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Resident evil 6 Ada Campaign Quiz
Do You Know Ada well? Ace This quiz!
trivia quiz

11. In Chapter One, Where is Ada?
The Titanic
The Mall
In a payphone booth
22. What is she wearing?
A fairy costume
Her outfit from resident evil 2
Her assignment ada oufit from resident evil 4
Her dress form Resident Evil 4
A red Shirt, Black long gloves, black leather pants, black boots, and a cross necklace.
33. Why does she have to escape the ship?
Because she's hungry and gotta get something to eat
Somebody chased her out.
The ship was overflooding with water
Simmons demanded her to get out
She was bored
44. What is Ada's chapter 2 on her campaign called?
The Troubles
Stress and Worrisome
The Escape
Retrieve The Sample
55. When the cut scene for the beginning of chapter 2 come on, where is she and what does she do?
Blow her brains out
Stands on a building watching helena and leon then gets down with her grapple gun
Shoots leon and helena
Calls her mom
recieves a call from Simmons
66. What chapter does Ada meet up with Leon and Helena and who do they all defeat?
They meet at chapter 5 and then bounce
They meet at chapter 3 and defeats Simmons
They meet at chapter 4 and have a threesome
They meet at chapter 2-2 and defeat helena's mutated sister, "Deborah".
They meet at chapter 3-1 and leaves to hit the club
77. Does Ada still have her Grapple Gun?
Who Cares?!?!?
88. After the boss fight when Ada left, did she receive a call from Simmons?
No it was a text, he said he wanted to tap her tonight
Who knows?
Like anybody cares
99. Sooner or later, Ada discovered that Simmons wasn't the person calling her and somebody was behind it to make it look like it was Simmons. Who was it?
1010. What did Ada find out when she walked in that room and saw Simmons and Carla's papers?
That he knocked her out
That he took Carla and cloned her with Ada's DNA to make Carla look like Ada.
He raped her
Man Nothin. He just asked her out to dinner
He said he wanna be her daddy
1111. (If you played Chris's campaign you should know this)If you don't take your best guess. In chapter 4-1 of Ada's campaign, She was looking for Carla and found her outside on the ground. What happened?
They pushed her off
She did a backflip off
Some people came in a helicopter and shot her, then she fell off the building..
She got drop kicked and slipped off.
This girl must've lost her balance
1212. When Ada walked up to Carla while she was on the ground, what happened?
Ada took her body and threw it in the ocean
Ada stooped down and took a seat on her face.
Carla rose up and then her body started to mutate from the dosage of the C-Virus.
She got up and then fell after that and died.
Ada and her hit the club then went home and got it in.
1313. When you're defeating Carla, What are you basically shooting?
Her Back
Her Face
Her Butt
Her Legs
None Of The Above
1414. What did Ada get in after she defeated Carla?
A helicopter
A boat
a lamborghini
an airplane
Her horse
1515. What was Ada's final quote to Leon before she left after helping him and Helena fight Simmons?
You just a ugly bastard
So Cute
I'm going to miss you
Let's have a baby when we get back
Wanna Get Married?
1616. When Ada left from fighting Simmons, She arrived at a lab what did she find?
Expiriments from Carla
Videos of Carla vs Excella
She found Jill and Sheva eating ice cream
Wesker came back!
Leon and Helena doin it
1717. When she went to the room full of experiments and all the chemicals and stuff what did she do?
Used it
Took pictures of it
knocked it all on the floor
She shot all of it
She left it there.
1818. Do you know what her quote was before she started shooting?
Bye Bye..
Go to helll!
Damn the world is over!
The stupid ass people can kiss my ass!
We're beyond sympathy at this point. We're beyond humanity
1919. When she pulls her cube out, does she throw it in the fire?
Nobody would like to know
2020. Does she get a phone call for a job to do after shooting up the experiments?
Who Cares

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