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Which One Direction Member is the one for you?
Find out which member is for you.
personality test

1You see One Direction walking down the street, what do you do?
You start flirting with them
Keep it cool and start a friendly conversation with them
Make some jokes and keep them laughing
Take them to an restaurant to eat and talk.
Your shy at first but after you open up, you make jokes and, mess around with them
2You and One Direction want to go somewhere special, where do you go?
You go to a romantic beach.
Go somewhere you can grab a bite to eat, DUH!
Go to the Movies to watch something, maybe a new Toy Story movie...
Go to a house of mirrors.
Go to a comedian show for some laughs.
3Who's your favorite One Direction member?
Harry, duh. Who doesn't love my Harry?(Me: Okayy...........) YOU BETTER LOVE MY HARRY!!!!!!!!!!
Liam, I really love my daddy direction.
Louis, he's really funny. I could use a good laugh!
Zayn, we could do our hair together and buy some mirrors! YAY!! YOU DON'S TOUCH HIM! (Me: I won't)
Niall! I really, love him!! He's cute and I kiss his poster and I like food like he does and........
4You and One Direction go out to the movies, what do you do?
You act cold or scared hoping one of the boys would put their arm around you of their jacket.
Enjoy the movie quietly and make sure the others are too.
Laugh loudly at the funny parts of the movie.
Munch on all the popcorn and candies you got for the movie.
Quietly enjoy the movie, laughing sometimes at the funny parts but mostly being silent.
5You are walking on the beach when you notice Niall is sad you....
Start to flirt with him.
You give him a hug and ask him why he's crying and do anything you can to help.
Ask him what's wrong in a motherly tone, hoping that you can help in anyway.
Ask him what's wrong and then distract him from the problem by asking about your make up.
Figure out what's wrong and make a joke out of it that he would laugh along with you.
6You and Harry are walking alone with some ice cream when he begins to flirt with you, how do you react?
I flirt back, DUH! Who wouldn't flirt with Harry? (Me: Okay, okay, sheesh!)
You quickly make a joke hoping that Harry will forget about flirting with you. You like someone else
Talk about make up and how good you look, hoping that he takes a hint.
Just eat your ice cream and when you finish ask for another one hoping that he will take an hint.
Explain to him gently that you just see him as a brother, and then fix his hair in a motherly way.
7Liam asks you to be Mommy Direction you reply...
I would love to be Mommy Direction! I've been waiting for this moment!!!!!
Say, "Sorry but there is someone else." crake a joke afterwards to cheer him up.
Start flirting with him before you gently turn him down.
Say, "Sorry, but I have me and my food." And then you continue to eat.
Sigh looking in a mirror, "Sorry Liam, I love someone else."
8Zayn tells you that he loves you more than mirrors, you say...
Oh my gosh, I llove you more than mirrors too!
"I like someone else." And start flirting with another member of the band.
Quickly pick up an carrot and bites it you hope he can take an hint.
Say, "You'll find someone else dear." In a mother like tone.
Sigh and contine to eat, you shake your head and say "Sorry."
9Let fate decide!!
10Louis asks you to be his girlfriend, what do you say?
Say "OF COURSE!" and then crake a joke.
Flirt with him.
Shake head and say, "I like someone else. There is a perfect girl for you somewhere."
Sigh and say shyly, "I'm sorry."
Munch, munch, munch,"Wait.... What?"
11Last question! Your best friend tells you that she is dating Harry, what do you say?
What? You stole MY Harry? Give him back! (Me: Cat fight! MEOW!)
Tell her how proud of her you are and how much she'll enjoy being his girl.
Smile and congratulate her.
Think:Louis is free now..... Maybe..... just maybe...
Eats and then looks up, want to eat to celebrate?!

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