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What Wolf Are You?
What wolf are you? Let's find out!
personality test

1Just another day in the Pack, what is your favorite thing to do?
Daydream in the meadow.
Tell jokes and play!
Train to be the best Warrior the pack has ever seen!
Supervise Training and hunt for food for the pack.
2The Moonrise Pack is under attack! Quick, what do you do?!
Prepare some herbs and flowers to help heal the warriors' battle wounds and keep the pups safe.
Organize a group of our best warriors to fight back, we can't lose our territory!
Fight alongside the best warriors in our pack, proud to be fighting for the Moonrise Pack!
Stay behind and wait for it to end, I'm not much of a warrior.
3You are out hunting, when suddenly, a human hunter appears! What do you do?!
Run back to the rest of the Pack!
Gather all of my courage, and try to fight him!
Lunge for the hunter, he won't take my pack!
As long as none of my friends are in danger, I just get out of there as fast as I can!
4Your best friend is very sad, what do you do?
Tell them it will be okay, and to cheer up because I hate seeing them upset.
Tell them that it's not the end of the world, so don't treat it like it is.
Hurry to their side and make sure they're okay, ask if they want to talk about it.
Tell a couple of jokes to try and cheer them up!
5There is a traitor among the pack! What do you do about it?
Report it to the leader, this cannot continue!
Punish them, telling them if they betray the pack again, they be exiled.
I'm a bit scared that they will turn on me if I report it to the leader, but I know that I have to!
I'm shocked! I always trusted the pack, I've got to tell the leader about this!
6Last Question, are you afraid of humans?
I am afraid of human hunters, but that's all.
NO. I don't like them, but I'm not afraid of them.
Oh, yes! Especially hunters! But I try to be brave if I see one!
I'm not scared of humans, but I like to avoid them, I've seen what they do to those house pets!

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