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Going Out with Courtney (Simulation)
Would you and Courtney be a compatible couple?
personality test

1Courtney: Hi, Courtney here. After breaking up with Duncan and barely been with Scott, I've finally decided to return to the dating spectrum. And you are?
Hi there, Courtney. Name's (y/n) A pleasure to meet you.
Courtney, hey. I'm (y/n). You and Bridgette still getting along?
Nunya Damn Biz.
2Courtney: Oooh! First, I must make a call to my lawyers. Do you mind waiting?
Not at all, take your time.
A bit, but for you, I'll be patient.
If you take too long, then forget going out at all. (Courtney: *glares at you*)
3Courtney: Anyway, if you're ready, shall we go out for the night?
I think I'm ready. (Courtney: There's no "i" in ready. You'd best adjust your being prepared!)
As long as it's too dark to see you, sure.
4Courtney: Now since I'm a CIT, I shall decide where we go. Any objection?
Of course. You are a Counselor IN TRAINING. Do what you must to prepare to be  a full counselor.
I may make a suggestion or two if you'll consider.
Ever hear of a man wearing the pants?! I'LL decide!
5Courtney: What are your thoughts working as a fully-trained counselor or a Counselor in general?
I'd be perfect. The world needs reassuring and inspirational guidance from people like us.
I guess I would need your guidance for it. Other than that, it's an inspiring career choice.
Counselor? What a joke.
6Courtney: Something you like about me?
Smart, Pretty and a leader of tomorrow.
You're smart and pretty, but...you're also quite bossy & need a handle on your temper.
When you'll be dead. (Courtney: Oh, that is it! I'm calling my attorney!)
7Courtney: Describe me in one word.
Controlling? (It's the nicest word to describe you)
Cranky (...a bit?)
8Courtney: If we weren't out right now, would I be better off with Duncan or Scott?
Duncan of course. He still has a place in his heart for you.
Scott. He loves being bossed around. You two are perfect.
You'd be better off with dirt. (Courtney: Dirt?! You must mean yourself then.)
9Courtney: Would you be willing to change what I think needs to change about you.
Whatever you feel is right, I'll cooperate.
Well, I don't want to say good-bye to what I'm happy with, therefore, I'd need to have a say in it.
Right. Like I'd let a woman tell me different.
10Courtney: What would be the deciding factor that says we belong together?
We both keep each other organized and plan things perfectly.
We...get along?
Only by penalty of law would I be with you! (Courtney: That can be arranged...*whips out PDA*)
11Courtney: Was it an injustice that I was eliminated over a stupid chart and how Chris turned the tables in the Sundae challenge?!
Of course! You deserved to make the finale!
If you had made no chart in the first place, I'm sure you'd have been safe.
B*tch you blew it and you'll never admit it! (Courtney: I could too admit it!)
12Courtney: Do you vow to use a past injustice for motivation until you've gotten your revenge?
Of course! No one has the right to do what they do to me!
It's best to just talk it out with the person responsible. Hasn't Bridgette ever taught you that?
The only injustice is that we went out together.
13Courtney: Would you EVER even think of cheating on me?!
Of course not. (in mind) Such a b*tch...
M-m-might slip up and kiss a different girl at most if caught up in the moment.
Sure I would. I never cared for you at all.
14Courtney: I'm hurt! Do something!
Don't worry, Court. I'll bring you to my house care for you. I'll be by your side thru & through.
Be strong, Court. I'll drive/uber you to the ER. You'll be in good hands & I will stay by your side.
I'll bring you to my house. use my bed. I'll be in a different room. Shout if you need me.
I'll bring drive/uber you to the ER. The doctors will care for you. I'll visit you daily.
Good riddance.
15Courtney: It's my birthday and i have big plans. Willing to compromise? We'll study for my plans I have for our future, file and win a case and if we have time, make out?
Sounds awesome. I'm in.
If I must...
Hell no. That ain't no way to celebrate a birthday!
16Courtney: Would you sacrifice your life for me?
Of course. The future needs you. See you when your time comes...eventually.
Hard to say. I've many things I'm not proud of.
Heck no. You deserve to die first.
17Courtney: Would you be able to share you truths and secrets with me?
Of course. I've nothing too bad nor shameful on my record.
Some things are too much to bear.
Like I'd tell you anything.
18Courtney: Well that's the end of that date. Final thoughts?
It's been fun, Courtney. Same time again? (Courtney: I'd have to see what day I'm free [checks pda])
It was...fine for a one-time thing. (Courtney: Am I not pretty or good enough for you?!)
Just one...*farts in your direction* (Courtney: Augh! You're just as bad as Owen!)

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