Would you be reborn cowardly, but courageous like Courage? Loving like Muriel? Or as grumpy as Eustace? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Courage the Cowardly Dog Character Would you Be Reincarnated As?
Would you be reborn cowardly, but courageous like Courage? Loving like Muriel? Or as grumpy as Eustace?
personality test

1Welcome to the afterlife
*looks in awe*
Why, it's so lovely!
Eh, phooey.
2Change of plans, you get a second chance at life.
How wonderful.
Now you're talkin' smart.
3Keep in mind, once reincarnated, you won't remember a thing from your past life. Are you willing to accept that?
(shakes head saying "uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh")
Well, thanks for the memories I suppose.
Big deal.
4You see your reflection in the mirror.
*jumps and screams at the sight*
Oh, what a lovely portrait.
Blah blah blah!
5Now that your new life is in order, you will...
Sleep on the porch or my owner's lap.
Feel a desire to...how do you say? Bake!
Just be somewhere with my new, what's it called? Good chair!
6Which of the following most appeals to you?
Anything nice my owner does for me!
Just a lovely peaceful day is fine.
Anything that doesn't involve the stupid dog!
7After adapting for a while, you may find you're good at?
Protecting my new home and family!
Why, baking and caring for my (insert name of pet here) of course!
Scaring the stupid dog.
8Select the word you think best describes you.
Grumpy (and proud of it)
9What sounds like a good gift right now?
Something that won't make me scream!
Anything really. Why, it's the thought that counts after all.
Being rich!
10Any friends you've made?
Some who were enemies at first, but we grew on each other after I helped them.
A few my (name of pet here) have made.
Who needs friends?!
11How would you feel about attending a party?
It better not be scary or my name's Archibald...and it's not.
Why, that sounds wonderful.
Eh, count me out.
12Thoughts on teasing?
I can live without it especially if somebody scares me!
*whacks rolling pin on person teasing*
Nothin' I love more than bringing it to the stupid dog!
13You have recently discovered a fear. What might this fear be?
So much!
When I'm kidnapped and facing danger!
I ain't scared of nothin' and that' that!
14Any enemies you have?
So many!
Someone who impersonated me after I thought we'd be friends!
Just anybody that wakes me up when I'm nappin'!
15You can be often be found...
Helping out or writing or researching on my computer.
Keeping the house clean or baking.
In my chair reading the paper or watching tv.
16What's the one flaw you'd like to change about yourself?
Be less afraid of the smallest things!
I have a flaw? I had no idea.
I ain't got no flaws!
17What sounds like a good place to be right now?
Any place where creepy stuff doesn't happen!
Just my nice house is fine
Anywhere where I can sleep!
18Which of the following edible substances sounds good right now?
Whatever I can bake
Who cares?! Just feed me my supper!
19Looks like you're all settled. Farewell.
Thanks! Good-bye!
*annoyed groan*

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