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Would you survive being tortured?
Would you survive or die?
personality test

1You wake up strapped to a metal surgery table. You see scalpels, other knives and dead bodies. What do you do?
Scream and struggle and call for mommy
Stay calm and wait
Break your wrists trying to escape
What? I'm not being tortured. What is this?
Hold your breath until you suffocate
2A scary man walks in before you can do anything. He says he's here to save you. You...
Spit in his face
Trust him
Dig your fingernails into his leg really hard
I'm already dead from a second ago
3He takes you to a room and sits you down at a table. He comes toward you with a needle. You
Let him inject you, With stuff that could kill you
Reason with him
Punch him in the nose
I'm still dead here
4Regardless of what you just did, he drops the needle onto the floor. Some of the liquid touches you. It burns a bit. What do you do now?
Sit there panicking
Punch him...again
(if you chose run on the previous question). You find the kitchen and splash water on yourself
Scream and cry
Nothing i'm dead
5The man grabs you and drags you to the basement and ties you up and gags you. What is your reaction.
laugh at yourself because you're getting used to this
try to stay calm
headbut him in the chin, and wait for something to happen
nothing..i'm still dead
6He grabs hold of your wrist and hear it click. He's pressing harder. He's winning, fast
Let him, and laugh because you now realise it's stupid and it's probably a dream
dig your fingernails into his wrists until it bleeds
scream and struggle
hope and pray for a miricle
doesn't he realise i'm already dead?!
7What happens next?
the police come, kill the man and save you
your wrist breaks
he loses balance and you knock him out
you let yourself drift to sleep.
8Depending on wat you just picked, what is the aftermath?
the police take you to hospital. you are on the road to recovery
luckily after several bones are broken you are in hospital.. not recovering well
The man has been unconscious for hours, you are waiting
you woke up, and surprsingly, it was a dream!
i'm in heaven. I was already dead
9If youU picked 3, what happened next?
I just died after ages of waiting
someone found me...
I'm alive! I think...i didn't pick 3 though
I didnt pick 3, it was an amazing dream....or was it?
i'm just dead and have been for the past ages!
I didn't pick three... so ...i'm done

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