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What do you look like?
(in case you don`t know)
personality test

1Let`s start off with the basics. Describe your teeth:
my teeth are nice and healthy
let me check my smile, baby.. I see big shiny squares!
they are sharp and pointy
I don`t know, probably have lettuce in them or something
not the best teeth around
2Now be so kind and tell me about your nose:
it`s huge! *cries*
I don`t know, I haven`t seen it in a while
it`s tiny
just an average nose
my nose is any shape I want it to be
3Eyes....What do yours look like?
my eyes are no extraordinary, but I`m happy with them
they are better with make-up on
huge and round
meh. my glasses cover them up anyway
red, when I`m about to blow something up
4Your hair...
brushed and in place
I don`t have any hair
hasn`t been brushed in days
I still have enough to pull on
5Time to analyze the skin on your face..
so pale, it almost glows
clogged up with foundation
rough, very... manly
still has marks from sleeping or rubbing, or from your face support..
6It`s important to look:
bright and colorful
who cares? no one will see me behind my computer screen
like you are ready for mass destruction
like a cowboy
7Best pet?
I`m not really in the mood for taking care of animals
virtual pet
human i kidnapped at the park
something hyper and depression-free, like myself
8How do you feel about babies?
babies are adorable, i want one (someday)!
babies are ok, as long as they stay away from me
i wonder how they work...
i am a baby myself!
it really depends on the sauce...
9Best way to meet an attractive stranger?
punch them or do something equally destructive
try to exchange e-mails
SMILE untill your eyes pop out
it`s best to appear invisible
drop some cheesy pick-up line
..is for losers, who can`t get a real date
..is perfect for calculation of your victim`s habits
..is harmless wasting of time
..is pointless. i`d rather scratch my back
..is necessary, otherwise my life would be incomplete
11Imagine an old lady crossing the street, while a bus driver spills coffee all over his crotch, looses control of the steering wheel and smashes the old lady. You watch the whole scene and realize your gum has lost its flavor. If you could be one flavor, which flavor would you be?
..some fruity flavor
..the flavor is not known to the human kind yet
12Just one more thing! ..You agree that the creator of this quiz is going to remain unharmed and perfectly healthy.
I agree
I agree, bitch!!

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