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Which Animorph Character Are You?
Title says it all -_-
personality test

1A gang corners you in an alley. What do you do?
You try to talk them out of hurting you
You get in battle position, you ever run away
You scream and hope someone hears you
You hit the person nearest to you and run away
2You see an injured animal on the pavement. What do you do?
You take it home and care for it
You'd walk away, it's not your problem
You take it to a vet
You go and end it's misery
You acquire it's morph and it leave it there
You acquire it's morph and take it to a vet or care for it
3You're going to a mission. How do you do/feel?
You put it in back of your head so you don't panic
You try your best to act cool about it though you're a bit scared
You run away from the mission and hope the others can deal with it
You try and find out more about where you're going
4You see someone you love to be a controller. What do you do?
You freeze and wait for them to go away
You'd attack them and lock them up for three days
You start to cry
You run and tell your friends
You make a plan of how to rescue them
You follow them around, waiting for your chance to strike
5You have a knife in your hand. You have to kill the person lying in front of you or you die. You need to make a decision. Now. What do you do?
You kill them and live to fight another day
You kill them feeling no remorse
You feel sick and hesitate but end up doing it
You kill yourself with the knife
You distract and kill them so they feel no pain
You continually ask for their forgiveness before killing them
6Your parents say you can't go to a party. What do you do?
"So not fair! I never get invited to parties!" So with help of your friend you sneak out
"Eh, they're other parties to go to"
"My parents have always been there for me. No worries, I'll go to another one"
Sneak out! That's the fun of being told 'no'
7Which Animorph do you like best?

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