If you take this quiz, your irl name will be put on a government watch list for pretend copyright infringement and double kinning Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which RTC Character Are You Kin With?
If you take this quiz, your irl name will be put on a government watch list for pretend copyright infringement and double kinning
personality test

1You're at a beautiful Halloween gala. The attire is black tie and masquerade mask. What is your outfit like?
Enchanting. If I'm not the main event; I'll die!
A unique color. I wouldn't mind looking good and standing out too much.
Something plain. It's a masquerade party, anyhow. Hope no one recognizes me.
Whatever I wear will look good because I'm wearing it.
No matter what I wear, I am here to have fun!
2Your home is being engulfed in flames. You know you will never come back. Outside, you hear screaming, gunshots, and sirens. You only have enough time to save one thing. What do you take with you?
An heirloom necklace. It is worth a ton and is as old as my entire bloodline.
A book full of photographs. Those memories would be lost forever.
My favorite book. Something I could read over and over, even if it was all I had.
My headphones and something to plug them into. If I couldn't listen to my music, I would go mad.
My wallet! How else could I find a place to stay if my home was gone?
3You are being hunted down be people that want to kill you. It's cold, wet, and pouring rain. As you run down the street, you realize that you are cornered. In this dead end street, you have to find a place to hide, quickly. Where do you hide?
In a dense bush. I keep my head down, my breathing quiet, and my body still. I wait the mob out.
I squeeze into a sewer inlet. It may be disgusting, but no one will find me here.
I climb through a shattered window into a house. The glass cuts me, but I hate rain, so whatever.
I dive under a car and hold my breath until it's safe. I can wait it out if I don't float off.
I sneak into a backyard and hide in the gazebo. At least only my shoes are wet.
4You find a group of survivors that seem friendly. The mobs have not found you and you are somewhat safe. There's food to eat and beds to sleep in, but you have to fill a role in the community if you want to stay. What role do you fill?
Cooking. I prepare what I can with what we have and try to make everything a little less miserable.
Rationing. I am excellent at figuring out how much of what we need and who gets it.
Scavenging. I go on dangerous missions to ensure our survival, even if it scares me sometimes.
Nursing. I try to care for the sick and wounded, even if it's just trying to make someone smile.
Planning. I prefer to fight by volunteering my intellect. I help plan routes and scavenges.
5What is the best revenge?
Breaking someone's heart.
Backstabbing or undermining.
The silent treatment.
Character assassination and general trash talking.
Pranking someone until they beg for forgiveness.
6What's sexiest?
Someone that doesn't care.
Someone that cares a little too much.
Someone that makes you feel good.
Someone that is attractive and good looking.
Someone with a good sense of humor.

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