood:Lovestruck
Wednesday October 22 20082:23:01 PM |
I woke up at 6am and I got to school at 8:30, which was a bit late. I kinda went to my boyfriends Home room/Form room for a bit so I was later still, I didn't care though. Then I had all my usual lessons... *sigh*
After school we all went to the park for a go on the swings, a sit on the bench and so on. I went to collect my sister from her school, where I showed my boyfriend around. He learnt exaclty how much I care about my sisters school/ my old primary school. After that, we walked to where I get my lift home and when I got home, I fell asleep for 3 hours!! *yawn*
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Single no more! - Mood:Ecstatic
Tuesday October 21 20083:44:05 PM |
Er, the other day a really funny thing happened to me. My mate came up to me n said that one of my other mates, Tom, fancied me. At first I thought it was a joke, so I said we should fool all our mates into believing that we were a couple. It worked too well, actually. In the end we decided that it was no joke and we are now going out for real. I dont think anyone cares but I am so happy that I dont give a flying f*ck!
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Whooot! - Mood:Spastic
Saturday October 04 20087:20:36 AM |
Y'know I didnt even know that Spastic was even a mood!! Lol! Ima going 2 stay @ home all day (I thinks!!) and I am Very bored coz my Dad is ill... *yawn*
Blah blah blah blah blah!!!
Love yall!
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