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How do I know you?
Which family member/friend are you of mine? Let's see!
personality test

1I call you crying because something terrible has happened to me. What do you do?
Listen for a little while then start in on your own problems.
Listen and then give real advice.
You tell me to "stfu" and then make fun of me.
You don't even bother to answer your phone.
"What? Did you say something? O... sorry... I was playing WoW"
2It's sunny and beautiful outside, what are you doing?
I'm already out somewhere fun! Oops, I forgot to call you!
Go away! WoW is more important than going out there! I'm too sweaty!
The beach, where are you?!
I'm at work. Workwork!!!!
I'm inside because I'm making something creative and awesome! I like looking out the window though.
3It's 3am in the middle of the work week, where are you?!
In bed, asleep. DUH!
I'm on the internets! Stealin' your LoLcats!
Go away! WoW, time!!! I don't care what time it is!
Drinking somewhere, most likely.
Oh crap! What time is it?! I should be asleep!
4What do you aspire to be? (Or already are)
Radio DJ
Something with Computers
I wanna do your taxes
I don't care. Whatever brings me money!
Work with artsy stuff.
5Can you do something fantastic?
I try... people say it's cool... but I'm not sure.
Nope. I suck. QQ and such.
Why aren't you back in college yet?
WoW time is NOW!!
6What is *my* favorite food ever?!
Ice cream, fo'sho.
I don't know... *opens bottle of alcohol*
Huh? Did you say something about the Outlands?
Pasta, you like PASTA!!!
You said something? I can't hear you over my music.
7What do you refer to me as?
ConfusedOne or CO
"The Bitch"
8Have you seen my myspace?
Yes, I sure have! You're on my top people!
Yes, but I stalk you and then write angry blogs about it later to show everyone I'm still in love
Yes, your colors stuck.
What's a myspace?
Yup! I write you all the time and send you funny pictures!
9What type of car do you drive?
I prefer trucks, but I'm driving an older car to work.
A car. Nothing too fancy. But it gets me around!
I drive a VW!!! Woooot!
Some form of Truck/SUV
I drive a speedy awesome car and it's worth more than YOUR LIFE!!!

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