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Which WOW class are you?
Which WOW character are you?
personality test

1You wake up at your house and you see fire in your room. What do you do?
You cast a water spell to wipe out the fire
You jump out the window and let the fire burn the house down
You get a water bucket and splash out the fire
Run around in circles
Stay and die
2You then wake up and it was a dream but now you're in a dungeon filled with dark creatures that are trying to kill you. What do you do?
Go kill them because you have the power
You cast a holy spell and kill them all
Run away as fast as you can
Just die in shame
3You pass some homeless people begging for food and water.
You offer them your help and give them 100 gold and 10 packets of food and water
You kill them and sell the stuff they have on Ebay
Give them all the things they wish
Get a pet to eat them alive
4You get captured by a group of undeads.
You turn undead so they won't eat you alive
Die in shame
Kill the dead freaks. You're more powerful than them
Just think of the good old times while you die
5Then you hear a raid group rescuing you.
Yell at them and ask what took them so long
Thank them for their help
Kill the zombies while they're distracted, then kill the raid group that took so long
Kick ass with them
6You then run away and you return back to your village.
Get ale at the bar in the village
Kill all of the people
Go to your room and rest for the night
Come to the king of the village
Get drunk and have a party
7You then wake up and you get bored
Train your best to perfection
kill everybody there
Makeout with your wife
get drunk and die
8You then go to the outlands and fight the dragon.
Get some group of people and hope you survive
Go extreme and kill the dragon with your bare hands.
Go and just tame the dragon as a pet
Go in faith
Get eaten
9You suddenly get eaten. What should you do to get out?
Stab through the throat and get out
Smash everything inside of him
Die and get digested
10You then killed the dragon and returned to your village and had a celebration.
Get drunk and have a good time at the party
Go crazy and kill everybody
Get up and dance
Do nothing

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