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Which generic quiz response are you most like?
Take generic quiz 24601 and find out which generic personality type fits you?
personality test

1How did you find this quiz?
I was surfing the web, and I came here via generic route A.
I was surfing the web, and I came here via generic route B.
Hmmm, neither of those really apply. I need another response.
2You are driving home when a generic thing happens. As you get out of the car to deal with it, *another* generic thing happens! What action do you take to avoid calamity?
I opt for generic response A. It`s always served me well.
I opt for generic response B. It`s clearly the only option. Incidentally, A would be a stupid response. Only an idiot would go for response A.
I try reponse A, then try B, as I think that might be better. Oh, maybe I should have stuck with A. Or...
Hmmm, neither of those.
What makes you think I even drive? What a dumb question.
3If you were a tree, what type of tree would you be?
Oh, it`s like that is it? Well I`d be generic tree type A, which is clearly better than type B. All type B trees should be cut down and made into toilet paper.
Oh yeah?! Well I`d be type B. And if a tree falls in the forest and no-one`s around, that`s me knocking your sorry butt over.
I don`t really know.
Erm, well neither of those.
Maybe I don`t want to be a tree at all huh? Ever think of that? huh? huh?
4Who do you most admire?
Generic person A. And my generic person could beat the crap out of generic person B.
Generic person B could take generic person A with both arms tied behings his/her back. Generic person A sucks. And they smell slightly too.
Um. Not sure. There`s so many...
I don`t admire anyone.
Hmmm, none of those answers work for me. What else have you got?
5You have a choice of two doors labelled A and B. Which one do you go through?
A, but not before I`ve stuck a bucket of water over door B.
B. *splash* You son of a... I`ll get you for that.
I oscillate wildly between A and B before collapsing in a heap, caught between the two options. I`m still outside the doors to this day.
Door C
Stuff the doors, I`m going back the way I came.
6What`s your favorite colour?
Something generic.
Yeah, something generic. That`s the first thing you`ve said that I agree with all day.
Um, I don`t know. I don`t want to make a snap judgemant about something like that.
Something else. Not any of those.
Maybe I don`t like any colours? Or maybe I prefer something in a different region of the electromagnetic spectrum. How about that, smart guy?
7You`re sitting at home when someone knocks on the door. You open the door, and something generic happens. What do you do?
I go for response A. *splash* Dammit!
I go for option B, but I check for buckets of water over the door first. Dumbass! Hahaha... That`ll teach you.
I don`t know.
None of the above
I don`t have a door, I live somewhere strange and get in through a hatch or portal.
8What type of music do you like?
Generic music type A. Bah. I`m all wet now.
Generic type B. And you shouldn`t have messed with me should you?
Um, I`m not sure. What type do you like?
Something else
I don`t like music. Bah!
9On a generic holiday, you suddenly get a call to say that your generic pet has caused a fire which has burned down your uninsured home and all your possessions. On the flight back, do you eat option A or B for the in flight meal?
The first one.
The second one.
I flip back and forth between both options madly, until I just can`t take it anymore, and throw myself out of the plane rather than make a decision.
Something else. Do you do a vegetarian option? Or Vegan? Or Kosher? Or...
I`m on a *what* holiday? This question is stupid. I`m not answering this.
10What`s your favorite letter of the alphabet?
Uh, I`m not sure. They`re all so lovely.
Some other letter
Maybe I don`t like any of them. Ever think about that? What alphabet, anyway? I quite like epsilon as it happens. Where`s the option for that? God, this quiz sucks.

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