Could it be Zim, Gir, Dib or Gaz that you become reborn as? Fill this quiz and find out. Also, please comment ideas for more questions as well as answers for characters such as Professor Membrane, The Tallests, Tak, etc. and they may be added to the quiz. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Invader Zim Character Would You Be Reincarnated As?
Could it be Zim, Gir, Dib or Gaz that you become reborn as? Fill this quiz and find out. Also, please comment ideas for more questions as well as answers for characters such as Professor Membrane, The (more)
personality test

1Welcome to the afterlife
*screams in terror*
Wow! Wish I had a camera to show proof!
2Change of plans, you get a second chance at life.
Yes! I shall rule again!
Thank you! I'll be happy to share what I saw here!
Great. I have a video game to get back to.
3Keep in mind, once reincarnated, you won't remember a thing from your past life. Are you willing to accept that?
Fool! Nothing can wipe the memory of (your name here)
Awww, but I wanna remember The Scary Monkey Show.
No! Then I won't have ANY proof!
4*You see your new reflection*
Who are you?! I demand you to respond!
Oooo, hi there!
*glares in interest*
5Now that your new life is in order, you will...
Plan world domination!
I'm gonna roll around on the floor for a while, ok?
Suddenly feel the need to...investigate paranormal activity!
Play video games.
6After adapting for a while, you find you're good at.
Coming up with plans.
I'm...*laughs* I don't know!
Investigation and research.
Gaming. Now go away!
7Favorite Movie genre?
I've no time for your earthly visuals!
Something fun with squirrels!
Horror. I'm warning you now...!
8Word that describes you best?
WorD? There is more to describe me!
Oooo...*suddenly spazzes out*
Crazy (why do people think I'm crazy?)
You're asking for it...
9Which of the following edible substances sounds good right now?
Whatever won't cause skin irritation!
No time for food. Aliens among us!
*in a hypnotic trance* Bloaty's...Pizza...Hog
10School Title/Position?
The Green Kid
I stay at home and play with my squid!
The Big-Headed Weird Kid.
No one even talks to me like you shouldn't be....!
11Dream career?
Lord of all humans!
Can I be a mongoose dog?
I just wanna be...successful!
CEO of the most successful Video Game Company in existence!
12What sounds like a fitting gift for you?
Whatever will help me in my quest for world domination!
Taquitos! And a clown with no head!
Something to catch the alien GUARANTEED
For you and everyone else to GO AWAY!
13How do you find yourself making friends?
Invaders need no one...NO ONE! *falls from the ceiling*
No one really likes me...*frowns*
What do I need friends for?!
14How do you feel about attending a party?
NEVER! Especially not in my secret lair!
I'm baking the cake!
No one's ever invited me to a party.
.....That's it! (slowly closes in on me)
15Thoughts on teasing?
I will make them ALL suffer! *evil laugh*
This one kid's all mean to my master. He not nice to him! I seen it! He is bad!
Only to this one "human" who deserves it!
Do I look like I care?
16How might you want to start over with this new life?
I shall rule with an iron first! *notices someone* You! obey the fist!
*slurping chocolate bubble gum* What?
I guess I do need to come off less...crazy to people.
Go away! *throws dirt and flowers at me*
17Any enemies you have?
I don't care how delicious my enemy is HE'S EVIL!
Aw, but I like so many people!
The alien! The one I told you I saw!
...Any and all who exist...
18You can often be found...
At my nice, solitary house on earth! I LOVE EARTH!
Watching the Scary Monkey Show.
Investigating or finding proof of the alien.
Anywhere I can be left alone with my video games.
19You have recently discovered dreams. What might this dream have been about?
My secret exposed! *screams in horror*
I was a chubby lady hiding in the bushes. Oh, and my friend, Mr. Squirrel was there too!
I finally exposed the alien and my life changed PERFECTLY...*sobs that it was only a dream*
People like you never speaking to me again.
20Looks like you're well settled in. Farewell.
Excellent. Be gone!
Well...guess I'll see you...never...
*simply walks away*

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