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How much of a drama queen are you?
have fun! (e)
personality test

1You hear that you best friend started a nasty rumor, what do you do?
She did it. Hide in a tree by her house and when she walks by, pour nair in her hair!
Stomp your feet and scream as loud as you can.
Roll your eyes and let people believe whatever they want.
Start a nasty rumor about her.
2Your hairdresser totaly cuts your hair wrong, what do you do?
sue her, how dare she!!!!
shrug it off and go to a new hair stylist.
Sneak in your hairdressers room at night a chop her hair!!!
ahh whatever, hair is hair.
Tell her that she is fired!
3You find an eyelash in your drink at your fav. coffe shop.
OMG what is this! lean over and act like you are throwing up.
ask for a new cup of coffe.
throw your cup at the waiter and demand your money back.
pay for the coffe and leave.
ask the waitress to take a sip.
4You are out of milk and you want your fav, cereal and you are not taking no for an answer. What do you do?
Tell your little brother that he better go to the store or you will chop his toe off.
use the instant milk, it all is the same. right???
Eat the cereal dry. mmmmm
Call 911 and tell them that you have an emergency.
Steal your brothers milk out of his mini fridge.
5You have a gray hair and you are only 18.
ahhhh... then you yank it out.
thats life, you will get over it.
Go to the store right away and buy some hair dye.
Call your hair dresser and tell her what has happened.
Blink a few times and scratch your head. huh, wierd.
6Your tooth brush has a fly crawling on it and your breath smells like a dead cat.
Steal your room mates toothbrush.
change your mind and gargle with mouth wash.
ignore the fact that someone will drop dead when they smell you.
freak out. This is not happening!!!! You are not using that toothbrush!

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