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Could you stand being in a room with me for a day?
Or vice versa I suppose. Perhaps we would get on each other's nerves.
personality test

1You wake up in an unfamiliar, dark room. How do you react?
Commence screaming bloody murder for help.
Sit there quietly waiting to see (literally).
Move arms about, to better know the surroundings.
How am I aware that it is unfamiliar if it is also dark to the point of not being able to see?
2Your eyes have now adjusted to the dark, you stand but realize you are disoriented and drugged. Your reaction?
Curse repeatedly hoping that the captor is listening and hanging on to every word.
Sit back down, continue to wait. All drugs wear off eventually.
*sniffle* I'm never going to get outta here!
Carry on with walking. I'm not going to play this madman's game!
3A flash of light blinds you as the room is illuminated out of the blue. How do you cope with being momentarily blinded by light?
Laugh and blink repeatedly at the source of which the light illuminates
Shield my eyes with my eyelids. They should adjust just fine, I can see what awaits me soon enough.
Scream in pain, and firmly press my hands over my eyes. (do this a few times until adjusted)
Keep my eyes opened and frantically search about for anything.
4The light becomes less intense, and you search around the room and find a trap door, but along with a few other unchecked compartments. You...
Check the compartments first before heading down a creepy trapdoor. ANYTHING could be down there!
Nonsense, I should check the trapdoor first. The compartments can wait.
Not playing the game *turns around and faces the wall*
Search the room for any hidden cameras! (They're hidden, stupid... -_-)
5As you draw near the trap door, someone crashes through it. Falling into the room as if they were standing on the ceiling of the other room and fell through. Reaction?
Didn't see it, was facing the wall. O_O The sound startled me though!
Everything happens for a reason, so why question the odd occurrence of events?
Please don't kill me. *sobs*
6The person who has just crashed through the trap door is highly sarcastic (you quickly learn). She mocks you at every chance she gets. How do you cope with your new found companion?
*pulls out gun, sets it on the table without a word*
Be just as equally sarcastic and rude.
Become easily annoyed and discard her as dead weight
Only laugh at whatever input she's to state. That'll shut 'er up quite nicely.
7You quickly realize that the only way out of here is by going through the trap door the girl exited from. She knew about the way out of the room all along, but failed to mention it. You go ahead and...
Strangle her for being a complete douche and NOT informing you of the exit!
Eh, she was good enough company, a little messed up, but I'm not complaining.
Sob at having to stay there with her harsh half-truths about me. WHY ME?!
Give 'er a nice firm handshake and laugh as she remarks another insult towards me. Good ol' times!

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