Would you be reborn as Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy or Scooby-Doo? Fill this quiz and find out. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Scooby-Doo Character Would You Be Reincarnated As?
Would you be reborn as Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy or Scooby-Doo? Fill this quiz and find out.
personality test

1Welcome to the afterlife
I...I don't believe it!
Jeepers! How...beautiful!
Jinkies! How do you like this?!
Zoinks! Like, far out, man!
Roh boy!
2Change of plans, you get a second chance at life.
That's awfully nice of you.
Awesome. I had a sale to go to anyway.
Well, how convenient and inconvenient in unison.
Like so much for this ol' paradise, man.
*righ* *sniffles*
3Keep in mind, once reincarnated, you won't remember a thing from your past life. Are you willing to accept that?
Gosh, if I have to.
But what if I don't remember the right way to do my hair and makeup?!
As long as I can remember the important stuff, I most am.
Like as long as I don't remember ghosts or other freaky things, man.
Rill I rill rereber Rooby Racks?
4*You see your new reflection in the mirror*
Hey, good-looking. *notices and admires ascot*
OMG! Who does your hair?
Jinkies. A mirror...and I just figured that out of nothing!
Zoinks! Like, who are you, man?!
Rah! (runs away)
5Now that your new life is in order, you will...
See what this word on this....ghost haunting the town is about.
Check out the, what do you call them again? Oh, yeah, stores!
Check out this great thing called the library!
Like fetching some, what's it called? Oh, yeah! Grub! I'm starving, man!
*licks lips thinking about food*
6Which of the following most appeals to you?
My ascot.
Food and just about anything that ain't creepy, man!
Rarwhever ry rest rend rikes!
7After joining a gang of mystery solvers, you may find your best position to be...
The leader who comes up with all the traps.
The Damsel in Distress (unfortunately)
Putting the clues together.
Cowering with my best friend.
The one that eventually pulls through and helps solve the mystery.
8Select one of the movies below.
Home Alone
Legally Blonde
Mr. Holmes
All Dogs Go to Heaven
9Pick the one word you think best describes you?
10Which of the following edible substances sounds good right now?
Just a cold cola will do.
Salad please.
A sandwich. Something I can hold while I type up my work.
Like, give me the whole menu!
Reah! Rhat re read!
11Which dream have you most likely or would likely have?
Making my dad proud.
Solving a mystery myself without being the damsel in distress.
Winning the Nobel Peace Prize
Something to wake me up in the middle of the night.
Romething really rericious!
12School position?
The popular, but nice jock.
The popular, but friendly glamour girl.
Straight A+ Student.
That unpopular kid who's afraid of his own shadow.
Rogs ron't ro to school.
13Now time to look for a part-time job. What sounds the most appealing?
Home Security Installer
Fashion Designer
Assistant to my parents' book store.
Something I can stay in for more than a week.
Resrection rog.
14Speed Dating Time.
Love to, but I'm very busy!
Hmph! That's fine. I have other things to do too!
Oh I don't really have a special guy in mind.
I had someone once, she was literally "out of this world"!
*sniffles remembering past love too*
15What sounds like a good gift right now?
Maybe just a new ascot.
Something in a...purple shade!
A new magnifying glass, perhaps?
Coupons to my favorite fast food joint?
A rew rox of Rooby Racks?
16How do you find yourself making friends?
Not bad. I'm pretty popular with the ladies.
Splendid. The girls want to be me and the guys want to date me.
Don't exactly have the best people skills.
I'm...kind of awkward around new people
Rine. Ras rong ras it rain't rats (cats).
17Thoughts on attending a party?
Why not?
That's very thoughtful of you.
Hmmm...*in mind* This sounds suspicious. Better investigate just in case.
Like, will there be a buffet!?
Reah! Ruffet?!
18Thoughts on teasing?
Not cool!
Teasing? That's just...mean!
Maybe a little jeer here and there.
My old pal and I tend to get the teasing end of the stick.
Reah. Rick?! Where?!
19How do you want to start over with this new life?
With as much competence and focus as ever.
Show them I'm no force to be reckoned with!
By solving cases as thorough as ever.
Be brave at anything bad (suddenly becomes fearless) that dares cross my turf!
Rotect Ry Rends!
20Looks like you're settled in. Farewell.
Take care.
Thanks for everything!
May our paths cross again!
Like, it's been fun, man!

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