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Would you Survive the WWII Blitz?
Would you survive?
personality test

1The air-raid sirens sound. Planes appear overhead. You are a long way from an air raid shelter. As bombs fall do you...
Run for home (Shouting 'I want my Mam!')
Stand still (and hope the plane just flies by)
Lie down where you are (And cry your heart out)
2An incendiary bomb lands near your house. This sort of bomb doesn't explode. It just burns fiercely. As the fire spreads towards your house, do you...
Go to your nearest shelter and let it burn
Shover sand or soil over it
Pour a bucket of water over it
3A bomb lands in your back garden. it sinks into the soil but does not explode - yet. Do you...
Tell your local ARP Warden
Throw stones at it so it will go off and not catch some unsuspecting passer-by
Go to your nearest shelter - any shelter except the one in the garden!
4As a raid starts you head for the Anderson Shelter in your garden. It is half underground and has a thick cushion of soil over the roof. You should be safer here than in the house. But you realise taht the family cat is missing. Do you...
Shut the Shelter Door (Screw the cat!)
Stay in the shelter but leave the shelter door open so the car can find its own way in
Go out and look for it
5Do you take your gas mask with you...
Whenever you hear the air-raid warnings sound
Whenever you go out and have a spare hand to carry it
6An ARP warden walks down the street spinning a rattle of the sort that football supporters used to use. You don't know what this means. Do you...
Ask someone what it means
Put your gas mask on
Shout 'Up United!' and follow him to see if there's a game on
7You wake up to the sound of bombs exploding. A raid is happening and there's been no warning! In the blackout you can see explosions coming closer and closer. Do you...
Get dressed and head for the nearest shelter
Grab your gas mask and hide under your bed
Watch to see where the next bomb will land
8You want to make your shelter more comfortable. Do you...
Fit a wooden door to keep the draught out
Take an electric cable from the house so you can have electric light and an electric fire.
Take a candle for light and a blanket to put across the door for draughts
9You have no shelter at home. Do you...
Shelter upstairs in your bedroom
Go to a public Shelter
Turn a downstairs room into a bedroom and shelter there

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