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What would your special ability be?
If you had a supernatural talent or ability what would it be?
personality test

1It's 7 am on the weekend and you are woken up by the neighbor mowing the lawn, you...?
Roll over and go back to sleep and wake up again at 4pm and than stay home alone on your computer
You wake up...have a healthy breakfast than go for a jog.
You wake up hungover realize you are in someone else's bed, quietlly take your stuff and leave.
You think to yourself how nice your neighbor is that he probably didn't know you were asleep.
You get up angrily and than kick your small toe on the foot of your bed
2You are walking along the street and you come across a wallet with $500 in it, you..?
would never steal, you take it to the address on the ID that was inside.
would never steal but to shy to take it to the address so you hand it in to police.
think about a nice item you could buy with it, but leave it where you found it.
Take it in an instant!....who wouldn't?
don't steal anything and hand it in to the police.
3Your biggest fear is..?
Everyone talking about you behind your back.
being stuck inside with no fresh air and nothing to do.
being bullied.
being caught out on a lie.
loosing control and punching someone who made you angry.
not being able to help people in need.
4you are at a party and you..?
don't eat any party food...you like to stay healthy.
wish you weren't here your a little shy.
were really anxious about what to wear and what people think of you
plan the death of the people you dislike in the room
like to ask everyone how they are doing and are a freind to anyone who needs one
lie to several people about yourself to make you look better than you are
5your ideal holiday is...?
staying home playing video games or reading a book.
going on a big adventure...going somewhere you haven't seen before with bush tracks.
going to a 3rd world country and helping the poor.
having an endless budget so i can impress me and my friends.
travel abroad.
Vegas to count cards or swindle people for money.

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