This is designed to determine which unpopular member of society you are, based on the Five Components of Nerdliness--namely, nerdly interests (excessive interest in matters normally deemed obscure and/or trivial), nerdly mannerisms/appearance, social ineptness, lack of popularity, and intelligence. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Let me evaluate your nerdliness...
This is designed to determine which unpopular member of society you are, based on the Five Components of Nerdliness--namely, nerdly interests (excessive interest in matters normally deemed obscure and (more)
personality test

1Be honest. Are you a moron?
Drat no! I have an IQ of drating 187!
No. Who would openly admit to being a moron, anyway?
No, if were actually a moron, it`s unlikely I would even be capable of selecting an answer option by any other means than eeny-meany-miney moe.
Huh? *tilts head to the side, confused at and threatened by the display of "big" words*
2Are you intelligent? If your IQ is below 130 (if you don`t know your IQ, don`t guess), then you are not intelligent (technically, "not gifted," but we`ll ignore that for the duration of this quiz).
What the drat is wrong with you motherdraters? I already told you my I am a drating genius! My IQ is a drating 187!
Actually, yes.
I`m not sure what my exact IQ is (for whatever reason), but I`m pretty sure it`s at least above average.
I don`t know--I`ve never taken an IQ test (or have taken one, but forget my results).
Apparently not--my IQ is below 130.
Yes, please!
4Are you popular?
I`m as popular as breathing!
I`m as popular as going to the bathroom!
I`m as popular as attempting to be random just for the sake of randomness by mentioning cheese, monkeys, and/or penguins!
I`m as popular as sticking a fork into a toaster!
I`m as popular as gauging one`s own eyes out!
5From whence did the word `nerd` originate?
From the reversed spelling of `drunk.`
From the book "If I Ran the Zoo", by Theodore Geisel a.k.a. Theo LeSeig a.k.a. Dr. Seuss.
From the candy of the same name.
6What is the nerd word?
Yes, that is correct.
Haha! You said the nerd word!
*confused countenance complete with a tilted head--yes, just like a dog*
7Are you socially inept, i.e. lacking in the "people skills" department?
Yes, I admit it--I`m completely socially inept. Gah! Two adverbs next to one another--that just looks so...wrong!
You monster! Stop rubbing it in! *sobs uncontrollably*
Meh. Not really...
Hell no. I have excellent people skills!
Ph34r my |337 p30p|3 5k1||z!
8Do you have any nervous habits, e.g. compulsively pushing up your glasses (regardless of whether or not you`re wearing any)?
*pushes up glasses*
*laughs and points at person pushing up glasses*
9Are you hyperactive?
Damn straight! I put the `hyper` in `hyperactive!`
Not particularly. My energy level is about average.
Hell no. If anything, I`m hypoactive.
10 Do you have any excessive interests in ordinarily mundane, obscure, trivial, or otherwise unpopular pursuits?
What other kind of interests are there?!
Maybe one or two--I do watch a couple of obscure TV shows religiously...
No, I have a little something called a LIFE! I suggest you get one.
11Do you rule at trivial pursuit or what?
Of course! It`s the best board game since sliced bread (and that, believe me, was one awesome board game...).
I pwnz0rz at teh Trivial Pursuit!
Wait a minute! There`s no such board game as sliced bread!
12Do you or have you ever worn pocket protectors, as a fashion statement or otherwise?
Hell yes! I wear them every day--they protect my raiment from writing implement-related stains AND they look cool!
Sure, but never as an actual form of protection against ink stains.
Only to prevent my clothes from getting ink on them.
And risk looking like a NERD?! You`re out of your mind!
13Do people label you as a nerd at first sight (i.e. the second they see you)?
Of course!
Surprisingly enough, they don`t.
Fortunately, no.
14Are you uncoordinated?
I`m so uncoordinated I can`t move the mouse around easily!
It`s the whole reason why I hate sports so much and explains why gym was such an endless source of humiliation for me.
Not particularly...
Hell no, I`m the most athletic person in the universe!
15Are you liked by the general public?
Everyone loves me! *is showered by flowers and candy by random passersby*
The general public has yet to acknowledge my existence.
People hate me! *runs off and cries frantically in a corner, while no one cares*
16On the average Saturday night, what activity are you most likely to be engaging in?
Watching TV/playing video games/posting on YT at home in blissful solitude.
17Do you or have you ever read encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, and/or other reference books for recreational purposes?
How did you know?! That`s all I ever read!
Occasionally, though I prefer to read genres other than reference.
I don`t read. Books are EVIL!
I don`t read. I`m illiterate and someone else is actually reading this quiz aloud to me right now.
18Have you ever made, or attempted to make, a quiz similar to this one?
Yes, as I am awesome.
People actually do that?

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