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Are you most like a cat or a dog?
Take this quiz to find out if you are most like a cat or a dog.
personality test

1Do you go to every party, even if you weren't invited?
Yes, I love parties. And showing off to friends.
No. I go to just go to the parties I'm invited to, and enjoy it.
I go to my best friends party. But I sometimes go to my enemies party and trash it.
2Are you shy around new people?
No! I'm right in peoples faces doin whatever I want in front of them.
Yes, you should always be a little frightened to meet new people. Everyone. But u get comfortable.
Sometimes. I'm super loud in front of friends, but when it's just me and my family, I'm shy.
3Do you trust everyone you see, even if you don't know them?
Yes, I would even trust a person standing outside me house holding a gun.
No, I wouldn't. You don't know what those people are capable of. Always be cautious.
Sometimes. If they smile, I know I can trust them, If they shot a gun, them no way!
4Are you loud?
All the time! I got fired twice because I talked so loud, and got in a fight with my boss.
No, not really. I like to keep to myself, and that could get me through life easily.
Sometimes. Just around friends though. Not in public, I'm a shy as a peanut in their!
5What would you rather do?
Bug all the people in the world.
Make new friends.
Make friends, and also hurt people
6What one do you like better.
CATS!!! Totally! Who wouldn't
Both cats and dogs

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