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Will you survive the Zombie outbreak? (HARD)
If you dont know everything about zombies then dont even bother. (e)
personality test

1You wake up for work/ school and you see someone in your backyard eating somebody. What do you do first.
Watch the weather
You go for the kitchen knife
You shut the shades and lock the doors
You go for the gun cabnet. ( Shotgun )
Gun cabnet ( Rifle )
Gun cabnet. ( unload them all and start organizing)
You run out of the house
2You see the zombie look in your windows. Next you...
Shoot the bastard
Go upstairs/ downstairs
Forget about him, your calling your friends
You open the window and let him in to kill him quietly
You shut the blinds
Go outside and play
3You make it to your car. Your family is "dead". And you bring....
Food, Guns, Gas, Ammo, Cat
Nothin. It will take too long
Nothing your car is your weapon
Chainsaw, rosary, bible, axe, pillow, asthma inhaler
Work papers/ homework
4Your running over zombies, listening to the radio and hear it will take about a week to end the maddness. You...
Get your friends and their guns
Go get the paper
You go to the gun store and empty your life savings
Go to a mall.
You do drive byes till your out
5You car breaks down. You need to ditch it. there are deads already coming!!. You grab as much as you can carry. what is it?
Chainsaw, rosary
Nothin, you know what your doing
Shotgun, hoodie, gloves, boots
Rifle, hoodie, gloves, boots
Lighter, gas, super soaker
6You make it to a gas station. Have a snack. And a cig. You notice some dead just wandering a ways away. what do you do?
Get your lighter, go outside, pump # 4 and start her up
You pack up and run like a cheetah on cocaine
You lock the door and try to wait it out
You go out and show them whose boss. jackie chan style.
7You are getting tired. Where do you go. Assume you grouped up with a few people.
Your house
Parking Garage( Top )
You can afford to sleep. Grab a Red Bull and continue.
You crash where you are. if you dont move they wont bother you.
You head to a building top.
8Your a hundred feet away from a working car. There are about 20 dead between you. ?...
You make a run for it
You stay back and lure them away and go back later.
You start picking them off one by one
You try and act like a "dead" and walk toward the car
You swear at them and throw rocks
9Day 5. You reacha hospital, and see a few people. Do you go in or continue to your own spot
Go in.
Forget that
10You passed out in the woods. You wake up dizzy and hear people screaming "berzerker". ( Berzerkers are crazed dead and do not encounter mucle fatigue. Ex. Unlimited Sprint) What do you do.
You cover yourself in mud and lay on the ground
You climb the nearest tree
You wait for him...hehe
You shoot yourself
11You are turning a corner and a zombie bites your hand. What do you do.
Put a cap in his ass
You cut your hand off with your kitchen knife... it was in your sock.
You shoot yourself
12If your alive... Its your last day to survive. You hear a few berzerkers in the area. What next.
Climb something!!!
Jackie Chan
Bolt to gas station, pump # 4. + Zippo
Hide in an alley
13You are on a rampage now. You found a chainsaw ( or still had yours ). What are you gonna do.
Run with it in front of you
Take off the heads one by one
Screw the chainsaw. Remember.. Jackie Chan
Forget the chainsaw. Gas Station + Pump # 4 + Zippo
Need a moment. Get your TWIX out.
14You and your best friend live through the fun day ( If you died earlier, shame on you). But you notice a bite on his arm. What now.?
Shoot him
Tell him.
Go to the "Bathroom", and get the hell out `a there
15Your home again. What do you grab
Toilet paper
Work papers/ homework

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