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Which J-pop star are you?
Discover your inner pop queen...from Japan!
personality test

1How did you get started in the business?
I began work as a model
I got in through my parents` fame
I was discovered as an actress in a J-drama
I auditioned for Morning Musume
2How would you describe your music?
I make music the way I want to - I even write my own music and lyrics
My music is cutesy, bright and cheerful, just like me!
You could call it generic pop, but my music is always at the top of the charts.
My music is sexy - especially the lyrics.
I like funky, jazzy music, but always with a pop influence. Though recently, it`s been hard rock.
3How would you describe your personal style?
Fashion is always what`s trendy and `in`. You will never catch me looking bad!
I just wear whatever I think is cool, and whatever reflects me. I don`t put importance on it, though
My current image is hard, goth-inspired rock. Black leather and studded belts are my thing.
Anything cute, anything bright! I`m not afraid to wear something wacky!
It`s got to be sexy, if I`m going to wear it. Sometimes I`ll just wear nothing at all!
4What would you say is your special talent?
I`m actually a very devoted actress. I`ve even been nominated for awards.
I play piano very well.
I like to write songs and lyrics
I`m an awesome model. I`ve even done it professionaly.
Hmm, I don`t think I can say it appropriately enough *wink wink*
5What`s your attitude toward plastic surgery?
I will do whatever it takes to be trendy and to stay on top
I wouldn`t want to change my beautiful face!
There has been some speculation...but I`m keeping mum.
6What`s one negative thing critics always say about you?
I`ve been accused of being too sexy
People just naturally want to bring me down, because I`m #1
I don`t care about critics anymore!
A lot of people don`t like my new/changing image
7What do you think about the `Westernization` of pop-culture?
I`m down with it, I lace in English with all of my work
Well, I spent a lot of my life in the US, so it`s naturally apart of me and my image
It`s not important to me, but you can tell it has influenced my image

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