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Would You Marry Leela or Amy? (Futurama Quiz)
Title says all. Enjoy.
personality test

1Welcome to the quiz
2Ready to begin?
Of course. Please proceed.
No spluh!
3Place you'd like to meet a girl?
At an orphanage looking to adopt a kid and there she was.
Shopping Mall
4Where would you two go on a date?
A movie, dinner, the usual.
Hoverboarding on mars
5Gift you'd get her?
A new scrunchy for her hair.
A watch that tells the times we are together.
6Important qualities in a relationship?
Maturity, Respect and Compassion
Romance, Attraction and Happiness
7Best part of a relationship would be?
Being together happy is all.
Kissing and sex
8Thoughts on getting married?
Marriage? I...I don't know what to say...!
Hooray! A wedding!
9Where would be a good place to propose to her?
The restaurant where we had our first date.
Her bedroom.
10What wedding would you want to have?
As long as it's perfect, we'll be set.
The most expensive no one's money but her's can't afford.
11Best qualities you see in a girl?
Smart and Tough
Pretty and Rich
12Worst quality you see in a girl?
A bit b*tchy...
A bit selfish...
13Worst quality you can show a girl?
Being an egotistical, bragging jerk.
Treating women like the typical housewife.
14Best quality you can show a girl?
I'm willing to myself before her!
Getting along with her I guess.
15Activity you can tolerate?
Combat Practice/Delivery Service
Salon/Shopping Spree
16Thoughts on rain?
So much for our night out...
Gah! My hair! But GREAT an excuse to make hot chocolate!
17Select a movie genre to watch with her
A Thrilling Action Flick
A Romantic Drama
18You'd most like to see your girl wearing...
Real beauty lies within the girl not by the clothes she wears.
She can wear anything and do it justice!
19Most important part of living independently?
As long as you're rich, why worry?
20Love you desire in a relationship?
Pragma (a kind of practical love founded on reason or duty & one's longer-term interests.)
Eros (physical, sensual intimacy between a husband & wife. It expresses sexual, romantic attraction
21You can count on your girl for/to...
22What kind of girl do you actually want?
Someone tough, but has a gentle side.
Someone pretty and thoughtful
23Would you be able to tell your girl all your secrets/truths/opinions?
Hard to say. Have you met my girl?
As long as she doesn't think that I think she's fat, anything else is fine.

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