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Going out with Dawn (Simulation)
Would you and Dawn be a compatible couple?
personality test

1Dawn: Hi! My name is Dawn.
Dawn! It's so great to finally meet you!
Oh, hey, Dawn. What's new?
Whatever. You seen Misty or May around?
2Dawn: Ready to go out?
As I'll ever be I guess.
If I must...
3Dawn: First, care to model what I have in mind for you to wear for our first date?
Anything for you, Dawn!
Depends...I may need a say in what I think of your outfit for me.
Skip the fashion! Let's go!
4Dawn: Where would be a good place for us?
Perhaps...a fashion show and salon?
Perhaps...a romance movie and dinner? Just off the top of my head.
5Dawn: What do you like about me?
Your fashion sense, inspiration never to dwell, your optimism and your beauty.
You're pretty and nice?
When you stay silent!
6Dawn: Anything embarrassing ever happen to you that someone/others won't let you live down?
You have NO idea!
They don't talk about it too often.
I doubt that's any of your business!
7Dawn: Where might we work together?
As fashion designers! It's always been our dream!
I would TRY to help you with your fashion any way I can. Never had any experience in it tbh.
Car washers? You can be the s**t.
8Dawn: Describe me in one word.
9Dawn: Thoughts on my Pokemon?
Since YT has a character max. refer to the image & select here if you choose this as your answer
I like about half your pokemon. Others I don't really care for (with all due respect)
Not a single one I care for!
10Dawn: I'm hurt! What would you do?!
I'd bring you home to my house and care for you through and through.
Call you an ambulance. They'll care for you, but I'll stay by your side through and through.
I'd bring you home to my house. You rest in my bed & inform me if you need anything.
Call an ambulance. They'll care for you, but I'll visit you daily.
Looks good on ya!
11Dawn: I seem...off. What do you suspect I mean?
"Dawn, is everything okay? Share your troubles and i assure you, I'll be able to cheer you up."
"Dawn, are you sad? Let me cheer you up w/ a shopping spree." (Dawn: Perhaps. Depends on my state.)
Offer my consoling services, but have trouble saying the right things.
I don't care.
12Dawn: It's my birthday! Plans to celebrate my big day?
Shopping, fashion show and a big party with our friends afterwards!
Maybe just shopping and bake a cake.
Stay home?
13Dawn: Would you sacrifice your life for me?
Of course. No beauty should leave earth this soon! See you when your time comes next.
Hard to say. I've many things I'm not proud of.
Hell no.
14Dawn: Would you be able to trust with me with all your opinions, secrets and truths?
Of course. I've nothing too big nor shameful to hide.
Some things may be much to bear.
Forget it.
15Dawn: If you were in a heated Pokemon battle, would you like me to be your personal cheerleader?
Would you?! That'd mean so much! I need support from people like you!
I might be a bit flattered, but it also might seem embarrassing.
Cheerleader? I'd prefer a water girl.
16Dawn: I just styled my hair? What do you think?
*doesn't notice a difference* ...Looks great!
You styled it? *Dawn glares angrily at you*
B*tch you call that styled? I see no difference. *Dawn's temper increases*
17Dawn: Thoughts on this dress and hat?
They suit you, but neither do your beauty justice.
Not my most favorite outfit from you, but it's nice.
Don't care!
18Dawn: Well, that's the end of our night out. It was...interesting. Final thoughts?
That was fun! We must meet more often!
Decent to say the least. I do still want to be friends though.
*flips the Pidgey at you and storms off* (Dawn: Well good night to you too!)

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