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Would you survive in the Hunger Games?
Find out if you would or wouldn't survive the Hunger Games by taking this quiz!
personality test

1When the game begins, what would you do first?
Run to the Cornucopia to get some supplies.
Go into the forest and look for bundles of supplies along the way.
Grab the closest weapon and kill as many tributes as you can.
Follow the tribute from your district.
2You've made it through the whole day. You've found a cave to sleep in, and you start to hear voices. The voices are approaching closer and closer. What do you do?
Get out of that cave and make a run for it.
Stay in the cave and ignore the voices.
Go deeper into the cave.
Find a place to hide outside of the cave.
3You're out of water, and you don't know when it will rain again. What should you do?
Wait until it rains again.
Search for water.
Ask sponsers for water.
Try to steal water from rival tributes.
4You come across a plant that you don't recognize, but you're low on food. What will you do?
Eat it, what harm can a plant do?
Leave it alone. It may be unsafe.
Take it along with you, maybe it'll be useful somehow.
Rub it on yourself.
5Two tributes are coming towards you, and they appear to have weapons. What do you do?
Try to take them both down with your own weapon.
Run off to hide somewhere.
Attempt to stop them to form an alliance.
Just stand there. Maybe you'll think of something at last moment.
6You lost your fellow tribute in the beginning in the game, but you both have been reunited at a pond. Later that night, you awake to them rustling around your bag and you hear the unmistakable sound of your weapons clanking together. What'll you do?
Turn around and snatch the bag away.
Go back to sleep, they can be trusted since they're your district's tribute.
Grab up the weapons and kill your partner.
Run away.
7The other tribute from your district has been killed. How do you feel about this? (This will not do anything to your outcome)
Sad. It was a person you knew, so of course you'd feel this way.
Nothing. This person may have tried to kill you, so why feel anything at all?
Happy. It's one less to kill.
Angry. They shouldn't have been killed, it just isn't fair.
8You smell something funny, realizing that a fire is near. Smoke rises. Where do you go?
Into the forest, away from the fire.
Into the water. The fire can't get you there, right?
Towards the fire. Maybe you can get around it.
Stay put. Hopefully it won't reach you.
9You and one other tribute are the only ones left alive. You've made it so far. What are you going to do?
Search to find the other tribute and kill them.
Wait for the tribute to come near you then strike.
Hide out and hope that the other tribute starves.
Set a trap and lead them to it.
10What did you think of this quiz? (This will not do anything to your outcome)
Great quiz!
Whatever, give me my score.
It could've been better.
Okay quiz.

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