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Where Are You On The Social/Socio-Sexual Hierarchy?
Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Omega or Sigma.
personality test

1You're in the average public setting where it's appropriate to mingle. (Party, Club, Gathering) Who are you?
You're politely Social and Confident without effort. People naturally like/ are attracted to you.
You're Social and Mostly Confident but you can't deny feeling the need to be liked or impress.
You may or may not be social. You may feel nervous/unconfident, but you're ok for the most part.
You do what you want, talk to who you want and leave if your bored. No Worries.
You feel awkward and try too hard. You always wished you were better in public.
You're bitter and mutter to someone (or alone) how much you hate people.
....I'm never invited to things like that.
Not Interested... You won't see me at something like that.
You sit nervously and hope to be approached.
2Do you like yourself?
I do, but I'm always open to improving myself.
I do like myself for the most part... but I can't help but wish I was like other people at times.
Kind of indifferent. I feel like I should be reaching for more of myself.
I honestly hate myself more than I like myself.
I feel like I should like myself, but I often don't.
I am who I am. I try to be the best person I can be.
Not really... And I don't really like anyone else either, for that matter.
3You find out something you've always wanted to have happen to you, happened to your friend. You feel...?
Genuinely happy for them. You want to see them succeed. You're hopeful for the same experience.
Happy for them... but secretly wish that could happen to you instead.
More jealous than happy, to be honest.
Annoyed. May even take them down a notch with snark, if they bring it up.
Mostly apathetic, unless it's someone you really care about, then you're happy for them.
Sulk about how unfair life can be.
Justify to yourself how that's not so great, to make yourself feel better.
Try to think of something just as awesome that happened to you and be sure to tell them about it.
4How do you feel about friends?
You're picky and somewhat superficial about who can be in your inner circle.
You welcome everyone to be your friend.
You seek out intelligent, interesting people. You'll give everyone a fair chance to be friends.
You welcome only the best to be your friend.
People that you want to be friends with don't really want to be friends with you.
People try to be your friend that you don't want around you.
You have a really hard time making friends.
You don't need many friends to be happy. Just genuine ones.
You're ok with people wanting to be your friend, but if they're too needy/demanding, they're out.
5Which word best describes you? (Out of the following:)
A lover.
A hater.
A fighter.
A leader.
A follower.
A loner.
A pessimist.
An optimist.
A thinker.
A loser.
6How do you feel about life right now?
Appreciate the good times, and accept the bad times. I choose to make life good.
I like it, for the most part, but I want more out of life.
I know it could be better, but I'm not doing much to change it.
I don't feel like I have purpose, sometimes it makes me sad/frustrated.
Accept that things are the way things are, and make the most of it.
I'm not too happy with many things in my life right now.
I hate life right now.
7People often say you are.... (Choose the best fit.)
Inspiring and real.
Fun and hilarious.
Charming and charismatic.
Intelligent and different.
Caring and lovable.
Fearless and bada**.
Unique and creative.
8If someone wanted to successfully hurt/anger you with words, what would they need to say to be the most cutting?
Negative remark about your appearance, physical strength, or attractiveness.
They would make a negative remark about my intellect.
Accusations of you being too lazy.
Accusations of you being too jealous.
Negative remarks about your social behavior to humiliate you.
Accusations of your selfishness.
Accusations that you didn't do enough, when you honestly did all you could.
Stabs about the way you show affection. Romantic interest shutting you down/insulting you.
Negative remarks about a loved one, or someone you care deeply for.
9How are you around "The Ladies"/"The Men" (If you're taken: Describe your mentality as if you were single)
I'm having a hard time finding the right one.
I have options... but I don't go for people i feel are out of my league.
Without saying it in a narcissistic way, I feel I could almost anyone I wanted.
I don't feel like anyone is out of my league, but I won't dismiss anyone outright.
I'm honestly very bitter about love. Most Guys/Girls are all the same.
I wish I had someone but sometimes I don't think that will ever happen.
I respect the opposite sex (or same if you swing that way) but I'm happy alone. At least right now.
It's going alright, I'm hopeful.
Not Worried about it, If I want a relationship it'll happen.
10If you were a card in a standard deck of face cards, which would you be?
7, 8, 9 or 10.
3, 4, 5 or 6.
Joker or Wild.
11Disclaimer: The purpose of this quiz is to be fun and interesting. This is not meant to offend anyone, so don't take the results too seriously. Thanks! (No effect on outcome.)
Got it.
I don't care.

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