Take this quiz to see how we'll you can analyze the nature of Toothless the Night Fury. If you have not seen the movie, don't take this quiz. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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How Well Do You Know Toothless?
Take this quiz to see how we'll you can analyze the nature of Toothless the Night Fury. If you have not seen the movie, don't take this quiz.
trivia quiz

1What colour is Toothless's eyes?
2What does Toothless like to eat?
Cheese Cake
3Why is Toothless unable to fly at the beginning of the movie?
He has a brocken wing.
He is affraid of hights.
Half of his Tail fin is missing.
He is too young and can't fly yet.
He does not have any wings.
4How does Toothless react when Hiccup frees him from his trap?
He gets up slowly, and walks away, confused.
He likcs Hiccups face, glad that he is understood.
He jumps up, and pounces on Hiccup,then, roaring loudly, he bolts away.
He does nothing.
he just walks away, as if nothing happened.
5What makes Toothless such a significant character in the movie?
Toothless helps Hiccup discover the truth abouth the dragons.
He is the fastest dragon in the movie.
Toothless befreinds Hiccup and they fly around the world.
Toothless is not significant, being simmilar to all the other dragons on the island.
6How is Toothless best described, personallity wise?
He is strong, simple minded, and cares little for what he does to other creatures.
He is lazy, and does not like to do anything that involves moving.
He is arrogant, violent, and loves to set things aflame.
He is peaceful, thoughtful, and cares about the world.
7Why is Toothless the only Nightfury on the island of Berk?
The other Nightfury's abandoned him when he was still an egg.
There was a terreble explosion of fire that destroyed all his kind.
The reason is unkonwn.
He abandoned his flock to live on his own.
8From what we can see, Toothless is very much like a child. What, then, is the best conclusion of this evidence?
Toothless is very slow at learning.
Toothless is still fairly young.
Toothless likes to play tricks alot.
Toothless is just merely imature.
9What, other than the shap of his body, is the most interesting feature that Toothless has?
He has two spiral horns on his head.
He can retract his teeth.
He has two pairs of wings instead of the single pair.
He can see through walls.
10The Book of Dragons from the movie calls Toothless "the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself." Is the book accurate?
To a point, it is, but mostly not.
It is not known.
11Toothless is best known from what scene?
When he regergitates half of the fish and makes Hiccup try a peice.
When he shoots a ball of heated gass down another dragons throat.
He looks at Hiccup upside down.
all of the above.
12What is Toothless's Physical description?
Enormous, with razor sharp teeth and claws, pointed snout, and red, sharp scales.
Fairly small, sreamline build, black, fish-like scales.
Blue scales, green eyes, and a whole lot of spikes.
fat, with small wings, and a body with three sections.
very small, scrawny, but with a big attitude.

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