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Which Of My Ocs Are You?
well???? huh which one is it ya kin-stealing double
personality test

1You're on a blind date with a charismatic man with a great set of burlesque arms, when you realize that your real date is at a different table completely! Do you:
Apologize to the mystery man and go introduce to your real date
...I mean, they wouldn't have to know, right? Stay with the hot man
Just date em both lol
2You're having a party at your place with a group of friends, what activity would you suggest for everyone to do?
Spin the bottle and make sure you're next to your crush
Truth or dare so you can unlock everyone's secrets
Start a drinking competition and be sure to crush all of the competitor's for bragging rights
3Who would you be in a fantasy action-adventure story?
The hero! A knight in shining armor
The charismatic thief who steals hearts
The main villian that started this mess
4Oh my god you are roommates with your crush. What do you do?
Literally just never wear a shirt
Probably feel super self-concious all the time, but try to get them know them more
Go through their things when they're out, and then use awesome original one-liners
5It's Mother's day at your school! Why is your mom unable to come?
She's out of town, I call her though to wish her a Happy Mother's Day though
I'm not on good terms with my mother, so I just ignore the holiday
I never really had a mother growing up, so I'm used to treating Mother's Day like any other day

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