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a logic quiz by me
just so you know this tests your mind so have some headache pills handy
trivia quiz

1there is a room with no doors, no windows nothing and a man is hung from the ceiling and a puddle of water on the floor how'd he die
he was standing on a block of ice and it melted
he used his telecenetic powers
he jumped up and hoped for the best
i dont know
2supposing (supposing) that 3 men were frozen 2 died how many were left
none you're only supposing
3there is dead at the bottom of a cliff with a super short match in his hand how'd he die?
a hot air balloon is floating down so they had to lose weight so the man with the match jumped off
committed suicide
set himself on fire and thought there was a river below
just died
4there are three houses one is red, one is blue, and one is white. if the red house left of the middle house and the blue house is to the right where is the white house?
in washington D.C
in the middle
over there
5read this what do you see? NEW YORK IN THE THE SPRING
new york in the spring
new york in the the spring
new york in the spring
new york in the spring
6a man gets an egg and a rocket kit. the man builds the rocket and puts the egg in side it. then the man stands back and launches it. the rocket suddenly blew up and the egg is undamaged why?
it was hard boiled
it was plastic
he took it out before he launched it
the egg was in a fake rocket while the realone blew up
7what does CSI stand for
cant stand idiots
crime scene investagator
some acronym
8there is a ship sailing over the Atlantic...it sinks and every single person dies... how is that possible
because couples lived and the single people died
it was the titanic
they hit a mine
they got blown out of the water
9a father and son go snowboarding the son has a terrible accident and needs surgery they rush him to the E.R and the doctor says" I cant work on him he's my son" why?
the boy got accepted into a clan
the doctor is his mother
10the maker doesn't need it, the owner doesn't want it, the user doesn't know he's using it. what is it?
a coffin
an item
i don't care
11which word if pronounced right is wrong, but if pronounced wrong is right
uh.... pass

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