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What Skyrim character would you be?
Imperial Soldier, Mage, or Assassin? Many great characters, which would you be?
personality test

1Your in battle and see a dragon land in from of you, what is your reaction?
Laugh uncontrollably, and dance around it.
"Hello, briinah."
"It's a dragon! Kill it now!"
Wolf out and attack.
Revert to Vampire Lord form and attack.
Kill, then take anything it's got on it.
"Men, get in formation! Attack!"
Begin casting fire bolts at it.
2How do you take criticism?
I'll just cast a spell to fix it.
You think that? I think that! We all think that! *dances around*
Who do you think you are?
That's not for you to decide.
Who cares, I stole all your gold.
I see, well I am who I am.
I guess nobody is perfect.
No not speak down to me!
3What are your friends like?
They are all in my head!
They are highly intellectual, and powerful.
They are strong Gods.
They are fierce, merciless soldiers.
They are like my sisters and brothers.
They are all dead, they died long ago.
They are well trained, dedicated soldiers.
They are nice, but keep your eyes pealed if they go near your money. *smirks*
4What do you fight for?
The empire
My race.
My religion.
The night mother.
My family.
My self.
The preservation of magic.
5What do you fight against?
The Empire
The Stormcloaks
Anyone who doesn't believe me!
Anyone who does not obey me.
My father.
Anyone with money that I want.
People who abuse the great power of magic.
6Where can you be found on any given day?
Wherever I am needed in order to defend The Empire.
In my throne, defending my people.
Dancing around the night mothers grave of course!
Flying high in the skies.
Stealing *coughs* I meant purchasing items in the local shops.
Hiding from the sun.
Practicing my spells.
Fighting beside my sisters and brothers.
7What is your favorite animal?
A bat.
The wolf.
The dragon.
Animals are for eating, you silly goose.
A bear.
An Eagle.
A snake
A owl.

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