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Will you survive a civil breakdown?
The government had fallen apart, the country has descended into anarchy and the military is scattered with no use.
personality test

1Its been 2 weeks since the breakdown. you have been living in your home off of what you had. One day you find a group of raiders walking down your street with no intent to show mercy. What do you do?
Mow them down from the window..
Hide. If they come they wont kill you.
Set an ambush for them and wait to see if they enter your house.
Stash all your food and hide.
2You are forced to leave your home but can only take so much. What do you take?
half a week of food and water but no weapon
Take food water and a weapon. Take no chances.
Take food and a weapon but no water.
Take water and a weapon but no food.
Take a weapon. You can scavenge food later.
3You come home to your temporary shelter to see a man has made his home in there as well.
Force him to leave.
Ask him politely to leave.
Let him stay and share with him.
4A child in your care has been caught stealing. The other survivors are pushing you to execute him. Would you follow through?
5You come across a building, no one is there but from the looks of it is settled. What do you do?
Raid the building then leave.
Wait inside the building and plan an ambush. When the owners return kill them and claim it.
Fuck them. This is my house.
Dont take any risks and leave.
6Two survivors are in a dispute, and everyone can tell they are ready to kill each other. What do you do.
Do nothing.
Do nothing, let he other survivors handle it.
Seperate it by force.
Compromise with them.
Exile them both with only enough supplies to get by.
7Your home is under attack, and one of your friends is severely wounded during battle. What do you do.
Put him out of his misery.
Leave him. He is doomed.
Try to save him.
Kill the raiders and save your friend.
8While on a supply run you come across a local store. You go inside and begin scavenging but after 2 minutes a group of raiders walk into the store armed yelling "Im sure i saw him in here. Find him and kill him"
Set a trap. Kill them.
Take what you have and sneak out.
Slowly take them out. Murder them one by one.

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