What type of person are you? 4 outcomes.
My first quiz, so it probably isn't the best, but I tried. :-) and please don't be offended, it's just a quiz, okay? It doesn't mean that it's true. You are probably all wonderful people.  Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What type of person are you?
What type of person are you? 4 outcomes. My first quiz, so it probably isn`t the best, but I tried. :-) and please don`t be offended, it`s just a quiz, okay? It doesn`t mean that it`s true. You are p (more)
personality test

1You are walking down the street, and someone notices you and walks up to you. This person is:
A policeman...to arrest me again. Gotta make a run for it...
A funky local Fashion designer, she just loves the clothes I wear, I make them myself.
No one is running up to me, I am the one running up to them, to have a chat and up those popularity scales.
It`s just those fans from down the street...
It`s just a few of my friends.
2You are inviting few close friends to your upcoming birthday party. Who do you invite?
The little group of rebel friends in the thug part of the city...Those losers at school won`t do me.
A few of my close friends...not those annoying people that always hang around me trying to be like me...ugh!
All the cool people at my school. Last year they didn`t show up...I don`t know why. But I think they`re just soooo awesome!
Just my best mate from down the street. Those people at school don`t appreciate me to my full ability. My best mate lets me be myself.
A couple of recruits from the pub.
3You are planning a get together thing for you and your mates...where will it be hosted at?
The trendiest club in the country.
The park...somewhere down to earth where I won`t bump into anyone I don`t like...they all go to all the latest places.
The local Mall.
The games arcade/extreme sports centre.
The local café...relaxed, and still pretty cool place to hang out.
4Your favourite colour is?
Orange/Yellow/White...any colour, depends on wha mood I am in.
Anything that my friend likes...she usually picks good choices.
I don`t like colours.
5What do you usually wear to school?
Trendy clothes that I bought on the weekend.
A leather jacket, knuckle dusters, I have lots of piercings and tatoos...I like to show `em.
Jeans and a shirt...Whatever I feel like wearing at the time.
Anything that I happen to pull out of the closet.
My friend`s/sibling`s clothes that I borrowed accidentally on purpose...
6And finally...what did you think of this quiz?
It sucks. Oh..really? Um, actually my friend said she liked it, so I`ll go with that.
It was okay...
It`s f*cked up, and it tastes like sh*t.
I loved it!!!!!
It was good

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