A Personality Test of how long you would survive if a zombie outbreak occurred. Will you get an A, B, C, D, or F? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Zombie Survival Quiz
A Personality Test of how long you would survive if a zombie outbreak occurred. Will you get an A, B, C, D, or F?
personality test

1How would you describe your strenght?
I'm not a strong as most people.
I'm average.
I'm stronger than most people.
2How many miles can you jog in one session without stopping?
Half a mile or below.
More than half a mile.
At least 1 mile.
At least 3 miles.
5 miles or over.
None of the above. I'm handicapped.
3Would you let a criminal stay in your group?
Give them a few supplies and wish them luck.
Let them stay, but keep an eye on them.
4Do you have any experience with firearms?
Do videogames count?
No, never
I've fired a gun several times.
I'm formally trained in their use.
5Can Zombies learn new skills?
6How does a person turn into a zombie?
By eating another person.
By being bit by a zombie
The zombie virus is airborne.
Once you die, you become a zombie.
7Where is a zombie's fatal point?
The heart, duhh.
The groin. Hey, it works on men.
The brain.
The eyes. BLIND THEM!!
8There is a zombie corpse in your headquarters. What do you do with it?
Throw it on the road, so cars can run over it.
Go and bury it.
Burn it, ashes to ashes.
Electrocute it in the head.
9Zombies can learn to climb and jump.
10How do zombies communicate with other zombies?
They don't.
They moan.
They growl.
They talk.
They do sign language.
11A pregnant lady is being chased by 2 zombies. She is not infected. You don't have any guns. What do you do?
It's only 2 zombies. I will help her.
Who cares? I will move on.
123 survivors wants to join your group. What do you do?
Ask them if they're okay.
Take all of their belongings.
Check them for bites/infection.
Tell them that you don't trust them.
13You and your friend come across a group of survivors. They let you join them immediately. What do you suggest?
Take all of their belogings.
Tell them to check us for bites.
Decide to not join them.
14You and your friend come across a group of survivors. They don't let you join them, but are willing to let you take some supplies. What do you choose?
2 bulletproof vests.
A crowbar and a hatchet.
50 rounds of ammunition and 2 pistols.
10 cans of food.
15A zombie has spotted you! What do you do?
Try to dismember the zombie.
Try to cut off the head.
Try to smash the skull.
Try to damage the spine.
16How heavy of a sleeper are you?
My alarm clock will definitely wake me up.
A good shake will wake me up.
Just call my name and I'll be up.
You'd have to hit me to wake me up.
Small noises disrupt my sleep.
I wake up in the middle of the night.
17When you watch scary movies, you...
Sit quietly and watch.
Laugh or try to scare other people.
Get startled and jump.
Grab other people in fear or scream.
Leave the lights on.
18Which is the best overall?
Carpenter's hammer
Combat knife
19When do you think that it is best to travel?
At night, so zombies cannot see me.
In the day, because I can see better.
20Someone close to you has become infected. What do you do?
Restrain them and wait for a cure.
Lock them up somewhere and leave.
Kill them before they become a zombie.

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