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How much do you like animals?
Are you animal killing, raw meat eating maniac, or do you surround youself with small furry animals?
personality test

1You go out for a high class meal at a posh restaurant. What do you order?
A freshly killed, raw bleeding plate of meat.
A juicy veal chop
Some very small, well cooked sausages, or fish.
An organically grown lettuce
2You are driving home down a dark country lane when you notice a small rabbit, frozen with fear in the middle of the road. You hot the rabbit. What do you do next?
Stop the car, finish the rabbit off and stick in the back of the car. Rabbit stew for dinner tonight.
Drive on as if nothing had happened
Drive on, feeling very upset and hoping that the rabbit makes a recovery
Rush the rabbit at high speed to the nearest vet, thinking nothing of the expense
3You find a spider in the bath. Do you?
Pull some of its legs off and watch it struggle
Kill it and get on with your bath
Ignore it. If it dies, it dies. If it lives, it lives.
Make sure you move it outside so it can get on with its life
4The circus comes to town. Do you?
Go and watch the dancing bears, enjoying every second
Watch all the acts, but feel a bit sad for the animals
Only watch the acts that involve humans
Help to organise a protest, and stand outside waving banners
5You notice a new high street store is selling designed fur coats. Do you?
Go in and buy one. They really suit you
Try a few on and consider getting one
Dont shop there ever again
Come back later and put superglue in the shops lock and throw red paint over the windows
6While on holiday at the seaside, you notice a Japenese whaling ship in hot persuit of a hapless Whale. Do you?
Take pictures of the whale being killed and show them to all your friends
Watch the events unfold to see what happens
Turn away in disgust
Steal a boat and try to get between the whale and the ship
7A new neighbour invites you to a dog fight. Do you?
Jump a chance, sounds like great fun
Say yes, so as not to appear rude, but dont turn up.
Decline the offer
Go along, taking surveillance pictures, which you will later take to the RSPCA
8You get a new puppy, within hours it soils your new rug. Do you?
Rub its nose in its own mess and kick it violently
Give a smack with a rolled up newspaper
Give it a stern telling off
Clean up the mess and forgive the animal. Its only a puppy.
9Your daughter keeps a pet rabbit in a hutch outside. You awake one night to find your neighbour, who works at a shampoo factory, is putting something into the rabbits eye. Do you?
Ignore it and go back to sleep
Make plans in the morning to get a taller fence
Shout out to him to get off your property
Organise a protest outside you neighbours factory, and try and have him sent to prison

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