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That night....
Can you survive?
personality test

1Your having a sleepover with all your friends, its past midnight, one of your friends gets up to go to the toilet, (Jake) they don't come back what do you do?
Wait, their ok
Go check it out alone
All go together to see what's up
Huh? Their gone?
2Jake is still not back so your best friend, Grace, goes to look for him, she also doesn't return, just as your about to look for her, you hear her scream. Your little brother/sister hears the scream and starts to run to see what has happened, you....
Stop him/her
Let him/her go
Go with them
Eat a potato
Ring Grace on her cell to see if she's alright
3You end up letting your little brother/sister go, despite your doubts, your friends pull you outside for they are all freaked out. When your outside you hear three gun shots and hear a door
Run for your life, every man for himself!
Make a plan
Lock the door from the outside
Call the police/cops
Sing a lullaby
4Your friend Nathan calls the police/cops, nobody answers. Nathan then starts to panic and runs into the woods all alone. What do you do?
Run after him
Watch him run
Do the same thing
Leave him, wasn't a good friend anyway
*pulls out chips and watches tv*
5There is only two people left, you and Kate. You both slowly walk towards the road when suddenly Jake appears. He falls to the ground in a pool of blood, he has been shot. He points to a masked being. What do you do?
Run and leave Jake
Pik up Jake as carefully as you can and run
Try to call the police
6After running towards the road you use Kate's cell to call the police, who pick up and are on their way. You know the killer is still out there what do you do to make sure you stay alive?
Stay on the road
Climb a tree
Hide in a bush
Look around everywhere
I don't know
7The police finally arrive and your alive, they find the murderer and pull off the mask you are shocked when you see who's face it is
Little brother/sister
Me mwuahahahahaha!!

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