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Would you survive a zombie?
In this you will battle for your life against a zombie.
personality test

1You walk through the halls and you see this giant demon like zombie you fight it and...
You shoot it
Run around the corner
You pick up a brick and throw it at it
2And then the zombie bolts up to you in rage..
You shoot it
You throw a brick
You throw a grenade
You throw your ax at it
3The zombie moves his giant hand really fast and smacks you...
Shoot it
Throw a grenade while it's right in front of you
Throw an ax at it
Throw a brick at it
4The zombie is very angry and picks you up...
Chop his arm off
Shoot his arm off
5The zombie lost its arm but it's still after you..
Tease it
Shoot it
Throw a brick at it
Throw a grenade
Throw the ax
6The zombie picks you up with his other arm and tries to eat you...
Shoot it in the mouth
Throw a grenade in there
Throw a brick in there
Throw your ax in there
7The zombie releases you in pain...
Throw a grenade
Throw an ax
Shoot it
Throw a brick at its head
8The zombie spits all over you now. Your gun is worthless because the gun powder is ruined..
Try to shoot it (NO EFFECT)
Throw your ax
Throw a brick
Throw a grenade
9The zombie tries to stomp on you..
Throw your ax at his foot
Try to shoot it
Throw a grenade
Throw 2 bricks at his foot
10The zombie is trying to use his full power. Stop him.
Shoot him
Throw an ax
Throw a grenade
Throw a brick at it
11You stopped it but you're weakened...
It stomps on you
It tries to eat you
It tries to summon millions of zombies
12The zombie did its damage to you. Time to finish it off..
Throw your ax
Shoot it
Throw a grenade
Throw a brick at its head

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